(USAID, DfID (UK), EC, Norway, SIDA (Sweden), Denmark, Switzerland)

Nairobi, 31 Jul 2009 (Somalilandpress) — The donors congratulate the Somaliland people on the production of a Voter List on 27 July 2009, which is now ready and available. This represents the culmination of enormous effort by the stakeholders and an important opportunity for the Somaliland people.

The donors recognise that the production of the Voter List, as positively evaluated by an independent U.S. company, provides a credible basis for the holding of free and fair elections. The production of the Voter List is mandated by the relevant Somaliland electoral laws and in line with the consensual agreements between the political parties.
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The donors regret the announcement by the chair of the National Electoral Commission on the BBC Somali Service on 28 July 2009 of an intention to hold the presidential elections without the Voter List, which, if carried forward, would represent a significant loss for the Somaliland people – as well as for Somaliland’s democratisation process.

The donors urge all Somaliland stakeholders to draw on the long-standing Somaliland tradition of consensual decision-making and capacity for leadership in order to reconcile any differences and prepare for the holding of credible, free and fair presidential elections.

Nairobi, 29 July 2009


  1. We kindly request you to release all election funds for Somaliland without condition. If see a problem or concerned about its mismanagement, ask us to arrange a committee outside the election committee that more reliable, and we are capable to produce. Call it Election fund committee

    Remember if you see a problem towards Somaliland Election- Committee, Somalilanders see a bigger problem then yours that is deeply entrenched to their culture, and the lesser evil will be the one they would embark on it and they have no choice. Their goal is to produce a fair and free election to the best of their ability that is even better then the previous one of 2003. They would thwart anything that is obstacle to that goal including ill prepared and ill timed voting registration. Inter-peace involved itself a small unrecognized country with struggling democracy that is not ready to their state-of arts election process. Let them wait at 2015.

  2. Again may we kindly urge you -Donors-, to release the funds appropriated for the Somaliland Election and resign from insisting to purge some of their Election Committee; they have no time for that since 27 September of this year is marked for their election.

    Please be patient with them. At least, Somaliland election is more fair and transparent then many African countries such as Egypt and Nigeria. One more thing, don’t forget to send a reliable observers to monitor a blazing African democracy at its infancy.
    As Somali maxim put it, “ Libaax nin ganey iyo nin galadey kala og”. Rough translation: Lion knew who injure it, and who set it free. Believe me; I don’t know how our ancestors find out that, but it helps our recollection.

  3. I cannot believe Somaliland people are falling for this Riwayad. This so called ‘donors’ and their brokers misused and stole the money allocated for Somaliland elections, created a huge tension among the Somaliland people, and trying to get away with it! If as they claiming the ‘Voters List’ is appropriate and valid why it never came out on agreed time earlier this year? Why they have been saying for a very long time the server was down and now suddenly the server is functional?! Why did they wait up to show the results till this moment (the time Somaliland is confused and fragile, right after the Ceelberbadle problems)? To me, enemy of Somaliland is behind these people, they trying to destroying our country, democracy and nation. I will ask the Somaliland people to unite this difficult time if they want to survive this turbulance. And I finally congratulate the government for expelling the traitors of Somaliland “Inter Peace organization” out of our beloved land.

  4. When it comes to Somaliland, the so called Interpeace has one agenda and one agenda only, to make Somaliland and it's government noneexistant in the eyes of the world by dividing Somaliland leadership and causing crisis among it's people.

    The Somaliland people have built their Country from scratch without the outside help and we will continue doing so as long as it takes.

  5. Dear Donors,
    If you are honostly helping my country as you calaiming, 1. why did you organize the meeting and trying to resurrect those war criminals who caused so much pain for SOmaliland? 2. why clinton is trying to break us into pieces by meeting some of our leaders and not others? 3. what is your intrest here if we turn into chaos like rest of our country??