South Africa (Somalilandpress)- Somaliland is an oasis of peace and democratic country in the troubled area of Horn of Africa, it’s scheduled to host its second presidential elections on 27th September 2009, its neigbours Ethiopia and Djibouti had troubles border relations with Eritrea, but Somaliland remains the success story in Africa

Jamal Ali Hussein recently on business trip in South Africa saw a need to further engage the world about issues relating to Somaliland in social, political and economic sense and in no order of importance, Jamal Ali Hussein former chairperson of Somaliland forum and the CEO of Citibank in Ivory Coast.

In his interview with SABC Africa, Jamal beautifully distinguishes the difference between peaceful Somaliland and war torn Somalia, he further explains to the audience about Somaliland and  issues such as the question of recognition, how Somaliland has supported the Somalis who lives inside Somaliland  and how Somaliland could be stablising factor in horn of Africa.

Indeed Jamaal’s views (in this interview and the invaluable time we had with him during his visit to South Africa), has certainly changed how I and many other colleagues think of the challenges which we face as a nation in self realization and a nation in transition from a bad history to being a prime example of peace and stability in the horn of Africa. His presence has reminded myself and many Somalilanders in Diaspora that we are indeed a nation in transition and we have so much to do while in overseas and while at home. That is so because we share the common humanity and history and it with such small battles that we are once again in position of strength and hope.

 It’s with such interviews, debates, conferences held on Somaliland’s name that the reality of Somaliland is presented clearer to the international community.


Well done comrade Jamal


Attached here is the you tube of SABC Africa interview with Jamal Ali Hussein.


Long Live Somaliland.

 Saeed Furaa

 Freelance Journalist



  1. This young man should run for president in Somaliland, we need educated leaders not warlords like Rayale.

    This man is legend and is self-made millionaire.

    • Yonis, I certainly agree with you, this man is a legend and a good example of a democratic leader that Somaliland needs in this time.

      During his recent short visit to South Africa, I have learnt that Somaliland needs more practical heads like this of the former chairperson and initiater for Somaliland forum.


      Saeed Furaa

      Freelance Journalist & Somaliland Advocate at this corner of Africa

      South Africa

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