HARGEISA, 08 September 2009 (Somalilandpress) – Somaliland politicians began punching each other in parliament after officials announced a motion to impeach the president could be debated.

A BBC reporter in parliament says some MPs began muttering, then shouting and it quickly descended into a fist-fight as the politicians exchanged punches.

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Eyewitnesses said one MP drew a gun, but no shots were fired.

Analysts say relations between the political parties have been acrimonious since the delay of presidential polls.

Opposition provoked

The BBC’s Ahmed Said Egeh in the Somaliland capital, Hargeisa, says police had to enter the chamber on Tuesday morning to restore order.

The election was supposed to be held on 27 September but it was postponed because of a new voters’ registration list – the first one to be compiled since Somaliland was formed in 1991.

There were complaints about irregularities in its composition, so the vote was delayed by the electoral authorities.

However, Somaliland’s two opposition parties are adamant that the election should go ahead using the list.

President Dahir Riyale Kahin’s government has suggested the vote go ahead at a later date without a voters’ registration list – which has provoked the opposition to start impeach proceedings.

Somaliland, which is not recognised internationally, has formed its own hybrid system of governance consisting of a lower house of elected representatives, and an upper house which incorporated the elders of tribal clans.

Source: BBC


  1. It's a sad day for Somaliland, I can only pray that things don't escalate to a point of no democracy…or is it already too late?

  2. I am no political analyst but in a way this was soon to happen, with Somaliland not being recognized its no surprise that Riyale and his co. can make up the rules as they go along, how man times have elections been delayed now ? I have lost count, and hope for the recognition. Do Riyale and co not relies the immense damage there love for power is doing to Somaliland’s hopes of recognition.

    Come on Riyale, pack ur bags , its time to go, just leave in peace

  3. Violence in Parliament is not the way to resolve the solution of the poltical situation in Somaliland, it will make things worse if violence will solve te problem,
    and that is the MP's who we have voted and acting like children in yesterday's shameful and disgraceful event which of us Somalianders have became shocked, and that yesterday's is totally unexpectable,

    • Violence in Parliament is not the way to reslove the solution of the poltical situation in Somaliland.
      It will make things even worse if will the solve the problem,
      and that the MP's who we have voted are acting like children in yesterday's shameful event, I think that yesterday's event was totally unexpectable,

  4. Now I hate tribalism but its a shame that A former NSS officer is running somaliland. Like i said i am not bothered that riyale is not isaac ( cos i aint tribalistic). But a former NSS officer thats crazy we (somaliland) deserve everything we get with riyale (for choosing him in the first place). Its our mistake and he is taking advantage of us. He is a student of siad barre because he worked for him in nss as a officer. He (riyale) has blood on his hands when he participated in somalilands distruction in the late 80’s. He should be charged for war crimes for his part in the massacre of somaliland ppl (isaac). Its like the jews making hitler’s former henchman officer a president. What are the chances of that? Well ZERO. So lets use our brains and get rid of this guy and any1 who supports him. Faisal and Silanyo would both do a much better job.
    Lets stick together and we will get rid of this evil dictator who is selling and distroying our country bit by bit.
    We should also charge this guy for his previous crimes and the recent ones as well such as the al jabiri deal etc because no1 is above the law in somaliland.

  5. What happened the other day in Parliament was very shameful,
    and that the behavior's of the MP's was totally unexpectable.
    I become shocked when the fist fight had happened and the MP's were fighting each other over the resolution , and what bothered me was that the MP Strong man as they call him pulled out a gun a concealed weapon to another MP,
    and that was distingusted me,