Hargeisa (SomalilandPress)-So, there was a scuffle at the Somaliland parliament recently as a result of a motion to impeach the incumbent president. The motion was not debated, but according to a parliamentary legal adviser, the motion is legal and debatable.

Some media, such as the BBC News described it as a “punch-up”, whilst the less sensationalist media, such as VOA, Reuters, and many otherwise correctly described the event as a minor scuffle.

Having said that, as a Somalilander it brings me no joy to witness such scenes. Although in democracy a health debate is paramount, Somalilanders have always prided themselves on their low key approach.

We use to watch with amusement the antics of other parliaments; after all even in the mother of all parliaments, Westminster , tempers have been known to get high. In one particular incident, Lord Heseltine, then just a plain MP, actually used the ceremonial mace as a weapon, allegedly. So, this is nothing new, but, it was not expected of Somaliland .

Nevertheless, the decision of the National Elections Commission to postpone the Presidential election slated for September, 27the, 2009, a unanimous decision, and all three parties have members on the commission, was bound to have such an effect.

Therefore, it is time for all Somalilanders to regain their composure, regroup and return to the winning formula of dialogue, discussion and consensus. There is a need for cooler heads to prevail; it is time for real leadership, a time for Somaliland ’s political leaders to keep their heads whilst those around them seem to be losing it.

It is inevitable that Somaliland ’s enemies will use these regrettable recent events to try and undermine the nation, but, they are our enemies and we don’t expect anything less from them.

I am more concerned of our friends. It is time to reassure them that Somaliland is not and will never follow the path of other basket cases in the region. It is time to show some maturity and resolve these issues.

One final word, regarding the action of the Somaliland Police Force during the recent scuffle at the Parliament, The Somaliland Police Force is responsible for the security of the Parliament complex. The police conducted themselves, once again, with valour and honour, and in no way breached their role as the custodians of law and order.


  1. Indeed, it is time for reason and respect. Somalilanders, whatever political or party persuasion, must encourage their elected representatives to uphold the dignity and honor of the nation. We are bigger than this, and we must not forget the sacrifices of those who lost their lives during the liberation struggle.