(Somaliland)-We are all ashamed about what is going on the land of my fathers, Somaliland. We are all ashamed how Rayaleh and his entourage are dealing with the people. We call him Rayaleh because he doesn’t deserve any more to be called “President”.

There is one thing that humain beings should protect out of desperation, which is honor and justice. Honor is the core value of Somaliland people. It is to preserve their honor, justice and the dignity of their people that the SNM warriors defeated the dictatorial regime of siad barreh and it is again with honor that the SNM put down their weapons.

We all learned today that Rayaleh never had this God given quality that we Somaliland people enjoy and it is a universal reality that the lack of honor lead to disrespect, rayaleh is disrespectful toward the people who elected him as their legitimate President; he is a parasite to the Somaliland’s constitution and its people.

What happened last Tuesday inside the parliament was a game that a five year old child can easily understand and it is a proof about the lack of politics and creativity of the rayaleh regime. The stupid MP with the gun was a way to let the police take over and close the parliament. And then we have the child minded ministry of interior (cirro) talking like his audience was a maternity school kids. He started blaming the parliament and the council for exercising their constitution given rights to impeach rayaleh, what a shame!
Then he tries to scare the population about losing peace and stability if they support and listen to the parliament council complain to the people who elected them. But he don’t know that the Somaliland people (because at that time he was working for barreh security services) have the reputation to ignite fire as well as to make peace out of ash just to live with honor and freedom.

And beyond that we have rayaleh who is afraid, hiding his head like an ostrich hopping that this will not bring the people’s attention. He doesn’t have the courage, the honor or the charisma to step up like a President, play politics and talk to the people that elected him. He don’t say a word, he is afraid or not sure if he say something this will turn bad.
He suddenly feels like a stranger in Hargeisa, he doesn’t know anymore what to do, he is listening the mercenaries around him who keep lying to him about what is going behind the wire, he keep rushing his head and accepting whatever they say the will do to keep him in place. When he fells demoralized some of them want even pay some people on the street and ask them to claim that they come from Kulmiyeh party (just like what happened in Wajaleh) then they show him the movie and tell him “you see Mr. President people still like you” and then he start smiling.

But he forgot one thing, honor and justice that is what Somaliland people stand for. Those men and woman who are ready to lose everything but their rights and that is what will happen in the coming days. It is time for you to take hike Mr. rayaleh because you don’t deserve the Somaliland people.
A coward president without honor doesn’t deserve my people.

God bless Somaliland

Djibril Y. Omar
Kabul Afghanistan


  1. To be honest it doesn’t surprise me at all that his stuck like glue to the chair, being of African race, I too would do the exact same, its in our genes , the love for the chair (power). id say to Riyale

    "Keep doing your thing Riyale, don’t worry about the people, their struggle for democracy, your total disregard for the constitution, the reputation of Somaliland to the outside world, elections, the corrupt gurti you buy ect…just keep stacking the dow($) of the international companies/aid agencies and let the police deal with any one who opposes you, paint the opposition parties as anti patriotic, arrest any journalist who bad mouths you in the media. Think about it, who do you got to answer to? Somaliland ant even recognized (yet) so no one is going care how you treat the people"
    Well Done Riyale, best president somaliland has ever had managed to undo 20 years of good work in less than 1 year

    • Dear Cisman
      It is not the love for the chair (power). It is lack of security after leaving the office and lack of pension. These two reasons are being the major factors that an African leader fail to hold free and fair election because, during their reign they destroy the judicial system of the country as they realise that coming to the power was actually easy. Therefore, in order to make sure that no one follows him suit in the same easy bath to power, the justice is denied and corruption becomes the daily life. Beyond doubt, the Leader powerfully denies all constitutional rights to citizens, and budgets resources in pocket in order to be the richest man in the country so that he can finance his political will.
      One wise man once said: When leaders seek to stay in office beyond the constitutionally prescribed term, Several factors can contribute to a decision to seek to extend tenure, ranging from a belief that there is no suitable successor to a fear that immunity will be removed, to concerns about ‘what next’ and sources of finance. follow next comment…………..

      • ………….from last commentry…..Dear Cisman
        But, these African leaders who behave like Riyales’ do not unfortunately remain in power, once they refuse to leave the office in a civilized way ‘election’ they are overthrown and summoned behind bars, thus same fate applied to their political prisoners in conscience. Proverb says: never burn a bridge you would need to cross later.

  2. OOOPPPPppppppssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!__What do you mean, plse, take a hike,__Just say, no shame, Just say GET OUT OF HERE !!!!!!!!!Q!d

  3. ayan burco

    prominent somalilander poet Xaaji Aadan Axmed Afqallooc about siyaad barre

    Saddex buu ka yahay qaadaddii aradka Soomaale
    Surwaalkii ma dhigin iyo dharkii sawjarnimadiiye
    Sar intuu abuurtay uma bixin soohdin laydh badane
    Socdaal uguma kicin Yurub intuu saydhey maal badane
    Suhuun kuma leh baanka iyo shirkado soorta iibsade e
    Sokeeyaan lahaa iyo ma odhan seeddiyay xiga e
    Saqda dhexe intuu liida tegey looma sacabbeyne
    Sidii uu dad kale yeeli jiray wuu ka saahidaye
    Soo jeed habeen iyo feker baa solay naftiisiiye
    Sabab iyo taqadum lagu gaadho buu ku hurdo seegaaye
    Sidaasay dadweynuhuna kalsoonida dhab ugu siiyeene
    Saciim buu Afriiqiya u yahay saadiq aaminahe
    Sida qamarka oogada socda bay sare u eegaane
    Sawdkuu la yeedhiyo codkaa loo sid tiriyaaye
    Seeftii nasriga iyo wuxu sitaa suuratul ikhlaase
    Sagal hooray buu noo yahay iyo seermaweydada e
    Sidii lagu tilmaamaba runtii uga sinaad roone
    Sidaasay dadweynuhuna kalsoonida dhab ugu siiyeene

  4. Translation:

    He is the supreme leader of the Somalis
    He continues to wear his battle dress
    He does not build breezy mansions for himself
    Doesnt go gallivanting to Europe and luxurious locales
    Doesnt own wealth in Banks and Big Corporations
    He doesnt practice nepotism nor promote his in-laws
    Doesnt go debauching at the beachside bars late at night
    His is not the way of his corrupt and depraved predecessors
    A Wakeful Vigil and Worry has exhausted and depleted him
    For the Cause of Somali progress he loses sleep
    And that is the reason he retains the confidence of his people

    Most Magisterial of all African, He is a generous and trusted leader
    All Africa looks up to him like the moon in the night-sky
    As they hold fast to his every word and pronouncement
    He wields an evenging sword and Allah's Words.

    To us, he is like a cooling breeze and Refreshing rains
    Words fail to describe the glory of our leader
    And that is the reason he retains the confidence of his people

  5. Yeah what are on Earth are you talking about Ifrah he is not generous where have you been for the last couples, you happened an Idiot to believe he is good, do you know what you should is just shut up,

  6. Ifrah, do you relies how Ironic your poem is now lol. the Home page news of this website reads “ Somalilandpress reporter arrested”…….Need I say more ! All the hallmarks are there, Riyale is turning in to the new Mugabe,

    p.s totally agree with you mo.

  7. you fools Rayale is turning out to be like the Egyptian President Huseine Mubarak, and leave Mugabe out of this,