HARGEISA, 12 September 2009 (Somalilandpress) – Somaliland police used tear gas for the first time in the history to disperse protests that began today infront of the Parliament house in Hargeisa.

One person died on the spot when the police fired at the crowd gathered around the MPs who were trying to go into the parliament house. The Parliament was closed by the government last week after the MPs fought during a controversal motion which aimed at the government’s impeachment.

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The demonstrations are now spreading to the wider areas of the city specially in the downtown where the police are using life bullets against the demonstrators.

The protestors are burning tires and blocking the streets with stones, trees and other materials. There are reports indicating one police vehicle has been burned down by the demonstrators.


  1. Mr Rayaale missed calculated this time. Thinking that somalilanders would not rise up to defend their freedom.

  2. you see what happen, rayale just taking the footsteps of former regime siyad bare.
    but we will tell him that we overthrow state of power, and if you will give up ur current dictatorship and murdering the society you will see wat will happen.

  3. In a few days we will have a new president here. Rayaale is an absolute fools if he thinks we will stop and just give up today.

  4. The president has to be wise. If his RULE and Government is creating chaos, insecurity and division in the country, he should peaceful resign and go.

    Too much is at stake here, using force is not the answer. Open the Parliament and let the peoples representatives decide what to do. If they want impeachment, then impeach it will be. However, if he ignore the people and use force, then by force he will leave.

    Ali Deere, Hargeisa

  5. Somalilanders are racist against Mr Riyale because of his minority clan. If he would be MR Egal or another Isaq leader, there would be no problem at all.

    • you got be kidding, we are not racist against Mr Riyake because of his miniority clan, just say tribalist, and we are not tribalist either, Rayiale has been pulling our legs for years, regardless of what tribe there shall be no problem too,

  6. i'm 12 years old and my mum has been taking me to somaliland for the last six year and i like the way goverment is running safely. now i think people should calm down and not worry who is controlling the country because we are all the same

  7. JJK… What a J-J-Joke… We don't have him because he's Gudabirsi, we hate him because he used to be an NSS officer and is currently an unconstitutional president… We hate him because he hasn't made one single difference to the coutnry since Egal left…

    You can make a donkey president and so long as it does a decent job you will find all of Somaliland happy to support him…

    So that's why my first reaction "Oh Please!" when people try to use tribes as the reason we wont let the president ignore the constitution and become a life-long dictator…

    Abdirahman Tuur used to drive around the city without security. Let me see 'Ol Long Nose' do that…

    • somalilander,a donkey is a very useful animal but the same could not be said for riyole,i would chose a donkey over riyole anytime and each time,lool.

  8. Riyole,you are digging your grave and the graves of the gangsters and thieves you call your government,your days are numbered but because you are too unintelligent to see that you will keep clinging to the seat until you are removed forcibly and taken to jail and hangde for the crimes you have commited against the people who elected you.LONG LIVE SOMALILAND.

  9. waxaan leeyahay dhamaantiin isma caqli dhaantaane meesha iskaga dareera ,UDUB,UCID,KULMIYE ,waxaad tihiin dad liita oo aqoon gaaban
    waxaad isku haysaan waa kursiga iiga kac aan markayga cunee iyo kakici maayo dan umadeed waxka shaqaynaya malihidin wallaahi hadaydaan sidan dhaamin dalkaba waxaanu ku casuumi doonaa AL SHABAAB si ay idiin edbiso

    • Mr. Wadani,

      Waan kugu raacsanahay 100% inay dhammaantood isma dhaanto iyo dhasheed yihiin. Waxaan ku caanamaalnay waxay ahayd nabadda, haddiise maanta xididdada loo siibo waxaan la mid noqonkarnaa Somalia. God forbid!

      Arrintan oo u muuqata sidaad sheegtay war kursiga iiga kac anna aan markayga maraqa fuuqsadee, laakiin ma jiraan wax dal iyo dad inuu ka dambeeyo ka fekerayaa. Very sad how African politicians have learned from the same tutor and the same book!!.

      Let the useless parliament be sacked once and for all, and Somalilanders chose whom they want according to their educational merit, not tribal affiliation. Al shabab and their cohorts have an eye on our weakness and they could take advantage of this by sneaking in our society during this chaos. Think about this!!

  10. This is just insanity, I wish Somalis would learn from the past. Mr. Riyale is no longer wanted by his constituents, therefore should step down with some dignity intact. I would hate Somaliland to end up in a war over some nonsense.

  11. Its time for Emergency meeting of both Parliament ,Presidency and the three parties to meet and come up with aggreement otherwise we will continue all to suffer.

    Respect Somaliland

  12. Its time for Emergency meeting of both Parliament ,Presidency and the three parties to meet and come up with aggreement otherwise we will continue all to suffer.

    Respect Somaliland

  13. The sooner Riyaale goes the beter for somaliland people, but i am quite supsired somalilanders havent done few years ago. He is just another mugabi, one rule, one party. Anyone who wants to invest the country will have to pay thirthy percent to Riyale other wise it will be signed. Mr 30 Percent I think your days are numbered, You beter ran or u will became another statistics.

  14. riyaale..please leave us alone we we elected u and 3 times u got 3 times added ur time….now understand our call..please leave us alone.we dont want u…
    u didnt do any change ,economic is bleak…starvation,people have no income….jobless unemployment..killing people in the streets..
    rayale……go and ejyoy the money you have stolen us.we wont ask u a penny just go..
    the people dont want u.. few people need u who r just like that animal who used his pistol in the house…
    people dont want rayale…

  15. Some somalis never get it what war do to their people and land. Somalilanders you were outstanding people for 18 years but now I think you don’t want peace anymore or maybe recognition by the International community wasn’t fast enough. You don’t created security to get recognized but to build your country.

    Riyale is a single man and he can fly out in hours from Hargesa or he can return to his home city Borama. You will lose more than Riyale and anyone else. Now you should stop ma upseting for the acting government.

    The security of Somaliland is worsing for the last couple of months. You had criminals who were beheading other Somalilanders just because they were from Borama not from Hargesa. Then the government of the day did nothing to stop it.

    Now four people dead for what, it is sad but it could get even worse if you try to ousted your stuped government and side with your useless ucid and Kulmiye.

    Gacantaada oo sola gasha waa la dhiraan dhiriyaa sikale u fikira oo dagaalka daaya hadii kale waa waxaadka gurtaa

    Every citizen of Somaliland should be protecting but when your government igrones to stop these things then your land is like wild west no justice, no land, no people.

  16. Ayanle,

    I know you are promoting peace but what about freedom? The people want peace at all costs but it does not supersede liberty and freedom. Taking your position on this matter would only mean we would be appeasing our eventual dictator. We have been patient long enough and are merely insisting that he reverts to the democratic ideals of our constitution or else there will be anarcy. There will be no one to blame but him for not acting in accordance to the laws of the land and Somaliland constitution… While you seem like a very noble person I personally think you are WAY out of touch…

  17. I hope insh'Allah and will hope insha'allah somaliland will settle and the people will be wiser than Riyaale People lets pray in these last day of Ramadaan that it will stop and Riyaale will leave without making more troubles.

  18. if rayale gonna go who will be the president issaq doest manage each other they are selfish each other they are ignorant so calm the situation it doesnt destroy any thing for us you know how hargiesa spread every day if rayale go it will be grave and it backs garxajis is power than awal arab daan dhagax is better than ayub you will not be like this let allah straight you the best way

  19. No you Shut up you stupid bus what do you know about the government, you are just nothing but UDUB Pig, Stop telling the people to shut up Mahamed Musa Bus driver in Hargeisa, and you to Osman you bum, leave the innocent people out of it, you 2 morons get lost,