HARGEISA, 13 September 2009 (Somalilandpress) – Somalilanders around the world are outraged to see their country descending a state of incipient panic and on the verge of being ruined by ill-advised decisions made by Riyaale and his Party members who do not have the best interest of the country at heart and whose best interest is their own personal gains and how to stay in power at any cost.

We are in disbelieve about the Political Crisis created by this man and his thugs whose mandate expired long time ago to destabilize the country so that they can buy a time to prolong their stay regardless. Inciting a Civil Conflicts by giving police, his relatives, and Party members undue latitude to shoot at peaceful public demonstrations and use means of intimidations. But we will not be held hostage by few uncivilized UDUB thugs.

The safety and the security of everyone is the responsibility of the police.

They should not take sides and always be neutral in the eyes of the law. “I was taking orders from my superiors is not a reason for shooting unarmed and peaceful demonstrators.” The public has the right to express themselves and vent out their anger because they have a voice if anybody is listening.

Being the peace-loving people they are, for years now, Somalilanders have been patient with Riyaale’s dictatorial mentality. Taking into consideration the public safety and the common good of the country and an enormous respect for their blood acquired freedom. That is why they have unbelievable patience, self-control for not resorting to violence and give-in to self-destructions. And they should be commanded for their selflessness and wisdom. But there should come a time when one must say: “ enough is enough and we are not going to take it anymore.” That time is now.

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Despite breaking every rule in the book and backing down from every agreement he made time and again, Riyaale was given chances time and again to come around, but to no avail. He disrespected everybody and anybody (including our elderly, our scholars, our people of eminence), the International Community and all Somaliland Friends. He refuses to work with Opposition Parties and believes he can force them into submission. But instead, he boxed himself into a corner and put a noose around his neck.

As we speak, Riyaale is a lame duck in the Presidency and a coward who is afraid of his own shadow. He is paranoid that people are out to get him. He is cowering in his underground bunker and behind the security guards and doesn’t have the audacity or the courage to come out and speak to the nation or explain his unilateral and outrageous decisions. He is isolated and out of touch with the reality. He is incommunicative, uncompromising, and arrogant with an attitude of my way or the high way – aanay garina gelin, garina ka bixin. And we are ashamed to call him our President.

He is a burden, a liability to our freedom and progress. And unless he comes to his senses and forget the idea that he can force the whole nation to see things his way, removing him from the office and stripping him from the honour we bestowed upon him is not matter how but a matter of when. Ciddii aan sharafta aqoon sharaf looma yaalo. Life is simply give and take. Me, me, me doesn’t work. So take a hike voluntarily or face the consequence of your action!

Amina Ahmed Hassan
Calgary, AB

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  1. so the government and the police are thugs now? this net tabloid should rename it self to somalilandhate because thats all you spread

  2. So you mean you agree with Riyaale orders shoot to kill innocent people and the police whose main responsibility is to keep the peace taking sides and shooting an armed demonstrators. Is that what you are saying?