The Grand leader of the Dhulbahante clan returned to n Las Anod town today(Monday) after an absence of 15 years, with thousands of people waving the Somali and Khatuumo flags filled the streets to welcome him and his entourage.
Garad Jama Garad Ali addressing crowds who had gathered to welcome him in Las Anod town accused Somaliland of being behind the events in the city where over 20 civilians were killed during anti-Somaliland protests.
The clan leader said Hargeisa would no longer govern Las Anod. He stated that the people of Las Anod have always fought for the unity of Somalia.
“There is no separation of Somalia. Our regions will not be separated from Somalia. We are Somalis. We will always be Somalis. The blood of our ancestors was not shed in vain. Their blood was shed to establish a single Somali republic. We are looking for those absent; we will not separate for those on the fence, “Garad stated.
He also stated that they would only engage in dialogue with Somaliland authorities once they leave the SSC areas.
Somaliland’s Minister of Water Resources, Mr. Ali Hassan Mohamed (Ali Marehan) described the arrival of the Garad Jamac as a man who came back home.