HARGEISA (Somalilandpress) — Somaliland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs yesterday welcomed a high-powered Russian business delegation that is in Somaliland to explore investment opportunities and strengthen relations.

The delegation which consists of investors and journalists is in the country for a four-day visit and are expected to meet with different Somaliland ministers and the president.

The delegation will travel to number of locations where they will examine investment-related opportunities in a bid to strengthen bilateral economic and commercial relations in the region.
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According to sources the Russians want to renew their relations with the nations of the Horn of Africa under new foreign policy dubbed ‘Horn of Africa initiative’, similar to that one of the days of the Soviet Union. They added that Somaliland was the first of number of countries the Russians want to develop ties with in the region.

They will visit port of Berbera, where they will meet President Dahir Rayale. Berbera’s 12-metre deep-water facility was constructed in 1964 by Russian engineers at a cost of $5.6 million. They have also constructed the longest run way in the region in the 70s.

The reports added that the Russians want to invest in oil exploration and other infrastructures.

In the final-leg of their visit, the Russian delegation have been invited for a dinner at Mansor Hotel where they will meet with former Somali students who studied in the Soviet Union.

Last week, the Russian navy operating the coast of Somalia, turned over seven suspected pirates to Somaliland authorities in the Sanag region.

Somalilandpress, 21 March 2010


  1. The rush for Berbera is on. Bring them On, I would say.
    Let them compete. We should only take the highest bidder.


  2. It seems there is big war over the region but no one really wants to admit it because they scared it might start another cold-war perhaps but the struggle to win over the region has began.

    Iran is also sending its own ships to the region and wants ties. The Israelis are also coming from the opposite direction. French company wants Berbera, the Russians are here, the Americans have invited Somaliland ministers, only the poor British are sitting behind.

    Bring it on like Ali said.

  3. The Russians are a JOKE! they're the poorest and most devided white country on earth. Being armed with century old nuclear armes doesn't make them special. I wonder if we Somalis can trust them? since they can switch sides in a blink of an eye!

    • Soolboy I don't know where you have been in the last ten years or so, but Russian capital Moscow has more millionaires than any where else in the world. Russia is the largest country on earth and you talking about division, they are as big as Africa if not larger. How is that possible?

      The states you talking about are properly the former Soviet states that left Russia.

      Russia's richest men:
      Mikhail Khodorkovsky $15.2bn
      Roman Abramovich $12.5bn
      Victor Vekselberg $5.9bn
      Mikhail Prokhorov $5.4bn
      Vladimir Potanin $5.4bn
      Mikhail Friedman $5.2bn
      Vladimir Lisin $4.8bn
      Oleg Deripaska $4.5bn
      Alexsei Mordashov $4.5 bn
      Vagit Alekperov $3.9bn

      • The poorest Russian on that list has more money than the entire Somalia forget Somaliland even.

  4. I wonder whether we are dreaming or not. We have seen this so called fake delegations from many places for the past seven years. I don't beleive and trust what Riyaale gangs tell the public. We are so fed up with their lies.

    • I totally agree with you. even they did't mention important information like (Names of companies, what they do, who they are, etc….).

  5. Hold on, isn't that Berbera locals who are still suffering from chemicals that were let over during the cold war. This is knowing to WHO and Somaliland shouldn't compromise the health of its citizen just go gain few dollars that it will run out in days. There was reports that people who live coastal area in Somaliland and Somalia are experiencing health problems cause by cold war and warlods.

    Never give in your given sea and ocean that contains far more economical benefit for exchanging recognition and few dollars. We still count for citizen of the world without recognition and no more cheat from those who are taking adventage of us knowing that Somaliland need recognition with attachments that would hunt our children for centuries. It's so funny that some Somalilanders welcome any country even if that country bringing deadly chemicals because they always think this country maybe the first one to recognize S.land.

  6. If the successive foreign delegations visiting Somali land are looking for bilateral relations, why they don't first recognize the country as a sovereign entity?. I am suspicious of these people. Mutual relations depend on mutual recognition and trust and the signed agreements should be internationally legal. We should not rejoice unless we are recognized as a sovereign nation based on international laws. Otherwise those who reach agreements with us are likely to be people who don't represent any legal institution.

    • From my understanding, the members of this delegation are not from the government but are rather a business group (not sure if they are powerfull or not). So in that respect I doubt they carry any real means of offering recongnition. I partially agree with your suspicion, however: since there are no legal institutions to bind either group, this delegation might be planning on bribing their way to sucess. On the other hand, businesses that invest in countries like Somaliland take huge investment risks due to a variety of reasons (the biggest being sovereignty). So in the end, the government must be proactive in ensuring that such companies are not out to hurt Somaliland (directly or indirectly) on their path to making money.

  7. The only people complaining on this forrum are non-somalilanders like the one above and soolboy, and KULMIYE partisan. The true Somalilanders welcome everyone to Somaliland. It is in our interest to welcome any would be friend and supporter.

    • Hurguf, I would like to hear who are the real Somalilanders and who are the non-Somalilanders that you're talking about? I didn't now such a thing exists! But never mind, I think I got where you coming from…

  8. The Russian are still a major world player. We welcome them and any other nation interested in establishing relations with Somaliland. One area in particular the Russians can help Somaliland is military aid, they still have stockpiles of weapons we can use.

  9. Though im apprehensive, Good news!____Is it me or is history repeating itself, jesut when we thought cold-war politics was dead. Anyhow, Somaliland needs to make the most of these numerous recent delegations. Although, the chinese 'investors' looked more like tourists to me ( i have never seen politicians in the attire they were wearing at the airport, shorts ect). Allah know best what is going on here, whether it is Riyaale's election propaganda or what not. Let's hope we get as much (good) investment as possible and we do not make oursleves targets from far more powerful, competing parties. BISINKA U QABTA…

  10. The race to Berbera Port to control the movements of the Gulf of Aden is on. And competing forces are flocking and getting more by the day. There is a fixation on this strategic location of ours by some major players in the United Nations.

    It is good for us, if we player our cards well. We don't need to show our frustration and rush into agreements we may regret later. Let us play it cool. We are siting on a golden pot! We need not to take the highest bidder. We need to pick and chose and should take the lesser of all evil.

  11. In regards to Cold War comments, I fear the worst. In the past, the old Somali Republic (along with many other African states) were devasted by cold war politics. Each side secretively or openly supporting a faction that promised to choose their side once victory was assured. Which sadly, in most cases, led to open hostilties and savagery that persist to this day. I trully believe that such politics are the main reason why Africa is in the shape it currently stands. I can only hope that countries that are planning on investing in Somaliland and the leaders of Somaliland avoid a repeat of the past. But, most importantly, the people of Somaliland must make sure that their peace is not ruined by those seeking power or wealth not by violence but through vigilance of maintaing their leaders to high standards.

    I agree with Gobaad statement about not needing to take the highest bidder. Though they might offer great hills, we lose mountains.

  12. Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    All these who are interested in Somaliland are just attracted by the fact that somaliland is bestowed with natural resources and strategic geographical location. But our leaders still are lucking the skills of milking those who were brought by those chances.

    My God gives the power to those who can plan, decide, and can lay down postive policies for the development of the country.


  13. All these who are interested in Somaliland are just attracted by the fact that somaliland is bestowed with natural resources and strategic geographical location. But our leaders still are lucking the skills of milking those who were brought by those chances.

    My God gives the power to those who can plan, decide, and can lay down postive policies for the development of the country.


  14. Allah forbids you not with regard to those who fight you not for your faith, nor drive you out of your homes, from dealing kindly and justly with them. For Allah loves those who are just. Allah only forbids you with regard to those who fight you for your faith, and drive you out of your homes and support others in driving you out, from turning to them for protection (or taking them as wali). Those who seek their protection they are indeed wrong- doers.” (Al-Mumtahinah: 8-9)

    [O you who believe! Do not take Jews and Christians as your patrons. They are patrons of their own people. He among you who will turn to them for patronage is one of them. Verily Allah guides not a people unjust.] (Al-Ma'dah 5: 51)

    [O you who believe! Take not for protectors (awliya') your fathers and your brothers if they love unbelief above faith. If any of you do so, they are indeed wrong-doers.] (Al-Tawbah 9: 23)
    The Holy Qur'an, 60:1 O ye who believe! Take not my enemies and yours as protectors,- offering them (your) love, even though they have rejected the Truth that has come to you, and have (on the contrary) driven out the Prophet and yourselves (from your homes), (simply) because ye believe in Allah your Lord! If ye have come out to strive in My Way and to seek My Good Pleasure, (take them not as friends), holding secret converse of love (and friendship) with them: for I know full well all that ye conceal and all that ye reveal. And any of you that does this has strayed from the Straight Path. 60:2 If they were to get the better of you, they would behave to you as enemies, and stretch forth their hands and their tongues against you for evil: and they desire that ye should reject the Truth.

    And thou wilt find those who say, 'Surely we are Christians,' to be nearest to them (the Muslims in affection…(5:82)

  15. It’s only a matter of time now.

    Either the Arab legue or the Chinese Communist governemt or the Russians…

    But do not forget how the Russians betrayed Siad Barre during the 77 78 Ogaden War between Somalia & Ethiopia

    If it wasn’t for the russians cutting our military aid we would have won the territorial war for the Ogaden.

    But thats past history right?

  16. They could be seeking human organs. Isreal is the center of the organ trade and many of these Russians could be dual Russian and Israeli citizens. Many of the foreigners in Somalia including Somaliland are Isrealis with foreign passports. Don't be fooled folks. Many of them take precious gemstones outside of the country. Do you Somali folks know we have the largest gemstone potential in the world? If haven't heard it before, I told ya so!

    Geophysics and Geochemistry departments should be established in all of the academic institutions in the country. That is only if you want to understand what we lies below the sand.

    The industrial minerals are also abundant.

    But questions is who will make sue of it?

  17. There is a great deal of interest in Somaliland by the international community because of its strategic location………. Somaliland should refrain from engaging in serious talks until sovereign recognition has been achieved………. economic relations have to be mutually beneficial and I dont see that happening with the Russians…….. I would rather deal with the Chinese because they have never seeked to rule over and subjugate foreign people as had the Russians and now with the Americans…… Chinese are fair and honest in commerce!!!!!!!

  18. "Nations have no permanent friends or permanent enemies, or permanent interest"… or something like that the saying goes

    Do you guys really think there is a difference between a Russian, American, Chinese, etc for us? They are all the same. They have their interest, we have our interest. Period.

    Is the current government under UDUB able to take care of the nation's interest? Will Kulmiye or UCID be capable. That is totally a difference topic and question.


  19. I'm very skiptical when it comes to dealing with the russians, quite frankly I do not trust them, with the collapse of the soviet union their technological, innovative and economical capabilities had diminished considerably, on the global arena they had just became anather third world country with a vast oil and gas reserve, they do not have that much to offer to somaliland , I like our chances with China, Turkey,Malaysia, south Africa , Australia or any EU country , If take a close look at Russia's internal problems you will think twice before you get involved with them

  20. Hussian is not the Russian’s i don’t trust is the gov’t we have in place right now is what I don’t trust and the deals they will make with Russians or any country.
    Also, we have to remember Russians and American’s are not frnds so if we want NA to recognize us they will not get involve with us if we have ties with Russians………So I really hope our government knows what they are doing and make the best decision for OUR COUNTRY.

  21. C.M if you really wanna know what adevestating affect Russia could have in any given country just take a close look at Angola, Angola has to sever all of it,s economical ties with Russia and supsequently gave all major oil and gas contract to Chinease, purtogese and Brazilian companies , Russia had to seatle for a small contract to retrain Angolan's border arm forces to control illegal immegration, I have no doubt in my mind that somaliland will be recognized alot sooner than what some speculators may say, with somaliland promising potential the first we have to do is to stear away from a big liability called(Russia)

  22. Hey guy, inline our traditions we used to say "don't neglect crops in your hand, to those on trees". I really admire the economic efforts directed towards productive sources of the country for nationwide benefits. But here comes an argument or raw, which is, "In today's divergent world of East and West, better to line with one of them on honesty basis". Therefore, from the above argument, I could vehemently say, that it was yesterday, when U.K. declared to give Somaliland an aid of $40 million, so don't we loose ties with our western partners on the bases of today's cold war.