Johannesburg, 7 December 2009 (Somalilandpress) — Jamal Ali Hussein, former Somaliland Forum president and CEO of Citigroup Bank (Ivoary Coast) talks to South Africa’s leading network, South Africa Broadcasting Corporation (SABC).

Jamal Ali Hussein is an international banker with an MBA from Harvard University.

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  1. thanks for his effort and really appreciated his effort for jamal hussein and its eligible to encourage his aspiration

  2. i really appriciate what our beloved scholar has contributed to our somaliland because what i know he is sponsoring several medicine students and has innovated a differet of national songs inorder to cultivate a deep of patriotism to our people of somaliland , above all that he his a scholar, auther, and business man and lastly he is a poet. THZ FOR THAT AND KEEP THE SPIRIT FO SOMALILAND ACCROSS THE WORLD.

  3. I know Jamal and his family very well. We appreciate this great scholar. He has always been articulate and smart. He has always been one of the best students in his class. He is a great role model, and we are very proud him. He made all Somalis proud.

  4. Everyone knows Jamal Ali Hussein this genius who raise African banks to the summit after setback last, which won them the banks and we must that take pride in such descent person genius and Ntmana that receive قياة ship Somaliland and advancement to the top of the Horn of Africa to become fans trauma Somalia brideHorn of Africa …Forward Dear Genius