HARGEISA (Somalilandpress) — Kulmiye party of Somaliland is positioning itself as a party of change but its policies are ambiguous.

The International Crisis Group cautioned against holding elections in Sool where the largest number of potential new ‘voters’ were registered last year although Sool’s turn-coat politician, Ahmed Abdi Habsade argued that no voter registration had taken place in Sool & Sanaag regions.

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The following list of questions for Kulmiye are intended to trigger a debate on, among other issues, the direction of the party, its relationship with UCID party, and how it has so far addressed the breach of Code of Conduct for Political Organizations by other parties.

1-How would KULMIYE party solve the fraud in voter registration that led to the postponement of elections in Somaliland?

2- Will KULMIYE consider the possibility of forming a coalition government with UCID led by Faysal Ali Warabe if the need arises?

3- In an interview posted on YouTube , KULMIYE leader has told Ahmed Hassan Awke, the Somali newscaster, that Somaliland Vice President, Ahmed Yusuf Yasin, had urged his sub-clan to vote for UDUB Party, Somaliland’s ruling party. Does KULMIYE leader consider the Vice President’s remarks a breach of the Code of Conduct for Political Organizations?

4- If KULMIYE were given a chance to introduce electoral reform, what would it do to reduce the possibility of electoral stalemate that has bedevilled Somaliland since 2007?

5- KULMIYE party leader, Ahmed M. Mahamoud Silanyo blamed President Dahir Riyale Kahin for the assassination of Osmaan Yusuf Nuur who was commander of the 12th division of Somaliland Military in Las-Anod last year. Does this mean KULMIYE leader has lost faith in Somaliland judiciary?

6- Why has KULMIYE fallen short of addressing the Somaliland government’s policy of ignoring and threatening traditional leaders of pro-union constituencies in Sool region?

7- Will a KULMIYE-led government hold talks with the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia?

Written by: Liban Ahmad, 14 April 2010

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  1. All these questions are answerable and I believe Kulmiye Party Leaders could easily answer them all.

    Any other party is better than UDUB party, but I will prefer Kulmiye to leader the country into the future and it is up to them though to learn from the mistakes that UDUB party have done. So,it is up to them to differentiate them from the other parties in terms good governance, accountability, transparency, corruption fighting, inclusiveness, engaging and consultants with the public, sharing power and decision-making, and keeping the peace.

    UCID on the hand, has to find a direction and focus on what is important to the country and its people and to stop flip-flopping.

    • You said UCID flip-flops. What does Kulmiye do other than cry wolf about any action taken by the government?

      Do they really have a political programme? Or are they just trying to replace UDUB and take their place so as to steal from the government in turn, or even possibly, ignite a civil war, a job that some Kulmiye members excel at?

      • I do agree with Gobaad with all respect to Eng. Faysal, Mr. Abdularahman Mohamed (Aka Cirro) and Mr. Adam Mohamed (Aka Waqaf) but we all know that Eg. Faysal is leading thr party alone and no one can argue about any decision he takes forget about changing the party leader even if they lose the coming elections (Eng. Faysal will be the leader of UCID till he die). In addition Eng. Faysal is well known for his confusing statements and conflicting positions and if I were in Mujahid Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud's position I won't trust him (simply he can insult me next day in media).
        And about Kulmiye crying I myself really surprise about Mujahid Ahmed's endurance and again if I was in his position I will topple him and If Kulmiye want civil war as you claim what stop them as far as I know they can win it easily and guess what Mujahid Ahmed can topple President Dahir without spilling a single drop of blood.

  2. These are excellent questions. But I know Kulmiye has no answers for them. In fact they are not that different from UDUB, or could be even worse.

  3. Kulmiye should form a coalition with Ucid and name Faysal the vice president in that case. I say this considering Siilanyo's age and the possibility of him not finishing his term in office which spells his vice president Saylici who is virtually unkown is a heartbeat away from being our president. Now ask yourselves this, can we Somalilanders afford another Riyaale?

  4. Kulmiye should enter into a coalition with Ucid and name Faysal vice president. Silanyo is too old and might not finish his term in office and who do we have a heartbeat away from the presidency this Saylici guy who is vitually unkown which spells another Rayaale, do we Somalilanders need more wasted 8 years?

  5. I really respect and admire Faisal Ali Warabe but I dont think the guy is fit for politics he has dirty mouth and he might act funny on the international stage. Thats from what I have seen I dont know him personally.

    Over all lets agree its time for change, I dont get why people support UDUB when they have achieved nada. I was UDUB supporter but I need change, if Kulmiye fails to deliver those changes I be happy to join a new party with a new vision.

    I dont get people who never change and always do the same things, I recommend you all read "Who Moved My Cheese?"

    "If you've ever been afraid to make a change for fear of what might come; if you think the world is your oyster and can't possibly get any better; if things slowly seem to be "going to hell in a hand basket," you need to read this book! One reading can change your life." ABC's of Small Business

  6. Jubba if you had to choose between Faysal Waraabe and Saylici who would you pick to be president?

    I presonally would take Faysal anyday over Saylici for the simple fact he was SNM. This mentality is what got us Riyaale in the first place, we cant afford to gamble with the future of our children.

    • Do you mean Silanyo? Neve heard of a Saylici dude running for presidential post in the country.

  7. let me clarify something? KULMIYE party should oppose anything the government suggest, cause they are the 'opposition' however what concerns me the most is, after reading numerous news from Somaliland there is or was a constant disagreement in the KULMIYE party meetings last year and this year indeed and leadership changes and so on…..and yet so many people ignore all of these challanges and argue that KULMIYE is the party for Somaliland. not one leader have said from any party .. i will improve education, hospitals, roads, housing, water, environment…those lies that political leaders scream out during elections…yet the scary part is no one cares, its still about who is closer to me ….here it comes the great somali down fall the thing that made the largest ethnic group in the horn of Africa lack progress……….WHICH CLAN DOES HE BELONG TO………..the same loyal followers of UBUD,KULMIYE and UCID. Something a well established muslim, educated and proud Somlialnder who lives abroad will never understand. So my follow brother lets celebrate there is peace and elections are being held and be happy whatever we get now and hope for the best in the future, our son and daughters who might develop a different dreams and aspirations.

  8. Elmi,

    Faysal was never part of SNM so let's not get excited here. As for making Faysal the vice-president for Mr Silanyo, it ain't gonna happen. Faisal is unguided missile and Kulmiye is very Happy with Saylaci as our vice-president. Silanyo age is not a factor he's 73yrs old and in good health marka don't use the age card. We rather have an old mature seasoned politician than a 60y.o faisal that's simply crazy.

  9. As a Kulmiye supporter I will give you an approximation of their answers:

    1- Kulmiye will do it the smart way, they won't kick out the foreign consultants like UDUB have done so dont worry about it.

    2-No because its simply unconstitutional.

    3- In the same Interview he said " We will acknowledge clans in the context of regions and in the context only".

    4-I can assure they will do a better job than UDUB did.

    5- Do you still have faith in the Somaliland Judiciary system?

    6-This a delicate situation, its of a national security matter not campaign material.

    7-If its in the best interest of Somaliland -recognition-.

  10. Naliye how about the possibility of Siilanyo not finishing his term and how well is Saylici vetted as a vice president, see am all for Kulmiye but I worry we might end up where we started with another Rayaale.

  11. Naliye how well is Saylici vetted as a vice president, where is he from, is he qualified to be president in case Selanyo doesnt finish his term for whatever reasons? See as much as I love to support Kulmiye all the way I have some doubts about the vice presidential nominee Saylici and I hate for us to end up with another Rayaale.

  12. Remember my fellow somalilanders, when it comes to the dirty game of politics what u see is not always what you get..

    I have no association or afflication with any of the 3 political parties currently competing in the forecoming somaliland elections, lets get something very clear from the start…

    Not 1 party has come up with a list of objectives they are hoping to achieve for our country if they are elected, no clear stragety on what they are going to implement, no set targets for each region or town and what about goals i.e. NEW SCHOOLS they are hoping to build, HOSPITALS, INFUSTRATURE, NEW ROADS.. Plans on how to raise investment for the country.. These are the REAL ISSUES that face our country today!!!

    Unemployment currently stands @ above 90%, but is anyone thinking about asking the 3 leaders of these parties about job opportunities and the plans they have in creating employment for the thousands of graudates, that have come through the education system, but find themselves with a well earned degree in their possession but no work..

    My grandfather was a farmer, my great- grandfather too, but lets not asksame questions they once did and lets not have the same mentality of previous generations, and lets look beyond the which “TRIBE or SUB-CLAN” is that leader from and im going to vote for him ideology no matter what..

    Because if we use such a old fashion way of thinking and an outdated method, than ladies and gentleman lets not expect progression, or a brighter future for the children of tomorrow who we all hope to become the future leaders of this country that is Somaliland and lets all just be happy and settle for SECOND BEST!!!….

  13. Answering these questions are not gona be rock science for Kulmiye. I believe the questions are not even tough and chokible enough for Kulmiye or any other political party. Question two, particularly, seems bit of a dull thing to ask; I mean why would major opposing parties unite? We need at least three opposing parties who would challenge each other to keep the whole game fair and more democratic (having more choices is good).
    I do believe that Kulmiye, at this time and situation in our country, is the better choice. UDUB is starting to become bit of a dictatorship regime that does not want to have a power share. No, seriously, before they sting their fangs deeper than they have already done, let us get rid of them. CHANGE IS GOOD, and them lot seem to not understand it or want it.

    P.S. Don't delete my comment here, please.

  14. Hey guys will u hold your horses for a minute? You have realized that Kulmiye is gonna win the presidential election, if you are thinking in that way you forgot, or ignoring that Kulmiye Political party is not acting like a political party it acting like Robary film acters. So please you better change the bottom sides and add.