HARGEISA, 14 April 2010 (Somalilandpress) – A vehicle owned by Halo Trust was hit by a landmine killing two people and wounding others. The incident took place on Monday in Dabagorayaale, Togdheer region.

Two of Halo Trust local staff were killed and other were wounded and taken to Hargeisa hospital.

Reports say the vehicle was carrying a team working on removing mines from the area. It is not clear the cause of the incident but witness told Somalilandpress that the vehicle was on its way back the camp when the mine exploded. “The road was cleared before and people normally use it, I don’t know what happened” said one of the residents.

Halo Trust did not officially talk about the incident and how this happened specially after the areas was marked as “save” from landmines.

“It could  sometimes happen that we do not know about  one or two of them specially when we are working in vast areas but this is really shocking” said one of the Halo Trust staff.

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Landmine incidents are a major problem in Somaliland. Due to long history of wars in the region, the country is still suffering the impact of thousands of landmines and other explosives.

Halo Trust is one of the International Organizations working on removing landmines in Somaliland. Their work covers all the regions and most of their operations were successful but such incident specially places where the organization said they cleared from the landmines can bring a question if the other places are save or not.



  1. I am very regret the incident and sending my deep condolence to thier families and friends ” samir iyo iimaan”

  2. Sad indeed but they knew what they were getting themselves into, this is the sort of sacrifice people are making for others in order for them to live a normal lives.

    It is also a reminder of Somalia's dictator's clear genocide against Somaliland people by planting landmines all over the country even in and around farms. Sick animals now look at them kill each others.

  3. Layla
    It is strange world one person is building it and another is destroying, i think it will be on that cycle forever. I am sending my deepest sympathy to the families of the deceased. I hope one day soceity around the world would not have arms and equipments to kill and and wound each other.