By Goth Mohamed Goth

The National Examinations Office of the Republic of Somaliland has today announced the final results of the final exams for the 2020-2021 school year for 8th grades in middle school and 4th grades in high school.

The event was held at the headquarters of the National Examinations Office in Hargeisa and was attended by WW&S Director General Ahmed Abokor Mohamed, WW&S Deputy Minister Dr. Abdihakim Said Muse, officials from the National Examinations Office, regional coordinators and others. among school principals and many other officials.

First, the chairman of the national examinations office, Daud Ahmed Farah, reported on the exam and how it ended.

WW&S Director General Ahmed Abokor Mohamed also praised the regions where there were few students. We commend them for their continued efforts.

Finally, the Deputy Minister of Education and Science, Dr. C / Hakim Said Muse, congratulated all the students who passed the exam today.

He also advised students who did not pass the test not to be discouraged but to re-strive for success.