The Minister of Information, National Guidance and Heritage Hon. Abdillahi Mohammed Dahir U’kuse has urged the UK to factually grasp with the real ground situation of Somaliland hence reconsider their alerts on security issues.

The minister who noted the British government as being a historical and longtime friend and ally of Somaliland was apparently referring to this week’s security alert given to her citizens concerning visiting SL and Somalia which comes a week after another one from the US.

The Foreign Minister Mohamed Bihi Yonis has just left to London, UK.

At the same time the minister warned entrepreneurs who deal with anti-Somaliland aspirations as being “abetters in cahoots with the enemy of the land”.

Hon. U’kuse gave the caution in the backdrop of the recently banned Universal TV continuing transmitting SL news by proxy from abetting networks in what he termed a “veiled defense in ultra modern technological appliances” that facilitate them.

Noting that the banned television infringed upon all legal and logical laws and regulations hence flouted all norms of ethics and etiquettes was still boosted by Somalilander business fraternity who are associated with them.

Meanwhile, the minister appointed a new SOLNA chief executive in a bid to reflect regional representation and appointments equality.

He thus named Mr. HusseinAden Yusuf alias Kurdi as the news agency’s new boss and his deputy as Mr. Yusuf Mohammed Ismael (yare).

At the same time the minister elevated the former SOLNA chief Mr. Ahmed Hussein to become the minister’s advisor.