By Abdirahman Mohamed Dirye

Somaliland’s social disease of nepotism and invading tribalism seemed to die down during President’s Kahin’s reign but aggressively revisited to the highest echelons of the government. Furthermore; new phenomenon was added to the danger: greedy MPs’ of “brown envelope” accepted to act as uncle ruckuses in the political dramas portraying the Speaker of the Parliament as ugly culprit whom they were filmed hugging and bragging him yesterday when he returned from overseas! The Parliament built, financed, and approved by the EU became a supermarket where anyone’s search for approval of a project is just a matter of money. And that is the end of the democracy. Dirty politics or mudslinging thrives on ignorance and selfishness; above all, there is no code of conduct for office holders or separation of powers.

For lack of political literacy, the government begun to tribalize the national institutions giving not just to one tribe but to anyone they mistakenly thought toothless and aimless, inward-looking folk. The ordinary people who do revolutions and extraordinary things in the other parts of the world are alos passive and divided over clannish abstract ideas.

 In 1991 the Wahabi cult brought good Hadhith “bribery giver and receiver are cursed by Allah” but the Hadith became counterproductive by increasing bribery takers from zero to thousands when Silanyo included into the cabinet. The bribery has so many positive names in the political arena of today and temptation to take it has never been stronger.

 Kulmiye ruling party is dominated by Sheikhs and Akhwanes, and Wahdadis wearing Arab and Paki costumes and robes with medieval turbans who claim to be perfect and clean and less materialistic. Although orthodox Islam demands humility and social justice, the activating animalistic instincts of eating out from Ritz— see Somali TVs adverts about food and refreshments in Dubai, London ,and Nairobi—and of doing polygamy for sexual gratification but with subsequent divorce is the daily bitter reality; the more religious people become the less faithful, and practicing they become today.

The days of parroting checks and balances by the incumbent president are over too! He is always silent when political waves are in his favor but he yells at us whenever he feels threat to his throne or unplugging of millions of dollars pipeline from ports through accountability.

MP with condition of anonymity said “I was given good money to vote against Hon. Speaker of Parliament, a man of high caliber and high credibility in the eyes of the public but money is a kind of religion here.” “Though I was at the bottom of the UK society, I am gonna buy a mansion in Monte Carlo”  “When somebody dials me I don’t reply until my Zaad account is credited” he added. It is all about money, MPs are loyal to cash only. Their pockets are their ears. This reminded me of a day an able-bodied man lined up in Sooyaal Office with disabled to take cash. And passerby saw him and asked why are you there “I am disabled in the pocket!” he uttered and kept in the line. Maybe that is where we are today.

 Don’t be with wrong camp today simply because you hate someone or feel minor grievances. Stand by justice because you can be the next target for ailing blind regime led by half-eyed man.

It is a grotesque to expect the president of such experience to behave in such silly way to invade the parliament and try to oust the Hon. Speaker. However; Erro exercised his authority to demote his two secretaries who used to sit beside him just to entertain him with good jokes and standup comedies, in my knowledge the speaker committed no crime so far, but what upset the ailing president and his Friendly Nurse is yet a mystery. Is there another Uf iyo Akh concert in the pipeline? Probably not.

Mr. President I know your foolish coteries are telling you the ordinary are tired of taking laws into their own hands and showing small uncle Ruckuses ( Wajikumacaash)  of various tribes in the TV  avowing you to lick your backside in all circumstances and then your cohorts  inform you with good tidings that you are the most popular figure in the country for you are repaired your restroom or Presidential Road before the recognition. They tell you all your political peers had gone and you can manipulate the ordinaries as much as you wish to rig the election to win which is not true. But let me tell you this: people who love Somaliland up to death will punish you with their votes in the next election much worse than UDUB.  People will never relinquish their rights for the sake of bucks; though money and women are the greatest political weapons today, there are people of integrity still left in the world.   I am sure.

However; MPs fell short of their duties and turned to vending machine which only need to be inserted some coins into them or turned to vehicle on rent to use by every driver provided with to have money to lubricate their hands.  But Somaliland deserves better MPs.


  1. The article talks about baseless accusation about the president and his caliber members he has chosen to run the nation by using a perfect system that's compatible to the rest of the democratic world.
    Painting a rosy picture for the previous administration and lashing out on the current one without any facts to back it up leaves a lingering bad taste in the mouth. Next time, the author of this particular article should consider proving facts based posting should he care about his readership.

    • what evidence do you want him to provide? How old are you now and where have you been always, in the outer space? Were you not there, those dark days in the wilderness when our people were fighting the great patriotic war with faqash? When he was instead of at least trying to unite us as one nation he sawn among us the seeds of thousand divisions, you can not take pride in some one who couldn't even compete with that small devil siyad barre in real world leadership. When he was uniting millions to annihilate us our siilaanyo was breaking us into small pieces, but we are not also painting a rosy pics for the previous administration which i call faqash ka hadh, they were even worse than siilaanyo but never the less still We all know well what Mr, siilaanyo is all about, and what he represents!

      • What facts am I seeking? well, show me exactly where Silanyo has misstepped and what would be the remedy? just a reminder, your findings should be containing facts without a passion or prejudice..

    • if only one individuale is anti sillanyo admin then it is reasonable but when whole belloo see and feel wronged then there is no level playing field because opening a can of worms has it's down side and somalilander's need to see things in depth.if mr gaab can make and say jokes the way he sees fit then it is free for all.and that shows behind the seen the critics of this admin may be right.

  2. 1. Osman Qaal: Explain to me where Siilaanyo got the £500,000 he purchased his home for in London during the SNM era. How did he swindle that money from the coffers of SNM ? Of course Siilaanyo was always dirty and got this money with the help of his cousin who he assigned at the time as treasurer in chief. With the help of Osman Indhoole he was able to siphon that money using Dhiigshiil and enriching Dhiigshiil in the process.
    2. Wasn't Siilaanyo that lousy leader wannabee who played the sinister tribal card who fomented ill will and confrontation between the SNM division leaders. Even at Amoud Siilaanyo Bureeqa was known to be a feisty and dirty clanist who couldn't make friends in high school because of his obsession with clanism.
    3. Siilaanyo was one of those who stirred civil war in Somaliland's in 1994 because he believed his brother Saeed Bureeqa was killed by the clan he loathes.
    4. Why do you think Siilaanyo wants honorbale Eroh ousted as the Chairman of our parliament.
    5. Why did Siilaanyo held the first tribal meeting ever for a politician in Garadag?
    The answer for all these questions will lead you to the conclusion that Siilaanyo is a sick tribalist who is divisive and unfit to lead our nation. He doesn't care about Somaliland at all. Look at how he turned our heads inward and into each other.

    • Abdi, you must be a very bitter loser. Why don't you and Direye go into a small dirty toilet and have a good f$ck in turns?

      • When Siilaanyo was at Amoud Secondary the principal, Mr. Harthington, used to take him to his house at night. Siilaanyo would tell his roommates Mr. Harthington gave him a new lifebuoy body soap and that he took a shower at Mr. Harthington's house. What does that tell you. Do you think the lifebuoy was given to him free?

    • Mayee Deriye iyo Cabdi ayaa debadda kaga shaqaysta. Markaay wax kale garan waayeen, bal eeg waxaad ka garataa sidda ay u hadlayaan KKKKKKKKKK

  3. Somaliland laguma Hayo waxan aad ka sheekaynaysaan. Meeshanna qabiil keliyee ma laha ee umad baa degan. Haddii Qabiil powerful kaa yahay dee ha ku qaadoo ballet boxka. Maanta aff waxba ma taraayo. Somaliland waa umad jirta eeqabiil ma aha. Dear diaspora calm down It is not wat you thinking. The politicians in the parliament are doing all of this not for qabiil but for their self interest and nothing else. That is true of all politicians everywhere. They invoke qabiil only when it suits them. Please don't inflame and pour gas over a very an pleasent situation. these has stayed more their welcome. We need new blood.

  4. Let us get over clannish fever and continue to work for a better Somaliland. We do not need to waste our precious time on siding with this party or that party. We must let our constitution take its course and not take this political tit for tat anything serious. I encourage all Somalilanders to condemn anyone trying to divide us. Cheap insults will take us nowhere and we must discourage all those who publish hatred in the media. These are not our friends, from our clan or compatriots, but our enemies.

  5. The ignorant are trying to make rift among Somalilanders and we shouldn't fall to their ignorance. They do not know right from wrong, basically they are unethical primates. Writing an ignorant and bigoted articles or comments does not help your ego or improve your position in society and you will be accountable in the day of judgement in front of your creator and in the day when you will not be able to deny your bad deeds.If you insult others that doesn't mean you are able to harm, instead you will add to their good deeds. Let be straight anyone who insults another shows that feels inferior and not able to put his argument in a clean civil way. Those write nothing but insults have wasted the time and the money of those who tried to educate them and they bring shame to their parents.

    • Islam also tells us to fight corruption and injustice by hand if you can't do it by hand then use your tongue. My question for you is why can't you use your tongue to talk about Siilaanyo's injustice and corruption. You will be asked on the day of judgement if you have used your tongue to fight injustice.

  6. He is a somali fella, and so money talks in somalia. Even those who you ask for a direction when lost demand a little cup of shah in return. There is nothing free in that land, absulotely nothing for the sake of others, just selfish and person-centered. Im not so sure why would anyone be surprised, silaanyo and his counterparts are like this years and years back into the dark ages of siyad barri, and nothing will teach an old bull like him a new trick. The only hope is with those who have no foreign passport/connections/loyalty, but again, people themselves are still corrupt and won't put them into the position to rule.

  7. C/raxamaan Cirro should make his mind up! Waddani or Head of Parliament. He should know also that he will get even fewer votes than UCID if he tries to hold on to two positions.

    • Eroh, an MBA holder and a graduate of Albany school of business is a professional diplomat by training. He is a mild mannered leader with unparalleled professionalism. Unlike Siilaanyo's everyday leadership crisis he stream lined our parliament and made it accountable and transparent for all to see what their parliament does. Recently he streamlined our parliament to meet international parliamentary standards but Siilaanyo who hates progress bribed the parliamentarians with the public's purse. I am sure Eroh will find a way to solve this crisis. Whatever happens it is common knowledge Siilanyo's days are numbered and he will soon be in the dust pin of tribalists. Viva Wadani Viva Somaliland.
      Support Wadani support change. Wadani "A state of mind"

    • History is witness to Siilaanyo's divisive character and warlordism.
      1.The only reason he joined SNM was to siphon off the donations Somalilanders collected to free themselves of Afweyne's evils.
      2. He divided the SNM senior officers into Red flag and White flag groups.
      3. With the help of Osman Indhoole, his cousin, whom he assigned as the treasurer he siphoned off alot of cash ending with the purchase of his home in London for £500,000. He also enriched dhiigshiil along the way with SNM funds.
      4. His clanish behavior is depressing. In 1992 Siilaanyo withdrew all HJ ministers from, God bless his soul, mujaahid Abdirahman Tuur's and mujahid Hassan Essa's government
      5. His obsession with clan superiority lead him to organize the first ever HJ exclusive meeting ever in Garadag.
      6. Siilaanyo is the first president to draw and divide with a red line the city of Burao into East and West.
      Kaboclaf don't tell us you can defend this history. Clanism will lead us no where except divide us. You can deny it just like your ilks but his history will be remembered as the clan warlord from Taalabuur (the village he was born at in Baliweyn, togdheer).
      If you want more history contact me or meet me at Xorfada ilma Cawaale Gadhcase oo soo qaado wadada qaaxo.