The political fall-out hitherto witnessed in our parliament has had its spoils seep outdoors hence are we now bordering a potential political upheaval if it is not swiftly and decisively put in check.

The latest to come out of the power struggles that pits to their claws two political camps against each other’s necks is now taxing speedily along a bitter rivalry tag-of-war lane; which has just seen the Kore and Abdirahman-dere led mediating teams break camp.

They both affirmed in a joint press release that the conciliatory (or was it re-conciliatory?) talks could not proceed because they were drifting further miles apart instead of closing in ranks to break their dead-locks.

Since the Guurti last stepped in to defuse a political “timeless” bomb within the parliament, the two committees of seven-a-side sought from the Elders to try thrashing it out (amongst theirselves) in an initial basis. Now that they have come out clear on further drifting apart, at least they showed a gesture of wisdom, rarely seen in the reps, hence passed the buck back to the Elders.

Given that the issue has now grown out of hand and several regions are seen to fueling the matters’ fire by pouring on more inflammable substances by hollering loudly the infamous tribal cries of foul, the repercussive upheaval on socio-political security is now even more tenable.

Without reminding our readers of SL’s trademark pacification of homegrown talent that has made us internationally a house-hold name, the same acumen should now be put into gear, and in full throttle at that.

The Guurti, should relieve, once more, up to its reputation and not only do the necessary, but should this time round, put better modalities to hinder future political hiccups that threaten such asunder-rendering implications in the future.

By both explicitly and implicitly, the political fallout seen which has at its base a core political power struggle causative agent, dents by precisely dealing our integrity, image, essence, pride and ultimately our aspirations a serious blow.

By and large as the dents of the blows may be, all stakeholders in the sense of our nationality, stands to take the hit and loose if we don’t collectively put the situation in check.

The populace is naturally put at paints hence subjected to violent subsequent jolts in their minds when they perceive the clannish and tribal way the whole issue has veered into.

The country should not allow unwarranted petty issues to eclipse or rather take our time at the expense of national development. It is more than just being wise, just as it is a top priority issue, to fully support the Guurti and blend in with their efforts to bring the issue to a close.

The Guurti need more than the normal blessings showered since their most prominent one was reported to lament being tired of petty or trivial issues consuming their illustrious time. Of course he is/was right.


  1. Tribesmen reps have no place in modern Somalilander society, specially in house of parliament. They have nothing to contribute besides of creating unnecessary roughness in the field of politics.
    Abolishing elders' councils is long overdue so is the tribal chiefs.

    • Osman Qaal,

      You cannot be liberal in politics and conservative in tribalism. The heart and the head must go together. What was in your heart and head when you were in Garadag conference are still in your heart and head.

      • Kuluc,
        I'll await the day you get your head out of the gutter and begin to talk about something meaningful. I don't even know about Garadag nor its significance.

        • Osman,

          You must be fooling yourself if you will wait the day that I might praise Siilaanyo and his poodles. That will not happen, at any rate. Miskiin ! Pick another choice.

          • Kuluc,
            You don't have to be one end of the spectrum to another, especially when posting comments on a public domain. You can get your point across with moderation and diplomacy. Please, at least stay way from the tops in sensitive connotations or perhaps, potential provoke a slippery slope situations. Good luck!

          • KULUC,
            Don't see the significance of my trip to B/calanle here. Thanks anyway for wishing me well. Note, I may not travel all the way to B/calanle, I would rather stick around City Plaza in Burao, you are welcome should you wish to join me to chat on local events over coffee.

  2. You seem to be complaining and accusing house of parliament being home for tribal warlords. Why don't you look yourself in the mirror and see how your uncle dug the effigy of tribalism from its grave. What did your uncle contribute to somaliland:
    1. Held the first tribal meeting in Garadag.
    2. Followed the Gardag mandate to the letter and fired almost all government employees and filled their positions with unqualified and illiterate decedents of his clan. One of the reasons why the government is complaining it doesn't get enough tax from Togdheer region.
    3. His tribesmen are exempt from government reshuffles.
    4. Assigned airport and road construction contracts to his ilks.
    5. Assigned Hargeisa's sha'ab lots to his kins in London
    The list is endless but suffice it to say this is just the tip of the iceberg. Chief clanist Siilaanyo is the biggest problem we have.

    • @ Abdi

      At least Silanyo won a landslide in the last presidential election. You call Cirro a saint, he founded one sub-tribe party. Why can't he be man enough take MP's votes?

      • He won a landside because he was forgiven the same way Somalilanders who cooperated with Afweyne were forgiven. The good people of Somaliland gave him a new chance and a new clean sheet against the crimes he committed during the civil war. It is sad that you believe corruption is ok and tribalism is the way forward.

        • @ Abdi

          Let us not compare apples with oranges, I will talk to you, when Cirro goes beyond his little sub-tribe.

          • Hassan,

            Who are you and which clan you belong to? Cirro is HY, which is the largest and most powerful tribe in Somaliland. The last parliament election proves that. Get used to that fact. It is very simple for you to say whatever comes into your mind, as everyone else can, no matter who he is. Talk is cheap

          • Please stop this stupidity, everybody knows that we (HY) do not talk that way. Why can't you just insult people in the name of Isse Muse? You must not think we are stupid, we don't use that sort of language.

          • Look who is talking and acting as if he is HY. Aren't you Guleed, Silaanyo's internet warlord. You can neither change your identity nor change your established scumbag character. Your childish tactic is not going to work in here. You can't deny Siilaanyo. It was in 1992 during Abdirahman Tuur's (God bless his soul) government when Siilaanyo withdrew all HJ ministers from Abdirhman Tuur's government. His brother, Saeed Bureeqa was killed by Solomadow thugs but instead blamed HY for his death. What can anyone expect from any bitter man like Siilaanyo.

          • Such a barking dog. Wow! Wow! Wow! We know who you are you are Deriye, Abdi and Saeed and Kuluc a Ciise Muse guy, so shut up and leave our good name out of this stupid!

          • Abdi,

            Gulaid or Guleed said sometime ago that he hails from Salehlay and today he claims that he is HY.

          • Kuluc: This Gulaid/Guleed one day he is from Salaxley and another day he was from Dhagaxdheer. Can a black Adam hide his skin? The answer is no. Shame on you Gulaid/Guleed for claiming HY. If you can't stand people who tell the truth about what is happening in our country like Kuluc, Abdi, Deriye and Saeed then the only choice you can make is to counter punch their ideas with your own. Calling a group of people who hail from different clans as a single clan is cheap and shows lack of self-confidence in yourself and acceptance of defeat for lack of ideas. Need I say more?

          • You can only utter insults Abdi, the crack-head. Don't you have better things to say than calling clan names? You must represent the clan of ignorance, please move to Mogadishu, because you do not belong to Somaliland.

          • Sorry that you can't say something about the clanist in chief and warlord Siilaanyo. Why are you also ignoring the miscreant tribalist thugs like Guleed/Gulaid, Hassan, Liibaan, Osman Qaal, Kabocalaf et al. Tufaax don't blame one party. Blame them all otherwise you will be seen as part of the miscreant dung beetles (xaar walwaal)

          • KULUC/Neero, Abdi
            Hi guys, this is me "Mr. Gulaid" and I have nothing to do with the other Guleed who posted comments on this thread and I don't know him either, but what I know is that KULUC and Neero is the same person. Anyway, spare me from your mudslingings.

          • Eroh, an MBA holder and a graduate of Albany school of business is a professional diplomat by training. He is a mild mannered leader with unparalleled professionalism. Unlike Siilaanyo's everyday leadership crisis he stream lined our parliament and made it accountable and transparent for all to see what their parliament does. Recently he streamlined our parliament to meet international parliamentary standards but Siilaanyo who hates progress bribed the parliamentarians with the public's purse. I am sure Eroh will find a way to solve this crisis. Whatever happens it is common knowledge Siilanyo's days are numbered and he will soon be in the dust pin of tribalists. Viva Wadani Viva Somaliland.
            Support Wadani support change. Wadani "A state of mind"

          • Abdi,
            The funny thing is, you're making finger-pointing to others for tribalism and yet you are openly promoting it on this forum with its ugliest form, therefore, I don't think you are doing any good or favour to Cirro and his Waddani Party.

          • After I have checked back and closely examined the recent comments that Abdi posted about the ongoing parliamentary crisis and the way he has been explicitly playing the tribal card on the issue and how he picks up the old scores of over 20 years ago from the graves whether they were true or otherwise, then I have concluded that Mr. Abdi is indirectly campaigning for Jamal Ali Hussein in the expense of Cirro, and in a way I have to support the earlier comment from Guleed on this issue.

          • You know what you say about Irro is not right. Otherwise he would have shown the diplomacy you say he is blessed with in these last few days to accept the motion submitted him , and gracefully preside over the House debates on the subject. Instead, he first called in his brother-in-law, the Deputy House speaker of the Guurti, and then Uncle haji Abdi – the patriarch of Somaliland peace deals.

            Do you call that 'professionalism'? Diplomatic?

            Sorry, dude.

  3. When myopia to repel grips Somaliland society time and time again, what would it acquire and whom would it identify as its adversary? Is our land not a land of sages and saints? Is our nation infertile to produce keen leadership? Is arrogance what Somaliland leadership can all in all evoke? Where the care is that leadership is known to inspire? The sheer perfection of its design and dedication? The elegance of its strides? The searing inegrity of its elaborate element? The qualities of its nobility, ideas of dignity, initiatives of unity, of unself-interestedness, of largeness of spirit, and of a rising above spite, faction and greed? Let us see and wait where grudge, greed, and growing tribalism will lead Somaliland in the days to come?

  4. Somaliland laguma Hayo waxan aad ka sheekaynaysaan. Meeshanna qabiil keliyee ma laha ee umad baa degan. Haddii Qabiil powerful kaa yahay dee ha ku qaadoo ballet boxka. Maanta aff waxba ma taraayo. Somaliland waa umad jirta eeqabiil ma aha. Dear diaspora calm down It is not wat you thinking. The politicians in the parliament are doing all of this not for qabiil but for their self interest and nothing else. That is true of all politicians everywhere. They invoke qabiil only when it suits them. Please don't inflame and pour gas over a very an pleasent situation. these has stayed more their welcome. We need new blood.

  5. Belittling oneself is becoming the norm in Somaliland small minds. Please, let us not return to the dark ages of 'tribalism'. You all well know that we have no lasting affiliation to such – only to ever-changing interests dragged along by slippery hands..