465220712_640The Somali Economic Forum (SEF) would like to send out this PRESS RELEASE regarding an article written by the Puntland Post on April 11, 2014.

The said article which was in Somali made many fallacious statements and principal amongst these was the publishing of a fake conference on which was held in Dubai. The Puntland Post then proceeded to steal SEF’s pictures of the Somalia Investment Summit 2014 which took place on April 6th-7th 2014 at the Hyatt Regency in Dubai.

The Puntland Post engaged in blatant copyright infringements by using SEF’s pictures of the SIS 2014 in Dubai to try and pass off as another conference which did not take place.

At the Somali Economic Forum we are especially disappointed with these developments since the Puntland Post never asked us permission to utilise our pictures nor have they apologised for their wrongdoing. In fact as of today, the article in question is still up on their website, with the plagiarised pictures. SEF published a Press Release against the article in Somali but as of yet we have received no response from the Puntland Post.

We sincerely regret that the Puntland Post as a media institution feels the need to undertake such copyright infringements and misguided actions. Above all, we feel that Puntland Post’s actions have failed to give credit to another Somali led organisation’s work and we hope that they remove the article in question from their website immediately.


  1. You guys are so stupid, don’t you know Puntland had no business for centuries other than extortion,falsification and piracy? How can you possibly not know that as Somalis? They will not apologise and mark my words will even try to blackmail you one way or other even if that will take to pimp for you.

  2. Dont they have some puntalandia guy in Malaysia claiming to be the somali crown prince? They have no shame these people seriously.