By Osman A Hakim

The composition of delegates at the ongoing National Delegates Convention (NDC) of the ruling party Kulmiye is founded on tribal bargain in contravention of popular perception that the delegates represent the face of the country with every region embodied according to the party’s strength.

This was disclosed by a former Kulmiye’s stalwart now turn foe Abdirahman Abdikadir who briefed the press on the periphery of the opening session on Monday that kicked off in Hargeisa.

Abdirahman lamented that delegates were composed of tribal cahoots drawn from diverse regions of the country insisting that from the onset the process was flawed as invitation letters were dispatched to tribal leaders as is manifest in the sitting arrangements of party supporters attending the 3rd NDC.

While being cautionary in delving deeper into the conduct of party’s convention he maintained that it was his right to poke holes where there were apparent lacunas before reminding the nation that the conference was initially postponed five times so as to let conciliation take course.

The politician equated the party as a pregnant woman that defers delivering the unborn every moment she experiences labor arguing that since the much awaited conference kicked off he equally expected national office bearers competitively elected by delegates & not a replica of mocked elections resulting to maintenance of status quo at the echelon of the party modeled on negotiated democracy.

He noted that the biggest misconception facing political parties in the country is linking regions to tribes hence missing the cardinal rule in organizing such political forums.

Abdirahman held that previously, leaders used to be reprimanded not to convene tribal jamboree in the name of political party affairs ultimately condemning the existence of the same in contemporary Somaliland.

The politician attributes ‘negotiated deals’ along tribal affiliation as negating maturity of our democratic ideals consequently lagging the nation before hinting that he does not expect concrete outcomes from the ongoing conference.

“I don’t believe that the convention would result to meaningful products in tandem with popular expectations. Neither election for office bearers is to be held not to mention debating party’s ideology at such forums or ratifying an issue of importance & interest to the party. This is a typical example of negotiated arrangements similar to those witnessed in Moscow during the superiority of the communism”, summed up the once diehard Kulmiye supporter.

Politician Abdirahman who is now affiliated to opposition due to his disdain of the ruling regime reminded those in authority to hold presidential elections on schedule time averring that the long awaited NDC is over coupled with state machinery’s overindulgence in showcasing the fitness of the President in contesting for a second & final term in office by organizing the head of state to swim at Berbera’s beach during his regional tour of the country.

The long time politician rubbished claims that the current regime is corrupt free, lean & efficient as well as development oriented unlike its predecessor arguing that it engages in high take scandals by practicing nepotism & totally lacking enforcement measures that should only be thrown out of power democratically via ballot exercised by way of universal suffrage.

He termed the two days convention of delegates from the ruling party as a conglomeration of tribal opinion makers in an exercise meant to hoodwink the citizenry that democracy is being attained.

Abdirahman finally reminded the people of Somaliland to register as voters en masses in order to participate in their political destiny before urging that he would support whoever that is declared the winner in a free fair & transparent presidential elections.             



  1. big disease of tribalism leaving educated indigenous wants to help somalilanders !!!! i am very against tribalism collection kills also in administration performances