Somalia’s Al Qaeda-linked Shebab on Wednesday issued a stark warning to Kenyan voters ahead of next week’s general elections, threatening them with a “long, gruesome war”.
The Islamist group argued Kenya was safer when it ruled bordering southern Somalia but stopped short of saying who Kenyan voters should choose in the March 4 polls.
Kenyan troops, who have since become part of the 17,000-strong African Union force fighting the Shebab, invaded southern Somalia in October 2011 to attack the insurgents’ bases after a string of killings and kidnappings inside Kenya.
“If you put a government in place, then be willing to endure the consequences of your actions, for you will bear the full brunt of its follies,” the Shebab said in a statement.
Kenya holds presidential, parliamentary, gubernatorial, senatorial and local elections on March 4. None of the leading candidates have hinted they would pull troops out of Somalia.
“The changing political climate in your country may now hold the key to a better future, a future that involves less bloodshed,” they continued, warning they would “do whatever it takes to defend our lands from invasion.”
Since Kenya’s invasion attackers have set off bombs and hurled grenades in the capital Nairobi, while gunmen have killed both security officials and civilians along Kenya’s restive border with Somalia.
The attacks are regularly blamed on Shebab insurgents or their sympathisers, although the extremists do not specifically claim the killings.
“Remember, we are mujahedeen who celebrate the martyrdom of our loved ones; you are a public that laments the loss of your loved ones,” the Shebab added.
“We are men who have nothing to lose and everything to gain by fighting against you.”
The Shebab have lost a swathe of territory including several key towns in recent months as they retreat ahead of AU forces, Somali troops and Ethiopian soldiers.

Source: APF


  1. Isaaq nutter Ahmed Abdi Godane is hiding in somaliland.. .

    Puntland appeals to the people and the government of United States of American to give Puntland a drone so that they can monitor Godane movements in Somaliland

  2. Regardless of what Alshabab fighters are all about, the all the more menacing
    crisis remains the Kenyan/Ethiopian extra Military occupations fighting inside the failed
    Somalia in addition to the already fighting 17,000 strong Amisom also helping to keep the
    wicked nominal Somalia Govt remain in power for as long as it takes. In my view, the follies
    of such foreign enemy military operations in Somalia and the atrocities that causes to the
    poor civilian opulation are far more dangerous than the Alshabab itself.
    Therefore the sooner all the foreign Military insurgencies including the Amisom quit, and leaving the Somalians to fend for themselves the better.

  3. On March 4th in Kenya get your panga ready. Panga is machete in Kiswahili or as I like to say Sh!twahili.

    • kkk, French boot camp, this is not Djibouti tiny hot dusty. this is kenya 40 million ppl strongest economy in east africa march 4 nothing will happen.

  4. Ethiopia and Kenya have formed a good alliance over the years. The very purpose of this alliance is to control East Africa Economically and militarily, now with al shabbab as the perfect excuse they haven chosen to act and make sure Somalia. The thorn in their side, never makes it out whole again. Their Ultimate dream is to see a divided or even disintegrated Somalia. So they never have to fear us and our Greater Somalia ideas again.

    But this Federalism idea might be the double edge sword they never see coming. Because I personally Believe this Federalism thing has actually a good chance of working, if it is tweak a little bit and we sort out the crinkles and contentions. Because I believe if we run with this opportunity as a people. We may one day see a proud and strong Somalia, that we even as Somalis could not have imagined right now.

  5. To comment on the African forces in Somalia do not look on them only checkout who is behind them and paying the bills!! on the other hand if your house is unstable and you fight against each other , for sure your enemies will cease the chance to destroy you as you have done half the battle for him?? ponder somalis!!