By Richard Lough

NAIROBI (Reuters) – Somalia’s judges and lawyers need protection from al Qaeda-linked militants, the New York-based Human Rights Watch said on Tuesday after deadly bomb attacks targeted law courts in Mogadishu at the weekend.

The al Shabaab rebel group, which has waged a six-year insurgency to impose its strict interpretation of Islamic law, or sharia, on Somalia, killed about 30 people on Sunday in a wave of suicide bombings and shootings aimed at the courts.

The rights group described the attacks as a war crime.

Somalia’s new government has made reforming the judiciary and imposing the rule of law a priority in its campaign to shake off the country’s “failed state” tag.

But the government’s control of the nation does not extend far beyond major urban centres.

“The current focus on judicial reform in Somalia is critical,” Leslie Lefkow, deputy Africa director at Human Rights Watch, said in a statement. “Crucial to these reforms is ensuring that judges and lawyers have the protection they require to do their jobs.”

The rights group did not spell out who should provide the protection but the Somali governmentrelies heavily on African peacekeeping forces for security.

Among those killed were two prominent lawyers who had represented a woman who faced criminal charges after she accused government forces of raping her, the rights group said. The case drew international condemnation and Luul Ali Osman’s conviction in February was overturned on appeal.

It was not clear if Mohamed Mohamud Afrah, the head of the Somali Lawyers Association, andAbdikarin Hassan Gorod, who also represented a journalist who interviewed Osman, had been deliberately targeted.

“Afrah and Gorod were humanitarian advocates. They were serving victims,” said Mohamed Ibrahim who heads the National Union of Somali Journalists.

In Sunday’s attacks, at least one car bomb exploded and several suicide bombers blew themselves up at Mogadishu’s law courts. Gunmen also stormed the court compound. Shortly after that, a car bomb hit a Turkish aid convoy near the airport.

“Al Shabaab’s attacks on a courthouse and aid workers’ convoy show utter disregard for civilian life,” said Lefkow. “The laws of war protect all civilians and civilian buildings from attack, and courthouses are no exception.”

It is not the first time Human Rights Watch has accused al Shabaab of war crimes. The group said in 2011 that all sides in Somalia’s conflicts – the insurgents, government troops and African peacekeeping soldiers – had indiscriminately killed civilians and were guilty of flouting international laws of war.

Somalia’s Prime Minister Abdi Farah Shirdon said on Monday foreign militants had been involved in the attacks. He called on other nations to help in the fight against the militants.

Burundi, one of the early contributors of troops to the African Union’s peacekeeing force in Somalia, AMISOM, said it would send 200 police officers.

“Burundi decided to send its police because it estimates that Somalia has made progress in restoring security,” Elie Bizindavyi, national police spokesman, told Reuters on Tuesday.

Although the mandate for the Burundian police was yet to be fully clarified, the first advance team of 200 police officers will protect unarmed units of AMISOM and other humanitarian workers in the field, Bizindavyi said.

Source: Reuters



  1. The Al Shabab fighters are hitting harder deeper and deeper into the hearts of the SFG…
    what's going on is unimaginable!!!!

  2. The Alshabaab terrorists are not hitting anything hard, they are cowards killing the innocent. Somalia's judges must be protected and in order to do that Somalia needs heavy weapons, drones and good intelligence. The Somali army needs to incease in numbers and sophistication, we thank our brother Jbouti for helping, but we need more weapons, Shabaab will be defeated one day, but of course its hard to fight peaple who are trying to kill themslves in order to kill. Somalia is rebuilding and the progress will continue, shabaab is only uniting us not dividing us since we know that they are number one enemy. I feel sorry for the uneducated boys brainwashed by the Wahabis. Since when did we know young somali men commiting suicide, only in 1977, when the freedom fighters blew themselves up to fight the real jihad against the Habasha,.. Shabaab or should i say it devils has no cause to fight for. Yu wanna replace our blue flag with a black flag, no we refuse it, you wanna change our way of life, no we refuse it. You wanna import Wahabism, no we refuse it.