Journalist shot dead in Somalia’s capital, 5th journalist to be killed this year

MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) — A Somali radio station editor says unidentified gunmen have shot dead a journalist in Mogadishu, the fifth to be killed in the country his year.

Mohamed Abdullahi Haji, a news editor at the state-run radio station, said that gunmen killed Mohamed Ibrahim Rage, who worked for the station, at his home in the capital Sunday.

Working as a reporter is a dangerous job in Mogadishu. Last year, 18 media workers were killed, most in targeted killings. The government has vowed to stop attacks against journalists, but so far little action has been taken.

Last week suicide bombers and gunmen attacked Mogadishu’s main court complex, killing 35 people, including one journalist. Last month, a suicide car bomber targeting Mogadishu’s intelligence chief killed six people, including a radio report.

Source: Associated Press


  1. Somalia is no bodies friend..danger is every where. No body is safe. The biggest shame
    of all is that the perpetrators are never caught. Somalia is known for all sorts of heinous
    atrocities where justices never find them. Only the Lord knows when this Country would be
    able to stand on its feet and regain the human dignity once again.