Veteran Somali politician Mohamed Osman Jawari looks on August 26, 2012 in Mogadishu during his candidacy, before being elected as the speaker of Somalia’s new parliament.

Somalia’s new parliament endorsed on Tuesday all 10 ministers appointed by the prime minister, approving one of the smallest ever cabinets for the war-ravaged nation.

Two women are among the 10, including Somalia’s first female foreign minister, Fowsiyo Yusuf Haji Adan, who hails from the self-declared independent state of Somaliland.

“Lawmakers have endorsed the new cabinet with a majority vote, 219 members out of the 225 who attended the session gave the ‘yes’ vote to the new cabinet,” said parliament speaker Mohamed Osman Jawari.

Three others rejected the cabinet, and three abstained.

“The lawmakers have endorsed the new cabinet, and now they have to face the difficult tasks ahead,” lawmaker Aweys Al-Qarni told AFP.

The new government faces tough challenges as it seeks to install order in a country racked by decades of war, and with al-Qaeda-linked Shebab insurgents vowing to overthrow the Western-backed administration.

Somalia has been in political chaos and deprived of an effective central government since the fall of President Siad Barre in 1991.

The new administration led by President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud – who took office in September – ended eight years of transitional rule by the corruption-riddled government.

– Sapa-AFP


  1. good news !

    Now they need to fix up the country. Security and Reconciliation should be priority. Then Reconstruction .

    Then let Somaliland gain its independence.

    • have you ever heard of the saying " until pigs fly" meaning that they will get their dirty house in order. it is never a good mix when it is brainless have bantu haw!iyes in marriage to those greedy blood sucking dar00d scum.

      prediction for 2018——– 4 million people starving in zoomalia , and telesom introducing 5g network to somaliland.

      civilized people can not be same as uncivilized people

  2. Now the tough challenges lie ahead. All eyes are vigilante to watch how President HSM and
    his new PM could deliver making a break-through in what all their predecessors failed to

  3. @Hamsa

    you are dreaming! the last thing we have in our mind is talk to "somaliland" or "punland".

    our strategy is easy and not a secret. we will wait and see how many people still want separation after three years if any. there are so many "somali landers" that are came to mogadishu in the last 20 months. we already have three whole regions in the north in mogadishu sool,sanaag and awdal and the only people that still left in waqooyi galbeed are those that benefit from westren Aid while 1000s starve through drought with their money being diverted by the so called somaliland government.

    our eyes are focused to what they call puntland and somaliland. we shall liberate somali citizens in those regions through non violence means which is happening right now as we speak.

    we have dispatched Abdiweli Gas to puntland and should do the same by dispatching Fowsio to somaliland so she can educate her people how to be good citizen and safeguard the sovereignty of their country

  4. have you ever heard of the saying " until pigs fly" meaning that they will get their dirty house in order. it is never a good mix when it is brainless have bantu haw!iyes in marriage to those greedy blood sucking dar00d scum.

    prediction for 2018——– 4 million people starving in zoomalia , and telesom introducing 5g network to somaliland.

    civilized people can not be same as uncivilized people

  5. There's no need for the Ethiopian stooge (SNM) to bark since they are well represented in the somali cabinet aka Fowsiyo Yusuf Haji Adan.

    Note: GREATER SOMALIA is achievable but only if we could destroy the Ethiopian stooge (SNM).

  6. @wanlaweyn
    Sxb I admit puntland is a clan-based mini-state but still they uphold and honour the Somalia blue flag while somaliland are separatists.
    I am not a tribalist i was brought-up in London but I decided to go back to somalia (hargeisa) in 2007.
    I met this pretty girl in my third month it was love at first sight lol then we got married.
    mashallah I am still here (hargeisa) after three years.

    • ok i understand puntland's stance regarding somali unity but we want them to contribute more to Somalia and not undermine if they dont get prime minister.

      as for this girls in hargeisa nobody wants to know your private live and where she is from so can you do yourself a favour and stop talking about your wive? it is so cringe worthy.

  7. Somali warlords can claim of having a quasi legitimacy fabricated by the west but they have proven time and time again they don't have any credibility. The world had given those warlords a myriad of golden opportunities to reconcile with one another for a common good of the people they're representing for. strangely, they managed to get a no-brainer formula incorrectly, consequently, once more they compounded their problems and crawled the hole deeper. It'll be very hard for them to dig themselves out to the surface.

    The installation of this new administration might have been started well in the outset by bringing new players onto the game, clearly, Somali warlords have get mixed in a wrong variable in the equation when they appointed a Somalilander as the their FM which will turn a bad existing situation between the 2 nations to worse.

  8. After Seeing and reading what these isolationist are writing i've come to a conclusion that they're writing
    in code languages which translates into man these Southerners are giving us the business these few
    last years.

    How much longer can we block their mike Tyson punches from before being KO'd.

    • liar u dumbass anyways ur not even hawiye ur daarood only u thugs are upset about the death of somaliweyn haha

    • Hawiye warrior,
      Lol you make me laugh walahi. You are trying so hard to understand why Somaliland is rigid in joining Somalia. Well it's not really to do with tribalism at all or power loss nor is it really to do with boogyman out there but it's mainly to do with the following:
      1) Pride +arrogance- Even if Somaliland is completely dry dessert with nothing lol
      2) Somaliland came a long way in regaining its lost statehood – If Somalia would have for example sorted its problem out like 10-15 years ago Somaliland wouldn't really hesitate to join but Somalia stripped off whatever little value it had.
      3 We got a whole generation who know nothing about the blue flag
      4)) Somaliland gained its independence on 26 th June

      • See with you Amal i don't class you as an isolationist but under a confused one chapter no disrespect.
        In china they even have that word as some sort of religion its called Confucianism look it up on
        Wikipedia : – )

        • Hawiye warrior,
          What's up with you and those Asian religions you classify us with (Buddhist, Confucianism, meditators) do you do religiology or something lol

          I'm not confused but I'm fed up with the Somali situation and I gave up Somali politics long time ago. I just want to live free and in peace in my country regardless of what Somalia and Somaliland bloody agree between themselves okay.

          We sacrificed a lot for our freedom, my uncle dads brother and other members of my family fought in the SNM. My uncle went through a long struggle, jailed in madera, escaped prison fought hard until he laid his life for us same with all the other SNM fighters. So Somaliland and our peace and well being is precious to us. Therefore I just want to live with a peace of mind regardless of what Somaliland chooses (independence or Somaliweyn) so long as it is for our benefit and for the benefit of our future generation.

          The least Somalia should do is to stop habouring hate and enmity towards us if they want to unite and reconcile with us.

          And I hope all the best insha Allah

      • @ amal

        Sister, how can you reason with a guy who categorises the words 'Confusion' and 'Confucianism' together??


  9. @ wanlawayn,
    I think that strategy is old. Somalia has been doing that for the past two decades and nothing changed. They have been claiming they got awdal, sool, sanaag. They have hosted Awdal state, khatumo state jinni state lol

    Best thing is if they just finish their differences through dialogue.

    • trust me i have been in august to Mogadishu and if you go there you will see how much people from somaliland need us more than we need them they are everywhere. they work in the ports,restaurants, hotels police and of course they work for alshabaab as well lol that one of them is so successful that he became the chief executive of alshabaab and his name is Godane.

      • You should know that Somalilanders are everywhere, they dominate Djibouti business, they are in Ethiopia, Kenya and certainly they are in Hamar (no problem) but if you really think that Somaliland people need you more than you need us than wonder why you desperately cling on to SL. I can only think of of one reason 'deep enmity' but it doesn't matter just do yourself a favour and put your house in order and get rid of those naked fufus in your country then we may reach some sort of understanding with you.

        In the meantime we are busy pumping the oil.

        • "DEEP ENMITY" i total disagree with that more like "deep love" lol just because we don't need north Somalia ECONOMICALLY does not mean we don't want them. let me tell you something- Somalia a country with small population of 10 million surrounded with two countries who openly hate them and assisted by the whole world does not need to be weakened by cutting in to small mini states based on tribal affiliation. if that happens those mini states will be informally controlled by Ethiopia and Kenya within 50 years. these mini countries will only exist in names. the oil that you so proud of will be taken by those countries in return for peanuts just like they use Berbera port for less than peanuts. trust me we need to think outside the box and look to the future for our children.

          • One of the wealth accumulated from Berbera ports was part of what was used to build Mogadishu not to mention that the north has wealth in the form of oil and loads of oil enough for us all (as what I was told couple of years ago)

            But What I absolutely agree with you is that the Somali population is not that much and we are surrounded by enemies (Ethiopia, Kenya) and that is why I believed in Somaliweyn and Somalis to unite under one flag to be strong and compete with our neighbors. And to be honest this is what I personally would have liked if Somalis were normal people but I don't think we can live togeteher happily because of our nature witnessing how Somaliland-Somalia hate eachother.

            Anways about Ethiopia using our port for peanut, obviously that is because we are not recognized. That is one of the reason why they didn't recognize us because they just want free port and to prevent Somalis rising as two countries as well as rising as one nation neither is benefit to their interest.

            Anyways, Somaliland is our hard earned freedom so I hope all the best whether it gains its independence or accepts to be part of Somaliweyn, I don't mind either so long as Somaliland people are happy with and we can have peace of mind for once and good future but this will depend on what Somaliland decides and whether Somaliland-Somalia reconcile. Don't ever dream of a unity without reconciliation or brought upon force.

          • i agree most of what you said. except that recognition will make Ethiopia back down from using Berbera port. Mogadishu was built by the blood of all Somalis not only Berbera. also when you say:

            "Don't ever dream of a unity without reconciliation or brought upon force." i can say don't even dream of separation without my consent or by force. i can for the live of me see Somalia gov telling dulbahante people and their territory sorry we dont want you be part of Somalia go and separate with "somaliland" it just defies logic.

          • wanlaweyn,

            If you're using a common sense and logic how come you're implying Somalia should have a say in Somaliland? that isn't legal nor logic, for a simple fact… Somaliland has had determined to cut the umbilical cord with Somalia in a broad daylight 21 yrs. ago.
            if Somalis had any legal grounds to keep Somaliland within in their power Somaliland wouldn't dare to do so..

            In addition, our president clearly stated in the front of 50 plus international delegates including the UN general secretary, British prime minister and US of secretary of states that we will never ever negotiate Somalis with our sovereignty. I'm not being arrogant or disrespectful, but which part of that statement you did not quite understand,
            To me Mr. Silanyo put the final nail in the coffin on Feb 23, 2012 for any Somaliland/Somalia reunification. It was very clear and concise indeed..

            You should be happy with the fact that we're making an effort of having discussions with you. We could of have opted out talks with Somalis altogether…However, we wanted to show the world we're the cool-headed ones, by applying the philosophy of the group with the civilized manners usually prevail, make no mistake, an international recognition for Somaliland isn't in the hands of Somalia, it's rather in our hands, I know it and so do you, unless you wanted to keep your head in the sand forever.

            Well, you may want ask the question why Somaliland is getting the recognition it's craving for? it's already in the works..we're just contemplating on whether or not our political system has been rigorously attested enough for such..

          • it is funny because in year 2000 this esaaq girl was telling me recognition is coming and we will leave somalia. that was almost 13 years now. anyways i believe this recognition thing will only disadvantage your share of Somalia political system and one day you will have to come to somalia and start from scratch. you use to get prime minister and now you lost speaker position. it is no secret that most somaliland leaders don't want separation including siialnyo. trust me many former somalia leaders and politicians said somaliland leaders dont want recognition/

  10. Shame how these Zoomalians stole the Somali identity, cos they are not worth being called "Somali". But the white man likes that way cos only bad black people make sense to them.

  11. Is this an original somalilandpress item or pliagrization is the order of the day
    Though it is a good article give the source

  12. I'd rather stay unrecognized forever than to join Somalia… All you want is to dominate and exterminate. Why is it that you purposely forget about the genocide of 1988 and act like Somaliland belongs to you. Your chance of taking it was in 1988 not now in 2012. Legitimately, we had to right to take Mogadishu from you when we defeated you. We stopped. You collapsed. We built. You continued to collapse. We continue building. 2012, America and Britain built you a government and your first words are "Somaliland belongs to Somalia"
    Somalilanders built Somaliland on blood, sweat and tears, and trust me when I say this.. We're ready to put our lives on the line to defend it.