Mogadishu international port is returning to life, as Somalia emerges from decades of civil war that brought this once thriving port to its knees. Today, business has picked up with trucks arriving to offload tons of cargo from ships that are lining up at its harbor. African union peacekeepers recently took control of various Al Shabaab strongholds paving way for entrepreneurs to launch their ventures once more.



    • well said, good for them but not our business because we divorced that crazy clingy women 20 years ago

  1. i believe kayse was right to say when something doesnt work, u should experiment with something else. this is what we somalilanders are doing. first we tried to be in a union with zoomalia from 1960-1991 and it totally failed, now we are experimenting with something else called independence and i can confidently say that the last 20 odd years have been the best for somaliland ever
    allahu akbar

  2. What this port urgently needs is for the corrupt managers to be immediately fired and then for the
    PM to look for investors.

    If the President makes those two one of his main priority's then i can safely say it will overtake this
    junkyard called Mombasa in no time reaping the benefits in return.

    Somalia cannot forever rely on 95% dictator money its time the government started making at least 40%
    of its own revenue enough to pay its own police/soldiers making them more loyal to them than some
    warlord and state then gradually work to being self sufficient.

    Also they need to start helping the farmers in bringing back the agriculture (i heard that Afgooye on his
    own can feed the whole of Somalia.Somalia has a land area of about 637,657 sqkm of which 70 percent
    is considered agricultural land but only 1.6 percent of the total land area is arable out of which only 10 percent is used at the moment.

    Everyone knows about Somalia's large oil deposit but not so much about its other largely unexploited reserves of uranium, iron ore, tin, gypsum, bauxite, copper, salt and natural gas now combine that with
    the agriculture, sea food, future tourism and untold ports ranging from deep, medium to small making
    it the gateway for Africa. That's just Somalia now think also of SOMALIWEYN

    When are we Somalis gonna stop this madness and start working together for the prosperity of our
    people. Instead of this constant fighting over the crumbs lets start enjoying our ancestral's hard earned cake

    • Mashallah bro i am finally happy to see a somali man who has pride in his clan not to compete with other clans but to show them what they are good at and who they come from instead of which clan is better. I am proud to say im daros yet more proud to say im somali. HW i think we need more warriors like you, if you were running for presidency i sure as hell would vote for you.

      • Thank you my friend we Somalis have been fighting each other over crumbs for too long its time
        for us to put down our guns and discus our problems through the civilized way.

        Me and you might have different opinions sometimes on the past, present and future but that's normal its called being human because that's how the might Allah made us so we can think for ourselves. Insha'Allah in our generation we will not only witness Somaliweyn but also turn it into one of the most wealthiest country's in the whole world

  3. That's good business is skyrocketing in mogadishu and stability is slowly entering Somalia. Somaliland will never join Somalia no matter what and Somaliland has been on it's own for 20 something years now and we are not going ruin Somaliland chances even though Somalia is going through a new transition.

    • Bro i dont really care if somaliland gets its independance so long as they give a vote to the eastern regions such as sool sanaag and cayn and if they want to seperate. I actually just want whats best for each and every somali person.

      • Kentucky fried Chicken listen here and listen good i don't know what you are smoking Somaliland does not need permission from sool, sanag, cayn to get indepedence. Those area are somaliland buddy.

  4. somalia and the somali people dont need the isaaq clan isolition dicision

    if you want to be isolate from the rest of the world , thaht is your probleme

    the isaaq clan is like fish and somalia is like sea

    the fish need the sea, but the sea dont need the fish

    you must know that the gadabursi the issa the warsangali the gaboye and the dhulbahanté clans are for the sovereignty of the federal somali republic
    they are not seperatist and secesionost and anti-somali and pro-habashi like isaaq clan

    • you lied dude you are nothing without us isaaq lol we are the brain of the somali people the most sophisticated clan around and without the brain there is no life as proven in somalia for the last 20 years

      • The fact that the government of Somalia has not asked for anything from your region shows how little they need you. You and your people are delusional thinking Somalia needs you. You are not needed just go away and separate from us already.

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          you dar00d people are retarded as well as ugly. zoomalia will never go forward without the iss@q people, every great somali intellectual is iss@q. let's see dar00ds move zoomalia forward.

          • lol my mums isaaq.habar jeclo to be more precise and she tells me how when the war happened how much the isaaqs hate each other. She said they would cut each others throats for a dollar. My dad who is from LA also said the same thing about the darods in kismayo.and we all know what happened in mogadishu. All im saying is that every somali clan has fighted big time and lost so many people. My mum lost three of her cousins in the siad era but she doesnt blame darod how can now she says because if she blamed the darod then the world would blame her and all the other muslims(isaaqs included) as terrorists and would blame her for the 9/11 all for the actions of a few. I dont care whether my mum is arab bantu or darod ill always love her.

          • Somalia was on top of the world without a single help from your so called "intellectuals" before the civil war erupted. We had one of the strongest man power in the world, we had free education, health care, we also had a strong economy thanks to Darood. Mogadishu was the place the world was going to for vacations and not hargaysa. Mogadishu beaches were filled with people from across the world. You know this, but, you are too afriad that we will turn Somalia better then it has ever been, and small positive news like the one above pains you and makes you shiver with fear. InshaAllah with the help of Allah, we will ones again, bring Somalia back as one of the best if not the best country in Africa.

          • rubbish anyways mogadishu is a hawiye city anything good happened there is thanks to them only u darod thugs brought the chaos to hamar when u tried to take over but failed miserably
            viva aideed and usc

          • Mogadishu is not only a hawiye city, it is actually xamari city first. Which means they should at least share the power with the cadcad people. Nothing good was happening until the famine hit and primarly Darood and none Somalis went to rescue them. No, it was you nazis who brought chaos when you joined Somalia. Yeah, viva to the men who were stupid enough to destroy their own land.

          • Laylah,
            Do you honestly believe Darood made what Somalia was. All Somali clan put their hard work and sweat in Mogadishu. We migrated from Hargeisa and brought everything in Mogadishu and left with nothing except our cities flattened.

            Isaaq only wants to withdraw from the failed union, we haven't bloody done anything to anyone. Please do bring peace and government to your Somalia for once, we will be more than happy but you cannot just hold SL hostage and deny them to have their statehood like yours.

          • I do not believe miss, Darood were the driving force of Somalias glorious past. Period. You have not brought anything positive to Mogadishu except division between Darood and Hawiye. Dont worry about Somalias affairs, we are on the process of bringing peace and stability back to the country. As for the this failed union, Darood are not the ones holding you hostage, infact, there have been other hawiye presidents before the current one and sharif and non wanted to grant you recognision which really ticks me off. I for one do not want a union with you people as you are the number one reason why the South is in chaos, and I hope the current presidents wakes up and realises this. The sooner we separate from you people the better it will be for us insha Allah.

          • laylah

            i am very sorry to burst your tiny bubble but dar00ds were the ones who destroyed everything. XAMAR CADEY was the dubia of africa before your greedy people came over. But you are right in one thing, mogadisho is not only haw!ye city because at least 50% of properties are owned by our iss@q Brothers.

            Plus look at the state of bosaaso it looks like it did 100 years ago, it shouldn't be called a city as calling it a city would be disrespectful to great cities like hargaisa, Mogadishu, Berbera etc

          • kkkkk LAYLAH

            Look at the comments from iss@qs and haw!ye on this website and tell me you don't cry at night. most successful somali business men are iss@q, iss@qs made the dream of greater somali republic, iss@qs went to the haw!ye to unite and create the somali republic. But 20 years of dar00ds in power destroyed everything.

            I would say more but that is deep

          • @Laylah.

            Beware all These people are one person,amal,kaboon,m cheers, hamar cadey,hawiye warrior.

          • Y r u guys still stuck on daarod bisinka get a life and move on. It's a new dawn and a new age stop moaning and go get what your entitled to don't let anyone else convince of anything else, muqadishu is your city, it's a Somali city, the Somali republic stands for all Somalis regardless of what state and region they claim.

    • I, a Somalilander is actually very happy Mogadishu and Somalia is making its way back up. The people that Somaliland isolate and violate are the Habar Yoonis people. The real brains of Isaaq. The fact that Fozia Haji, a Habar Yonis, left Somaliland to go and be part of the Somalia government shows us how Somaliland is failing and Somalia is progressing. No doubt Somalia is not as good as Somaliland YET but the signs are there. Silanyo and his government rejected Fozia Haji Yusuf and now she has left to go better herself, in Somalia which is sad for all Somalilanders. So long as the Habar Awal and Habar Jeclo run Somaliland, we will NOT get recognition or succeed in anyway. This is from a Somalilander.

  5. @Laylah saying that a few isolationist holding a majority hostage should take a big junk of Somalia's
    territory is a grave danger and disheartening to those majority that do want to stay in the Union.

    I know sis your frustrated with those few cry babies but that's not the way to go about it be patient if Somalia waited 20+ years for this day i'm sure we can wait a few more years for them to rejoin the Union cos that's all the pro secessionist got on their life support Insha'Allah.

    The only reason these forever meditating Buddha's are getting away with their crimes is because of them
    convincing the majority Unionist that they're better of with them rather than in a chaotic South which was
    true and the reason they accepted it but deep down knowing that when the day comes that the South is
    once again stable they would come out in droves to support the Union which is what is happening right now as we speak.

    The isolationist thought that as long as they keep the South destabilized their dream will live on till it got shattered into peace in 2012 and then hit with the nail on their dreams coffin when a high profile like
    Miss/Misses Fozia joined Mogadishu.

    • ur not really a hawiye ur just a darod piece of trash trying to instigate beef between the two noble brotherly clans called isaaq (leader of somaliland) and hawiye (leader of somalia)
      after 20 odd years u darod thugs are still causing mayhem that should be in the world guiness records book looool

  6. faqashta iyo walanweyn taan la yaabaa markay ciise iyo gudaberseyna isku dhedhejiyaan isaaq oo ah laandheeraha dirweyne afka baqtiga leh la soo galaan waar isaaq isagaa maata diina xanaaneeya