By Abdirahman M. Dirye

Imagine this: you are trapped in Mogadishu, a ruined ghost capital, the most dangerous zone on earth, your safe sister or brother, Hussien Arab Isse, ex-defense minister who much like Robert Gate of the US deserved to be retained for another four years , for instance, came to your rescue but so called unionists yelled at them out of ethnic hostility and prejudice, and you found out that they were with you in theory but allied with your enem in practice, the same applies to opponents of Ms Fozia. In fact, her envy opponents have very little influence on political realities back home as they chat in distant places.  They are incredibly marginalized to extent where they have no say in who will be their next town mayor like Kismayo; they are simply entertaining the past dreams. They don’t know a Man can be castrated in more than one way. There is no physical presence of such people.

At the least 6 days, before Fozia’s nomination as foreign minister and deputy premier was speculated by the Somali press once she disappeared from Hargiesa. Nomination, however, came as shock to many prejudiced writers including Yabarag and his ilk who wants to harm Somalis in proper Somalia though he belongs to Wardheer village, Ethiopia, and nothing to do with Mogadishu or Hargiesa. The recognition of Somaliland will result in the permanent loss of land by certain clans and people of the same family divided on different territories, bitter reality hardly to accept but that was not what intended to achieve.

Her nomination marks big leap in women’s rights as Somalia’s Taboo Breaker First Woman Foreign Minister  by Bashir Goth’s  analysis  reveals  “History is writing itself…despite the inherent dangers of…, she stated in her inaugural speech, gala affair in Mogadishu. “ If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough” Ellen Johnson Sirleaf wisely stated.  Her father, Adan Qabile, educator and co-founder of Somalia’s modern education with Mohamoud Ahmed Ali, Somalia’s Father of Education; her father’s passion to enlighten youth along with her life’s experience and insight inspired her to establish Hargiesa University which benefited  many generations who were not lucky enough to have access to higher education.  She is Benazir Bhutto of Somalia next to Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in Africa in terms of power.  “there are too few women in the top jobs around the world…,” EU’ Foreign Minister Catherine Ashton stated, so Fozia Yusuf will be the third most powerful figure in the government; she will remake her country much as Ellen from the ground up. And she is very optimistic.

A graduate of Johns Hopkins and American University in Paris; she worked with Somalia’s foreign ministry in various professional capacities as career diplomat. She was diplomat, too, in Berlin, Germany before Somalia’s central government’s collapse.

Immediately, after her return from UK, she involved in Somaliland politics and formed what she called Independent Party alongside the three national parties, but the late president Ibrahim Egal’s administration refused to recognize her newly formed party referring constitutional law. But she insisted to stay the course and unsuccessfully formed again National Democratic Party (NDP), but when her application was unfairly turned down twice, but she soon broke away disenchanted.

Somali women in Abudwaq, a village in Southern Somalia, and many other places including overseas held a big rally in support of her nomination as deputy premier and foreign minister of the country. Having worked as key diplomat in many western countries, she has a reputation for dutifulness and finesse and thus she will change notorious embassies which sell medical and engineering scholarships for illiterate aged woman who wants to aimlessly travel to EU or North America.

Despite the fact Somaliland has peace-building knowledge, the new Somali president recognized her that she can contribute her wide range experiences to the government but her nomination won’t has any impact on Somaliland independence, nonetheless; one thing is quite worrying: Somaliland is losing cream of its people including Fozia and Ismail Buba, Abdilahi Omaar , Hussien Arab Isse to rival country, Somalia. But politically, she is not much different from the governor of Djibouti’s Central Bank who was originally came from Somaliland. If talks between Somaliland and Somalia resumes, Fozia’s role as foreign minister of Somalia will be the most uncomfortable political realities facing the little minister of Somaliland who is ill-equipped and poorly-spirited because she know his cheap argumentative skills in advance.

Many Somalis who lobbied for certain individuals to get good positions in the current government but utterly failed are asking themselves: how did Ms Fosia get the post? Maybe “money” “ethnicity” or “unique skill and experience”, not gender balance as the president can get a woman from Mogadishu or elsewhere, but the latter most people agreed on. The inclusion of Fozia into Somalia’s cabinet minister and the repetition of Somalia’s unity is not compulsory by the new president to create a scenario whereby tribal activist sites in disguise of dead cause of unity hits a  brick wall   is enormous concession and a step in the right direction. But will Somaliland take avail of the opportunity instead of talking about Somalia building its own house? I doubt it. Creating unnecessary tensions between Hargiesa and Mogadishu is huge gift to for those want to keep Somalia at the violence.

Her opponents are basically saying “ Fozia is automatically unqualified for her position by regional association, her home region no matter whether she believes in Somaliland’s right for independence ”  next decades, we should know people born in Nebraska will be ministers , nonetheless;  that cannot be a rational reason to lose her job as General Perves  Musharraf born in Delhi on August 11, 1943 in Delhi and became president of Pakistan, so birthplaces do not affect loyalties. Adan Gabyow, Kenyan-born, was Somalia’s defense minister and finally  his decomposed body was found in Kenyan hotel last but not least, Somalia’s current ambassador to Cairo is from Jigjiga of Ethiopia and he represents Somalia’s mission.

Fozia has being working hard behind the scene to better the lives of Somalis for the sake of God for  so long in and out of the country, and her efforts was somehow appreciated by the new government but this coincided when  she realized Somaliland democracy is about to fail because of multiple bureaucracies from Parties Registration Committee to bypass the National Election Commission (NEC)  and to approve certain individuals’ interest by continuous ad hoc tasks of change-resistant  which only designed to marginalize the functioning institutions in Somaliland , therefore; injustice has compelled her to build her future on her own.


Dirye is Somaliland Activist and Volunteer.










  1. Unlike the former Somalia politicians, the new Somalia President and deputy prime minister understand the facts on the ground in Somaliland. I bet the upcoming Somaliland-Somalia dialogue will be about the creation of two sisterly countries and on nothing else. I think Mohamed Abdillahi will no longer be the Somaliland minister for foreign affairs when the talks with Somalia restart.

    President Hassan losing control of Kismayo to single-clan criminal militia, which is more notorious than the Alshabaab and he needs the cooperation of Dir, biyo-maal, Digil iyo Mirifle and Isaaq clans. He has no time to waste on outdated Greater Somalia nightmare.

    • very true sir we all know that there is only one clan that is doing harm amongst us and it starts with a d lol

      • Just wait for Ina Aideed's red-eyed guys who drove you out of Mogadishu mount their guns on their Jeeps. Please don't show your tails this time and fight like men, because it is your last chance to proof your male-hood not man-hood, because the state of your man-hood is known.

        • This must be very scary,people are waiting Them if anyone of Them still a live.let Them come Puntalnd/jubbaland we will see what happens.

    • Somaliland dream of becoming a country is gone for good, Fosia understands that separists will not suceed so she took a job from modadishu, as of Kismayo the mooriyaan president cannot dictate Daarood family, Kismaayo will be in the hands of Ogaden supported by kenya led by the defense minister. By the way Kismaayo will form administration just like Hargeisa. Dir, biyo maal, mirifle all that yu mentioned are donkey riders that cannot rule, they need daarood to lead them.

    • Somalilnd region have no choice all The doors They use to knock are closed ETHEIR remain self impose isoltion or be part of The community.

      Kismayo case is becoming more clear by The day ONLY people inhabit jubbaland will lead The MARCH it's not single clan control kismayo but mix clan from jubbaland They will stablish own regional Addmin soon with The help of IGAD,UN. Mogadishu will not have rule over jubbaland That it's not gone happen, it's very shameful somalis keep repeating The same mistakes That distroyed This country never learn Their lessons STAY AWAY regional affairs let The people reside The region decide own destiny if not EXPECT never end full scale war.

      In jubbaland majority takes incharge like any other place in The world and The minority will play big role,but Those outsiders will face hell on EARTH fight.

  2. I think the Fozia Adan's appointment is being blown out of proportion. She doesn't represent Somaliland so whether she is in Somalia's cabinet or not is not an issue in terms of the anticipated talks. Somaliland will be negotiating with an entity called the government of Somalia not an individuals. I think people are reading too much into this. Although the fact that she is from Somaliland and was active in Somaliland politics is a problem for some, for others it's because she is a woman that is creating all this hype. I'm concerned they may kill her with all these expectations before she even assumes her office.

  3. There won't be any talks between imaginary government and the Somali Republic. If Somaliland region wants reassurance, they should go talk to Awdal State, Khaatumo, Puntland, Galmudug and others. No one is stopping them. Fowziya is a Foreign Minister and she will go deal with foreign elements. She should not waste her time with the Council that threw her behind bars. She needs to say "talk to my gucci bag and uunsi Haji bidaar".

    The separatist are imagining things as they were doing it for two decades. Transitional authority had mandate to bring together various function but this permanent government will not deal with every protesting camp.

    There are things more important to attend to.

  4. I Just wonder Dirye takes great pains to embrace Fozia, is she from his family or Tribe.
    Looking back profiles of his past writings, Lyk many he's tribal minded mentality. Who cares.

  5. Its very clear that this woman tried to create a party twice so she can run for the presidency only to
    end up being rejected twice now that tell me there was a great chance of her becoming president in that region on both occasion.

    When that didn't work and saw there's no real democracy taking place in that region except for if
    your heavily connected she got offered even a higher place than Silanyo and grabbed it with both hands

    See there's two types of people a dictator can always convince in supporting him one is the poor while
    the other is of those that benefit from him financially but never the intellectual's or the entrepreneurs especially the intellectuals the main reason why throughout history it was always those sorts of people
    that brought him down.

    Every time these secession's loses people like miss Fozia because of this administration and his predecessors wrongdoings they are getting one step closer in bringing down their own secessionist
    dream without even the South's input

  6. Fosiya is simple woman who lost her mind. She always had judgement problem. First of all, where did she get the idea to run for SL presidency with adult Hawiye kids? . Imagine if she had made her way to the palace. God for bid her young Southies would be running the country. Have i seen this episode before? Yes! I did . Fosiya story is reflexive of so many SL politicians that include the first Somaliland Abdulrahman Tuur? . Used and abused they all left Mogadisho and came back home when they fell out favour with Mogadisho . One could easily imagined the fate of SL politician who found him self in unemployment line in the ghost town of Mogadisho. Where is Jama Qalib? Aideed fan and Abdulkasim cheer leader,has joined Somali refugees in Kenya after playing with fire for so many years. He cant go to Mogadisho with out looking his shoulders, nor can he stroll streets of Hargaysa with out being called " Traitor ".

  7. Jama Mohamed Qalib, Abdulrahmaan Tuur, Mr Dheeg, IIsma'il Buubaa, Foosiya, Ilka hanaf, Suldaan Raabi, Suldaan Maxamed Cabdulkadir, why all these traitors are the same family.?

    • Doqontu il kaliya ayey leedahay kaasna tolkeeda uunbay ku eegtaa. Ahmed aabaha waydii bal inta reerkiina ah ee Xamar joogta markaa wax noo soo qorqor. Dadka qaarkood maxay horta dadkale uun waxay cunayaan u eegaan intay ilaabaan waxay iyagu liqayaan

  8. Diriye,

    What kind of lunatic are you.. Traitors cant be a cream of the nation.. These are criminals who betrayed their people and will eventually come back with body bags sooner or later…

  9. Fowsias apointment is not big it is like some who get job from international ngo coz the administration in the ghost city of mogadishu is not government administration as you put is an somali ngo with african contractors so it doesnot deserve the significance that somaliland nationals give to this job got by our beloved sister fowzia let her work for her own you guys onthe other hand kismayo will replace dhadhaab with kenya is fed up with darod refugee it invaded kismayo

  10. The hawiye warrior is talking the people who drink booze he says when she lost twice she get higher we send you as to save you from hell you are in we donot want many from you it is humanitarian to u poor hawiye starving todeath caused by your

  11. Fowzia is the premier of Somalia including the northern region (Somali land as you like to be called). she is the only hope that help out many uneducated, misguided, and mentally ill Northern people to leave behind the fantasy world and come back to reality.

    • Says who?
      You ofcourse who is smart enough to insult a whole nation on choosing their faith. May be u should get some insight from Fawzia on how to govern good like the Somalilanders.