hassan sheik mahmoud

By Hassan Mudane

At least one hundred lawmakers converged together to Discuss and demand the removal of the current President Hassan Sheik Mahmoud from office in Mogadishu on Tuesday.

The 130 Somali parliamentarians in a signed a statement on Tuesday demanding the resignation of the SFG leader after accusing him of incompetence in executing his duties since he took office.

The MP’s blamed President Hassan Sheik Mahmoud for failing to maintain security, halt corruption, adequately navigate diplomatic relations with Kenya, and appoint effective regional leaders.

They said ‘we blamed him that he was not fulfilling his duties as well as failed leading for the country.’ in addition, if he refuses our
signal for his resignation we will through it, in lawful manner.

President Hassan when asked about the motion filed by the 130 MPs to ouster him ,he replied by saying , “It was good to see fellow citizens expressing their will freely although this motion indicates the strongest opposition yet to the SFG leader.

This is the first such significant motion against the president from lawmakers since the 275-member parliament elected Hassan president in September 2012.


  1. This man has failed big time and needs to listen to those who selected him from the first place. The country is in turmoil and Shabaab is getting stronger while he was busy fighting with his prime Minister.

    • They are very effectively fighting for their own country and bringing their president to questioning, so the question is. who dares to ask the very old non-elected and non recognized king in our country ha? What does he and his entourage do for the country? They behave as if their is nobody in Somaliland other than them. Terrorizing the public by using the RRU. Shouldn’t talk to much now. Let us fight for our country and help our people through these difficult times.