MARWO EDNABy Goth Mohamed Goth

Hargeisa-Edna Aden has unveiled plans to establish a medicine production factory in Hargeisa the first such plant in the country.

The Edna Aden medicine production plant construction began some few days ago at the Maslaha estate in the southern fringes of Hargeisa .

Upon the completion of the Edan Aden Drug production is expected to rival world-class drug production facilities and will employ 25 full time personnel with expertise in commercially viable and international manufacturing processes and who have experience in all aspects of large-scale medicine manufacturing methods and 10 part time workers.

“This investment demonstrates our long-term commitment to our patients and that of the people of the region, hence the decision to build this plant, stated Madam Edan Aden.

Edna Aden is also well known for founding the prestigious he Edna Adan University Hospital which started life as a maternity hospital. After four years building on what used to be a garbage dump, the hospital was opened in 2002. For over a decade, the hospital has taken in literally thousands of patients and, to this day, continues to expand. Despite her position as both the founder and director of this monumental institution, Ismail remains humble about her contribution.



  1. Lack of independence makes Sland only more self sufficient.
    This is absolutely a great achievement!