After all, the cats are out of the basket in the open. At least, corruption in Somalia, at the expense of the humiliation, pain and death of hundreds of thousands of innocent Somalis sacrificed and exchanged for cash by the UNDP, The Somali Transitional Government and the new cat in town, known as AMISOM had formally established the Joint Corruption Team (JCT) as clearly and officially published in their July 25th 2009 declaration as published in various internet sites including Hiiran Online, and carrying the seal of the Somali government, the United Nations and AMISOM. The Somalis have already called this GWA or “Guddiga Wadajirka Al-haram” .

The half page declaration, ( clearly and strictly says that the only reason this Joint Corruption Team is to consume the recent pledge by the Somalia donor community in Brussels, the famous $250,000,000.00 dollars !. The team is planning how to steal it, jointly!

Most Somalis are unaware that the recent US government pledge of $10,000,000.00 never made to the end users, that is the foot soldiers. It did not even make to the Somali officers. It never past Kampala, Uganda !. This is a fact. The money was siphoned off using a sophisticated process involving what is called “backfilling” the Ugandan government military. Not to the Somalis!.

According to some sources the money simply went to corrupt Ugandan officers who claimed and presented fictitious documentation alleging they ‘gave’ the Somali military some guns and ammunition or so, and that the money should be used to ‘refund’ the Ugandan government! The documents show TFG senior officers as witnesses, apparently , who would get some of the spoils of the loot by the Ugandan military of this US government $10M grant. Well, action speaks for itself. Where is the money now? Any one can ask the US Embassy in Kenya.

It is amazing how human beings get used to what they do, such as corruption in a lawless country, that a serious official team (JCT) would nominate themselves for the only purpose of consuming Somali funds. And perhaps setup another new team for the next big payment!. This shows that in Somalia, everything is not only possible, it is even an open business crime. The only undeclared activity of the UNDP, AMINSOM and the TFG is perhaps the business of exporting and selling human flesh from Somalia. Be it in human organ parts or live ones for global experimentation. There is rumor that such business in a mass scale does exist in Somalia indeed.
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There are claims that some have seen footage of government combatants who, during combat confusion engagements with the rebels intentionally shoot and wound innocent civilians but the legs, mostly children, take them into cars that never go towards the direction of the hospitals and disappear. I have seen footage of hired guns hiding inside combating soldiers of both sides and are there to shoot any one and whisk them off while alive and disappear with them. Their organs only to appear exported by various Khat traders planes through Kenya and Dubai. The nature and rate of crime in Somalia, both by the big organizations and street gangs is not only very bizarre but definitely alarming. With AMISON, UNDP, NGOs, Al-Shabab and Khat traders in Somalia’s game of opportunity and mayhem, there is no future for Somalis and Somalia.

Now that the Ugandans lead AMINSOM, it finds Somalia a convenient cash cow where they can keep designing structures to consume the donor pledge of the last $250M, it is business as usual. The Somali people and the international donor community needs to seriously understand the AMISOM, UNDP, most UN/NGOs organization are part of the problem, not genuine but are direct profiteers, opportunists and scavengers of the Somali carcasses. Somalis in their own part also need to know that Al-shabab, TFG corruption and the notorious Khat traders are the root of their problems. Purge Al-Shabab, elect true peaceful Muslim non-Khat chewing TFG officers, and hang all the Khat traders. Otherwise, the least devil of the rest might be Al-Shabab but only if they can stop and stamp out Khat in Somalia. Because Khat is enemy # 1 for the Somali people.

Girma Gizaw


  1. There are people who trade khat to put food on the table for their family, but it is really ruining our people. I feel sorry for khat chewers in the streets. There first preoccupation is to secure today's 'marqaan' without going to work or school. The children of khat chewers are most likely to drop out of school. Khat has shattered the lives of many loving families. It is not a healthy and has a psychological impact if someone is addicted to it.
    Khat drains off millions of dollars from our country which we would have spent on education, health care or clean drinking water.

  2. LuckyMe
    Have you read the research on Miraa/Khat pages at You will agree with me that given alcohol, tobacco or Khat, alcohol and tobacco use is more detrimental to the users and their families economically, socially and even healthwise than Miraa use. We just need to practice control in consumption of Khat.