Somalia has admitted that soldiers from its forces are fighting in the town of Lasanood, although it has given an unacceptable reason for their presence.

The government of Somalia is said to have declared to the international community that soldiers from their forces are fighting in the city of Lasanood, but claimed that they are deserters and fugitives who absconded from duties.

The government of Somaliland had already, in prior, said that Al Shabaab fighters backed by Somalia soldiers trained in Turkey and Eritrea were part of the insurgent forces battling the government in Lasaanood.

Defense Minister Hon. Abdiqani Mohamud Aateeye (Farid) said that the government of Somaliland keenly followed the efforts that the international community di to train Somali security forces.

Hon. Abdiqani, who posted his message on his Twitter account, said that the Republic of Somaliland could never accept that the peacekeeping forces trained in Somalia are being used to destabilize Somaliland.

Somaliland was aware of the efforts of the IC and the UN to train Somalia’s security forces to restore peace. We never anticipated that the same trained soldiers would be utilized to destabilize Somaliland. The claim that these soldiers are deserters is unacceptable.

— Abdiqani Mahamoud Ateye (@AbdiqaniMin) February 14, 2023

He said that they could never accept the response of the Somali government to the international community that they are soldiers who went without bolted and absconded.

The government of Somaliland has already informed the world community that the war going on in the town of Lasanood is between the National Forces and Al Shabaab terrorist groups who are supporting local groups and backed by Somalia forces trained in Turkey and Eritrea.