BOSASO, 3 November 2009 (Somalilandpress) – an Antonov airline operated by Daallo Airlines on a flight from Bosaso to Djibouti was briefly hijacked by two armed men on Monday afternoon. The two men withdraw guns minutes after the plane carrying around 30 passengers took off from Bosaso airport. The hijackers demanded to be flown to Las Qoray, a coastal town in eastern Somaliland.

The passengers confronted with the hijackers in the plane while the pilots managed to lock the cockpit and made an emergency landing in Bosaso while the fighting between passengers and hijackers still went on.

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Upon landing, they were met by Puntland police who opened fire on them wounding one of the hijackers before both men were arrested and number of others believed to have assisted them.

According to local reports, the hijackers wanted to kidnap two German journalists who were on board the plane. They intended to take them to Las Qoray’s vast vegetation and dense forest for randsom.

The airline later resumed its flight back to Djibouti safely after the hijackers were arrested.

In the past a number of foreign nationals were kidnapped in and around the port of Bosaso.

Source: Somalilandpress


  1. To Management of Daallo Airlines,

    Stop all your flights to Bosasso so that they feel the pinch and take care of security at their airport. How did these two manage to get on board with weapons. What a shame, a few hooligans are spoiling the name of the somalian people because of greed. How long are we going to endure this humilation!!! The world is watching, while we are wasting…… Dallo do not put your aircrafts and crew in jeopardy, it is not worth it.

    Hodan Hirsi

  2. From sea piracy to air piracy, anything is possible in Pirateland..amazing, these folks have no shame, what a punch of clowns outwitted by the pilots, crew and the passengers.