Buhodle, 3 November 2009 (Somalilandpress) — At a press conference in Buhodle in the Sool region, tribal elders said that a man who recently claimed responsible for the weekend roadside bombs that killed two military personnel and wounded four civilians in Las Anod is insane.

The town elders, Garad Saleban Burale and Ahdar said the man who claimed responsible for the weekend blast consented to complete insanity and was not capable of such act. They have also denied the existence of Jabarti National Movement “JNM”, a new group the man has claimed to have created to fight Somaliland forces in the region.

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The man was named as Burale Yusuf, called one of the local radio stations same day as the blasts claiming to have carried out the attack that killed Somaliland infantry commander in Las Anod.

The following morning Somaliland forces led by colonel Ahmed Mohamed Adan raided one of the houses in Buhodle where Burale is believed to be staying;  they tried to seize him but according to reports he escaped with minor injuries from a back door. Three civilians were wounded during the raid.

Garad Saleban condemned the act and said his town has no connection with the attack and urged the civilians to maintain peace in the region and not to associate themselves with as what he described as “groups with self-interest” referring to a number of tribal organizations based around Buhodle and the neighboring Puntland.

Source: Somalilandpress


  1. They properly lying and want to cover up their dirty acts, I wouldnt trust those people they are snakes they get few dollars from al shabab, few dollars from pro union terrorists, few dollars from pro-clanist movements, few dollars from puntland and others. Well known snakes keep getting the bribes you have no dignity.

  2. The guy is from WidhWidh town and is totally sane, these guys just want another excuse to be let off, they should be arrested too im sure they had something to do after all this burale is the nephew of Garad Abshir. All garads are criminals and living in the 12th century.

  3. What a lie, if this person as they say is Insane, then why are they defending him to death?
    It's one thing for a child to lie but a so called Garad laying through their teeth? This is really shame for those calling themselves Garad.

    They are hiding a murderer and they know it. Somaliland authorities should not let this murderer and his supporters get away with this. If they do not bring this thug to justice today, Iam sure they will comit another crime.

  4. These Garaads want their people to walk freely anywhere in Somaliland, but when other people visit Sool region roadside bomb is the answer.

    Also, if the guy is crazy why not hand him over to the authority to prove that is an insane man.

    I was pissed off that they were fighting for a man who admitted bellowing up and innocent man who probably left some young children and their mother behind.

    What was more upsetting was: they just defended the murdered. They didn’t even send condolences to the victim and his family.

    So many people come out to defend the murdered. They threw tones of rocks against the Somaliland forces.

    Had it been Ethiopian forces trying to capture a wanted me…the whole Boohoodle village would have bent over for the Ethiopians—never mind defending the suspect.

    I believe in peace and equality and the people of Sool need to understand that they have to apprehend their criminals.

    Don’t get me wrong. If the people from Togdheer, Hargaysa or Awdal did the something as the Garaads did I would spoken the same way.

  5. Truly, the People o Somaliland are good listeners and serious precision decision
    makers. Whatever the garads say,this cowardice Killing has a political objective of paralysing the Final Transition Election in the country through instigating a civil war. who do you think is the principal beneficiary of this Dirty Covert Operation, besides, why is the Adminstration insisting on the political detention of two prominent sheikhs,reputed locally, when as for National Priority, thy are obligated to go after the enemy that killed the 12th brigde Commander of the Somaliland National Army at Las-Anod!!?