Hargeisa, 3 November 2009 (Somalilandpress) — On Sunday, November 1st, Lucy University College marked the opening of its new campus in Somaliland’s capital with ribbon-cutting ceremony that took place in Mansor Hotel.

New Horizon College, an Information Technology college invited Lucy University, an Ethiopian-based private institution to Somaliland and in early August the two institutions signed an agreement to merge.

New Horizon College was set up by Somaliland students who had studied in India and offered mainly IT and English courses. The merger with Lucy University has allowed the new institution to offer a wide range of courses, research programs and study options in four faculties; Economics, Management & Mathematics, Law and Computers.
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University provost Mr. Khadir Hussein was on hand at the ceremony to share his enthusiasm about the establishment. As one of the driving forces he recalls how their drive originally started, “many students are not so lucky when it comes to pursuing a complete education and so we reached out for Lucy University.” Mr Khadir, who owns a construction firm in Ethiopia, said they took advantage of the fact that Somaliland has ties with Ethiopia.

Professor Mohamed Abdullahi Duale, vice-president of Hargeisa campus, also addressed students, faculty, and guests about the new tertiary and how it was different to the existing ones. As well as offering undergraduate courses in four faculties the university will also offer diploma courses in IT and multimedia and language courses in the near future. Lucy_university

Professor Abdi Ali Adan, dean of economic faculty, also emphasized the need for students to be equipped with both knowledge and technical skills, and the personal attributes that allow them to achieve their career aspirations and excel in the world of business.

Other individuals who spoke on the conference included Muna Hussein Khalif, the president of Somaliland Academic Women Empowerment, who expressed optimism about the days ahead and the role women play in education in Somaliland society. She said she welcomes the new university and encourages girls to pursue higher education.

Other honorable guests included eng. Mohamed Hashi Elmi, UDUB party chairman, Mr Omar Jama Farah, vice-minister of Economy, Mr Abdulkarim Mohamed Muse, veteran Mr Osman awr Liqe, students, business executives and many others.

Other Ethiopian universities in Somaliland include Admas University College and Addis Ababa Medical College.

Source: Somalilandpress


  1. It's good that the two neighbouring nations are exchanging education and similar institutions and no longer bullets and bombs. I do support education and economic co-operation between Somaliland and Ethiopia but their refugees (mainly of Oromo) are problem specially when many are said to be cannibals.

    Ethiopia also needs to ease and encourage Somaliland investments in it's country specially our big companies like Dahabshiil, Omar Company, Indha Deero, Telesom, etc…even though there are already number of Somaliland owned businesses doing very well in Ethiopia specially in the construction field.

    • Truly brother Kayse, even my self fear these nights after I heard that cannibal people sick with leprosy had appeared and injured two individuals in some districts in Hargeisa. This also caused the street children to flee their usual sleeping spots due to the dread of people who have leprosy infection.

      For the last two days police captured two men who have leprosy infection and exiled to their original place-Ethiopia.

      Farhan (Oday)
      Hargeisa, Somaliland

  2. We are pleased to welcome as graduates from University of Hargeisa. You will be joining other 9 universities in Somaliland. Take care not to be profit oriented instead of producing young talented students. What I see in Somaliland nowadays is that education become as a business whose any one have little money brought Colleges and Universities and simply hiring a fresh graduates who have not more experience in teaching skills. If you do this the result will be those who chew kat in the eye-sore places and said, I graduated bala-bala-bala University.

    Thanks to our professor Abdi Ali who taught us the course of Economic development at the University of Hargeisa.

    Our congratulation and warm welcome.

    Farhan (Oday)
    Hargeisa, Somaliland

  3. I can see Prof Abdi Ali Adan has moved from University of Hargeisa to the newly created Lucy, we need this sort of option and choices available to students as well as lecturers.

  4. Dear Kayse,

    I don’t know where you get this idea of canibalism. If you got it from NTV of kenya, I have seen it and the Oromo fighters were eating Camel meat(which I think you also do). But I am happy with the cooperation of the two countries.

  5. Yasin Teklai
    We live in the same land that extended from the highland of Ethiopia all the way to the gulf of Eden,the red sea & the Indian ocean. Good job somalilanders & Ethiop[ians.I'm proud of you… this experience doubles our hope in our future. this is the beginning to erase the scars that the colonialists created. To see this in my life time is a blast for me.

  6. It look like your dreams and future are depend on Ethopia. The world is Ethopia for you and you trying to distance yourselves from your Somali brothers either they live in Somalia, Ogaden, jabouti or abroad.

    Ethopia is dream is to see Somalis to kill and even more distance themselves and it is full controlled of your future and what you say. You convinced without Etho you won’t survive that isn’t true.

    Ethopia would have recognized you long time ago if it want you to succeed. It want all Somalis remain in the dark for centuries so it can maintain Ogaden region. You continued to be anti-Somali, anti-Oromo and you dislike the one that close to you. You don’t mind minority Ethopian Tigre to have full controll of your daily live and targeting the weak-displace refugee.

    History will judge those of you who are welcoming and happy about Ahmar and Tigre and harrassing oromo. Do you know how close Oromo and Somalis are. Oromo is even closer than Anfar in Jobouti and Ethopia.

    Gabdihiina u dhisa si ay inii ictiraafto

  7. I do not think Oromos are cannibals, if any , such anti-people rumours may have been planted by the racist and rogue state of the ansebas, eritrea, ruled by the homosexual Afwarki.
    I also don't believe Oromos are culturally or biologically closer to us Somalinders compared to the Tigreayes or the amhares. There are many historical proofs showing how Somalilanders and Tigraeyes were once closely linked with eachother. Here I'm not talking just about their commonal Yemeni origin, but rather, about the interconnection of both ancient peoples who had dominated Today's horn of Africa for millennia. To be honest, save for the superficial and untenable language argument the nearsighted pseudogenialogitsts may harp about, In many other crucial attributes however, Somalilanders are much closer to Tigraeyes than to the Italian Somalis. Tell you what even the physical looks of the Somalilanders and Tigraeyes are, by and latge , starkly similar. And most members of the tribe known as Amhare, being a recent offshoot that came out from The Tigraeye nation, they are far more closer to Somalilanders compared to any other tribesmen in the region.

  8. We don't care about Oromo or Anfar the truth is Somaliland has over 200 years of relationship with Ethiopia most of you are not aware and I think the cooperation between the two states needs to be advanced and speeden up even further including developing one currency and one market.

    I was born in Ethiopia and I have few estates in Diredawa, I know Ethiopians very well and they are one of the most tolerant people on earth and I appreciate that about them, Somalilanders need to be tolerant and understand everyone is an individual rather than everyone wearing a tribal shirt, family name, etc.

    I always wanted my home town Diredawa to have ties with my ancestral land — Hargeisa.

    I also believe Ethiopia needs more Somaliland born or natives in it's government as well as improving lives for the Somaliland nomads in the Somali state. This is the things I plan to rise to the Ethiopian government when I visit end of this year.

  9. Its one thing to welcome the cooperation between Somaliland and Ethiopia, but to accuse the poor Oromo people who come to our country in search of better life of cannibalism???
    And since when did a human being suffering from a terrible and debilitating disease become a criminal that must be deported? Where is the care, charity, and humility which is an integral of our beloved religion that demands us to be kind to these unfortunate people? I do see the need to protect the public health and control the spread of disease in Somaliland where the health sector was already next to non-existent. However, the least thing we could do for the vulnerable immigrants who end up in our land is to show some respect.

    • Oromo people cause nothing but trouble in Somaliland. For thieft to disease they bring it to Somaliland. They're lazy and don't want to work, and beg on the streets making your country look poor. Their children are all gangsters that steal, fight and even at times kill people. I don't know how you can defend them, unelse you are Oromo yourself.

    • Don't worry, landers are not only hostile to Oromo people, they abuse and deny their Somali identity.
      If it's up to me, I would rather be with Oromo than a Habeshi filthy or a lander filthy.

  10. I believe a new colonialism and expansionism has started in many mini autonomous Somali regions. cultural invasion is the most common new colonialism in the modern history, that most of the people can not understand.

    The modern colonialism starts; entertainment attract, food, wedding, langauge influence due to the business and political influence and education. Ethiopian current government uses double standard policy toward Somali nation, southern Somali supply pullet to remain conflict, northern regions and north-east region of Somali providing business and stabilising policy.

    After years Somali people will be like Oromo nation because of the Abyssinian policy is strong in the horn of africa with the support of the western link.

    I can not do any thing for the gloomy future facing the Somali people.
    Dhibaatada waan arkaayaa dadkayguna way is diideen "Aan Ooyee Albaabka ii xidha" .

  11. There is nothing wrong with having healthy, peace and business relationship with Ethopia;however, given full controll of your country is unacceptable. Usually, cooporations is give and take. It is win-win situtions but there is line that need not to be cross. We don’t see win-win situation but we see Khasaara Khasaara situation.

    we don’t want Somaliland to be Deridoba where its locals has no right to say anything about their future. This is Hale Sallasa’s dream who had argued Somaliland be part of the Ethopia in world political. This dream still in some of Etho politicians but they take different shape and avenue.

    Somaliland can cooporate with Ethopia for some issue but not up to the points were people think somaliland is part of it. Raali noqda hadii aan taraaraxey.

  12. Brother jama do you think all Oromo are bad people or those who causing us problem only. We maybe feel sorry for immigrate as we ourselves once immigrate but we are in the same potition when it comes defending our Somaliland’s image and reputaion.

    If we mistreat the refugee, we are also damaging Somaliland’s images. We can help them by providing transportation and expenses for them to return their home and that is the only way we can solve this problems.

    Huwa yidhaa u naxariista qoxootiga si qaldan ha u fahmin oo aniguna ka mid ahey. Ma nihin iyaga. Aniga riyadeydu waa inaan tolkey Jibrir yonis ka xoreeyo axmar.

  13. Whatever it is education is needed in Somaliland, do you prefer educated Landers or ignorant landers that have no ties with any one including neighboring Ethiopia?

  14. Somalilanders prefer to be educated and informed. This is the key to a stable, progressive and democratic nation.

    On the other hand, Somalia is in the grip of "Jaahilnimo" (ignorance). Since 1991, those with the arms and soldiers have either little or no education at all.
    Which would you prefer, education and peace, or ignorance and mayhem?

  15. looool

    Reading the comment above I support the relationship between Ethiopia and Somaliland.
    Somaliland and Ethiopia have historic relations.

    If the Somaliland are happy with Ethiopian cultural hegemony than so be it, don`t hate people.

    The people in Somaliland never wanted to be Somali anyway, they fought against the sayed, they fought against siyaad bare, they declared independence I would say they have more in common with their Ethiopian friends across the border than than the Somalis.

  16. I hereby declare my support for somalilands independence with the region of Togdheer
    Woqooyi Galbeed and awdal will be given to djoubuti, sool iyo sanaag will join puntland.

    mele zanawi like dahir riyale was a former student of the mighty fagash so stop the somali hate people

    Ethiopia and somaliland two states that can`t be separated
    May they both join one and another in union

    As my people the Somalis, Ethiopia see you in battle we will not rest until we bring you down on your knees, we gave birt to ahmed gurey, nur mujahid, sayed abdulah , Aaden Cadde Abdullahi Issa, Abdirashid Ali Shermarke gen daud, and jaale siyaad bare and now a new xidig is born for Somalia called sharif sheik ahmed

    May Somaliland and Ethiopia find a common ground?

  17. Unbelievable, Somaliland have backed-stab our heroes, heroes who liberated us, heroes who fought the Ethiopians to save us from enslavement and colonization.

    How disgracefully, if anything the Somaliland regime does want independence but little to say the population don't really support them and if they really do, it's a shame, they have nothing in common with Somali people, this is disgracefully.
    A country which invaded us, a country which which rapes and commits genocide against our people in Ogaden.
    Is that the regime that Somaliland ties with?
    Shameful. I spit on Somaliland government, I spit them good. It should be them who liberates Somalia, it should be them who uses their peace for help their fellow people, it should be them who guides us in times of darkness, it should be them who cares for our brothers in the south and not Ethiopia.

    But in the general sense, Somaliland don't exist, there is no Somaliland, just our fellow cousins who know what peace is. God bless North-Somalis.

  18. north somalis are somali landers with our elected govt we have peaceful relations with ethiopia to bring about progress the same goes wilth UN and any one who wants to help southerners have caused nothing but destruction and we are trying to rebuild


  20. oooooooooo, thanks i am really appriciating the vice predent of Lucy.. mr Ilkacase, mmmmmmmmm i love u baby

  21. Oscar! are you out of your mind. Seriously you must be joking. You are actually suggesting that Somaliland give up its hard achieved, yet limited independence. Just to fullfil you dream of linking diradawa and hargeisa, C'mon theyre not that far from each other, hop on Daallo Airlines (just across the border.

    Somaliland needs to diversify interms of it's economic, strategic and political ties. It should not rely on ethiopia for so much investment, advice and guidence. It needs to look at what exactly the countriy wants to achiev and how they can benefit from different countries in order to succeed. They should develop stable a stable relationship with eritrea and djabouti and should not be afraid of Ethiopia reprecussions.
    Currently what (meles) ethiopia is doing (very cleverly) is dividing and ruling the horn of africa.
    Somaliland shuld develop ties with India, taiwan (but be carefull of china reprecussion) and other unrecognised nations. Other recognised nations may not be recognised but can be successful in some industries or sectors and perhaps even rich inresources, somaliland could work with them. In terms of both import, export and knowledge to help and learn from one and another

  22. Also in terms of it's exporting of livestock and other stuffs, Somaliland should't rely soo much on Saudi Arabia for sales. Saudi is only one country of many in the arabian peninsula to which somaliland could sell. Also India inhabits some 200 million muslims and is therfore another potentil market for halal meat. I just wanted to make it clear that becuase of hajj in saudi doesn't make it the only market, there are many is is just a case of reaching them.

  23. This whole issue of totallly relying on livestock raises the question of sustainability.
    There are many other oppertunities to take advantage of. In the education sector especially the diasporar should be more called on. They could contribute capital, knowledge and reduce reliance on Ethiopia. Other potential sectors are mining, fisheries, manufacturing, livestock (processing, hides skins -> leather, butter, milk ect), agriculture and self suffiency in terms of some commodities, oil (potentially). The resources and primary sectors described above provideing mainly raw materials need to be further developed and used to establish a secondary sector in the somaliland economy: manufacturing. This is basically adding value to raw materials as to enable themselves to sell them for higher prices int he international markets.

  24. Also successful somaliland sectors such as construction, telcomms, money transfer should expand into other countrie swithin east africa as to increase the customer base, sales and hence profits. This can in turn provide greater fund for investment. In their expansion they should use somaliland individuals for employment where they can e.g individuals, construction companies for premisis ect. Futhermore, importing of things that can be sourced and/or made in somaliland needs to be stopped as it is an outflow of money. Also imports need to be diversified and companie snad busines people should look further than traditional import parterns; they may be pleasantly surprised to find cheaper prices and/or higher quality goods..

    Somaliland needs to find other ways of earning foreign currency besides remittances and livestock.

  25. In future years as (hopefully) the economy, the citicens and the country as a whole. The somaliland government should be looking at difersifying interms of th relyance on berbera port for import and export as the security in the region s volatile and unpredictable, it can also make berbera a target for (current and future) enemies of somaliland. Other currently unutilised ports such as zeila and other small coastal settlements need to be invested in so at least they're capable of receiving small boats. The cargo facilities of airlines and somaliland regional airports need invetsment and marketing, one it receives suffienct investment use can become economically viable in terms of capacity, quality and price.

  26. I agree with you Ahmed, you have valid points and I like your thinking. Somalilanders do have a number of successful companies in both Djibouti and Ethiopia but those guys are too selfish, they do not invest back home.

    A lot of Djibouti's wealthy people are infact from Somaliland while a number of multi-millionaire companies based in Ethiopia are owned by Somalilanders such as construction companies. They could make huge difference to the infrustructure and roads.

    I don't have to name them but most people that know their stuff know them.

  27. it is clear as crystal that somaliland needs to have good and matual understanding with Ethiopia that will enable both to live in peace and stability but it seems that the newly established somaliland government is not as active as that of the previuos government but it shuold be known to all that without a good relationship with my country somaliland will not do well in seeking recognition and silanyo should cooperate and is forced to do so for the interest of his people as Ethiopia will ever remain a nieghbor and to the newly emerging ethiopian universities in somaliland it is needless to say that they are money orientd and not quality education orientd. so i advice all if due care is given to the type of education they provide. I am amazed by the fields of education that are abundant in every university and the question is it only FBE(bussiness and economics) that all people should study? why not other fields