Somalia’s al-Shabab fighters claim to have executed a captured Kenyan soldier and have repeated threats to kill five other hostages.
The claim of the al-Qaeda-linked group, made on Friday, could not be independently verified.
“While the mujahedeen have executed the serving KDF [Kenya Defence Force] soldier, there is still a chance of securing the release of the remaining five prisoners,” al-Shabab said in a statement.
Last month al-Shabab issued a February 14 deadline ordering Kenya – whose troops are fighting the anti-government group seeking to impose Islamic law inside Somalia – to release “all Muslim prisoners held on so-called terrorism charges in Kenya”.
Al-Shababn fighters, who have previously released videos of Kenyan civil servants they have kidnapped, have said they would execute five hostages within three days unless the Kenyan government gave in to their demands.
News of the alleged execution came as AU troops and government forces seized on Thursday the towns of Janalle, Aw Dhigle and Barire, about 80km southwest of the capital Mogadishu, the latest al-Shabab bases to fall.
Kenya blowback
Kenya has been hit by a spate of attacks including hand grenade and bombs since it invaded southern Somalia in late 2011 to attack Shebab bases, following a string of kidnappings inside Kenya blamed on the armed group.
Many of the attacks in Kenya – including hand grenade blasts in the capital Nairobi – are blamed on al-Shabab supporters or Kenyan sympathisers, although al-Shabab has not claimed the attacks themselves.
But the once powerful al-Shabab are on the back foot inside Somalia, having fled a string of key towns in the face of a 17,000-strong African Union force – which includes Kenyan troops – which is fighting alongside Somali soldiers.
Ethiopian troops are also battling al-Shabab in the southwest of Somalia.
Even so, al-Shabab remains a potent threat, still controlling rural areas as well as carrying out guerrilla attacks in areas apparently under government control.
Source: Al Jazeera


  1. Dhulbahante Teenager Getting Attacked by PIS Majeerteens security forces… Do not watch the Video it breaks all Human rights laws. He looks innocent…


    Poor kid looks so frightened… the severe physical damage is clearly visible.

    I hope Silaanyo demands immediate release of this child who is from Laas Canood.

    • this little retarded works with Ina godane he murdered Sheekh Cabdiqadir Nuur in cold blood in the Mosque, I don't think he deserves any mercy. plus I heard from a very reliable source he's HJ/Adan Madoobe just like that dude who tried to kill the PM, he only said that he was Dhulbahante hoping they'll release him, he didn't even know who he was after dhulbahante.

      anyways lets make Dua for the Sheikh and hope this little Xaarami get what he deserves whatever tribe he might be.

        • Ladies i am surprised where is your maternal instincts?

          Grown men cracking the skull of a teenager from Laas Caanod have you lost all feeling?

          If our ladies have become stone cold hearts i feel sorry for US all 🙁

          That is still a kid and he deserves to be given a chance to explain his innocence…


          • Buuxiye we have no sympathy for murderers, neither do you, you just wanna start clan animosity.

            Dhulbahante Teenager Getting Attacked by PIS Majeerteens security forces and I hope Silaanyo demands immediate release of this child who is from Laas Canood. that speaks for itself.

          • Amirah,

            Buuxiye is saying the truth. MJ always thing they are superior to dhulbahante, warsangali and all other somalis. The reality they are full of %%%%.

            Think with your mind and help the young teenage. He deserves everyone help. We are humans and not animals.

          • Qalanjo
            Sorry madam.this man shot a man whose head was down and fulfilling duty's of every Muslim person in this earth in all places Gods home Mosque in cold-blooded murdered. If you're Muslim our faith tell us. Don't even pursue your worst enemy if they run into Mosque.instead of you understanding the magnitude of his crime. You coming over here talking about who thinks they're better than who.In my humble opinion you need to reexamined yourself closely as a human being. before you can tell whole community they're zero.Because it has been my experience that the behave you just exhibit is related to people who lack self esteem.

          • Buxiye are you that stupid?

            This kid can claim whatever tribe he wants but it has not been proven yet. ANY way this kid is a criminal he shot and killed Sh.Cabdiqadir Nuur. While he wounded others. We CAN prove that he did it but can you prove that he didnt? I agree that the kid should of not been attacked like that even though he is a Murderer, at the end of the day hes a minor. What i cant understand is why you act like the Mjs are the only ones who would attack him?the isaaqs would of done a much worse job, while the dhulbahantes would have executed him inside the mosque. but lets pray for Sheik and for the kid to receive justice.

            but would you also claim that this kid is innocent ?

          • Walaal it does not matter if it happened in Gerowe or Hargeysa that is still a child and there are international laws against cruelty to children. He is a Minor and must be given a treatment reflective of his age. Clan becomes relevant when the abuse he is experiencing is related to his clan. If that was a MJ child i promise you they would not be cracking his skull like he is some sort of Punching bag.

            I don't expect you to agree with me on my use of language however i expected some sort of tenderness considering you are the gentler gender.

            I respect you opinion and your feeling towards criminals HOWEVER Walaal remember 15-year old boys do not travel from Laas canood to Gerowe by themselves.

            – At that age he has no reason to wish to harm anyone!
            – At that age he does not even know the Sheik let alone hold any grudge against him.

            Even if you had evidence that he pulled the trigger i still think we as Somalis will be judged collectively on how we deliver justice to a minor who may not even be 15 for all we know.

            We somalis are reaping what our forefathers deemed fit to saw in the past and we are condemning future generations when we repeat the mistakes of our forefathers.

            At the very least he should be given his rights in accordance with Sharica Law.

            Let us agree on that?

          • Oh yeah, he said he was Dhulbahante then reer Laascanod then Barkat which is unlikely since there's hardly any Barkats in Laacanood, then he claimed he was reer Gaarad after Barkat which are entirely two different clans. Isn't it possible he's only looking for scape goat and he's not really who he claimed to be?

            nevertheless, you dedicated a post titled ''Dhulbahante teenagers vs Majeerteen forces'' making it sound like as if warlord Siilanyo is our saviour which I found it really insulting btw. yet how you expect us to take anything you say on the subject seriously?

            One thing I agree with you thoe: his clan shouldn't be an issue, every criminal and suspects deserve fair trial regardless of their clan. even thoe after watching this video on other day 15years old girl stoned to death, I'm not surprised of their behaviour.
            this kind of behaviour is often spurred by a lack of Justice system in Somalia. Insha'allah Khair thoe 🙂

          • Amirah
            these separatists are trying to start conflict between our harti brothers.

            Buxiye bro atleast he only got atacked/beat up what about the youth between the ages of 14-18 who were shot and killed by your "crowd control unit" LOL. why didnt the international laws protect them? i thought you had laws,a goverment and capable police force?Atleast this kid killed a sheik and there are witnesses. What about the youths in hargeisa why did they get shot? Did they loot property?were they a threat to "national security"? did they kill ANYBODY? Before you start giving advice to others and telling them to abide by international laws , you should clean up your back yard.

            and remember Somalia has no functioning judiciary and its a 3rd world country so if countries like nigeria,ethiopia,kenya,tanzania and uganda who execute 9year old LRA rebels, why cant somalia attack or even kill a murderous little kid who knew what he was doing to do and when he was going to do it?

            "At that age he has no reason to wish to harm anyone!
            – At that age he does not even know the Sheik let alone hold any grudge against him."
            then how is it possible he could have killed the sheik. even though there were hundreds of men praying why did he specifically target and kill Sh.cabdiqadar

          • LOL well the diaspora relatives of those shot in Hargeysa have taken the matter to international court… there is no excuse for lack of justice!!!

            "while the dhulbahantes would have executed him inside the mosque"

            That shows me you have a really negative perspective on Dhulbahante… You speak of them as though they are savages when we both know.

            This is part of a witch hunt and i feel sorry for any non Majareers in Bari and Nugaal in the coming years…

          • Buuxiye,

            Haddi ininka tol la'an ay ku dhacday then waddan la'an ku ma dhicin. I ask the Somaliland president to any means necessary to make sure the young boy get fare treatment. Even if this will cause him to launch the army. The boy is a Somaliland citizen and for us it doesn't mater what is his tribe.

            Again, we are not asking to free him without going through the process. All we are asking is to give him fare treatment.

            For Amira and Sahra, I wish one day you will be in a similar position as this young boy and only then you will understand.

          • well Qalanjo, you can hold on to your wishes because neither of us are planning to kill a Shiekh.

          • qalanjo

            let me tell to you story and something that took place in Dayton Ohio. the public upper-hand a killer who just murdered a mother of four children in her a mid-fifties not only did they beat him up. They left him half death and the police were not any better. So what does that tell us. when emotions are running high any thing is possible. The society doesn't have to be barbaric . Therefore the man who just got murdered was a man of the cloth in the most sacred place for all Muslim mosque, I hope you can appreciated the complexity of the situation but that doesn't mean we're condoning all saw in the video.

          • LOOOL Buuxiye walalo your hatred towards Majeerteen is unbelievable, I don't blame you they always done well but don't expect us to cheer you up which is the whole reason you posted this.
            Like I said I don't give a rat about his tribe since he was caught red handed but I like to prove you wrong.

      • I think it's inhumane and this people are still animals. Amirah and Sahra you both should ask yourself if you wants to be treated that way. Do you want a society worse than Afghanistan?
        Alaha u naxariisto Sheekh Abdiqadir.

  2. Failed Somalia without a strong peoples civil democratic Govts since the 1991 collapsed
    Somali State..sadly what a mess adding up effecting painful distrubing mysteries on both thehumans
    and the resources of the poor Islamic Sovereignty as Nation and Country??? Somalia under foreign
    occupation and dictation could never be healthy enough to regain itself self-esteem in real commonsense??? Just can't figure out how with all these foreign IC actors on the failed Somalia
    could bring about real comprehesive peace in the absence of a strong Somalia govts???

  3. Well, sorry 4 da KDF soldiers in custody. If they killed them, those soldiers are worriers, men who died in the line of duty. Men who ve gone extra mile to free human beings who turned against each other. they had the courage to go somalia despite not being a citizen but in the spirit of IGAD&UN, to bring peace to ur very land while all you could do was run away from ur(somalis) nation, in pursuit of peace & better living, outside ur dead nation. I love somalia as my kinsmen but I'm kenyan (sijui) by heart. Congrat KDF&work well done. Teach somalis the meaning of peace&its price!