MOGADISHU (Somalilandpress) –The Somali envoy to the United nations security council, Elmi Ahmad Du’ale, has said the sanctions imposed on Eritrea by the Security Council on 23 December were “proof” that the country aided terrorism.

The Security Council on Wednesday imposed sanctions Eritrea over providing military support to Islamist insurgents battling the Somali government.

“The sanctions were based, first and foremost, on proof that Eritrea supports terrorism and extremist groups opposed to the Somali government, which have been the stumbling block to stability in Somalia” Du’ale said in a strong drawl in an interview with Hornafrik local radio in Mogadishu on Thursday.
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He said the horn of Africa nation was on the shoulder of the militant groups fighting to topple Somalia’s weak transitional government.

‘’Eritrea supports these groups by providing arms, financial and moral support. Eritrea continues to host Somalia’s rebel hardliners who are opposed to peace in Somalia. These were the conditions which the sanctions was based on” he added.

The Ugandan-drafted text imposes an arms embargo on Eritrea, as well as travel restrictions and asset freezes on the country’s political and military leadership.

“There were resolutions before the current one, the international community led by the Security Council, African Union, United States and Somalia have all warned Eritrea over and over again against destabilizing Somalia however Eritrean leaders ignored international demands. Eritrea even refuses to recognize the Somali government. That was it,” the Somali envoy said.

Djibouti, like Somalia also welcomed the sanction since Eritrean forces occupy parts of Djibouti and refuse to withdraw it’s troops.

Eritrea has repeatedly denied the allegation. “The draft resolution is based on unfounded accusations against Eritrea on the issue of Somalia,” Ambassador Araya Desta said in a letter.

Thirteen of the council’s 15 members voted in favor of Resolution 1907. Veto-wielding China abstained, while Libya, the lone Arab council member and the current African Union chair, voted against that resolution.

Mr Duale, a medical graduate from Sapienza University of Rome became the Permanent Representative of Somalia to the United Nations in 2005.

Somalia has not had a functional government since 1991 and is been mired in chaos ever since.

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By: Abdinasir Mohamed



  1. This is double standard as usual from the Western stooges and their puppets because Ethiopia openly arms rebel groups inside Somalia such as the so called Sunna Wa Jumha or whatever. Why dont they both get a sanction? as far as I am concern they make no difference.

  2. I also suspect Libya to be behind the destabilization of Somalia, it always was but I can not understand why, is it because strong and stable Somalia would challenge them over the African Union leadership? It has in the past when Somalia had the government, Ghadafi took classes from Siyad Bare just like Isayas and Meles.

    Arabs are real haters do not think they are your brothers.

  3. It might be true that Eritrea backs rebels in Somalia but this is more than that because if the West wanted to block Eritrea's action they could without punishing the entire people of Eritrea, this has other sinister agenda.

    We all know Eritrea is one of the few if not the only one, African nations that are self-sufficient to certain degree and are or were on their way to complete financial freedom from the West. Unlike Ethiopia, Eritrea is not Western aid hungry and this is what the West wants. Its just another step to crumble another African nation using Somalia as cover.

    • continues….

      These rednecks in New York do not care about Somalia, who supports who and who is fighting who, for them Africa is dying, this was their golden chance to punish the people of Eritrea.

      Congratulations redneck you have achieved to punish another African nation who proudly refused your expired GM food.

      I'm a Somali and this step was not necessary, if there are prove that Eritrea was offering material and military support to the rebels, its because Ethiopia was supporting the opposite groups.

      No need to punish Ethiopia its already hooked to Western aid and can not live without it. They wont give Somalia a chance to stand, they sanctioned Eritrea, Djibouti continues to suffer from ill French policies and values, Kenya watch your back!

      • Wake up see the reality! admit facts. Eritrea is not that much influential in the horn. It has nothing to offer to the East African countries. The only thing that it can offer is port service to Ethiopia. Even this is one is highly competitive among other 10 ports in the horn. It is just business and real power am talking about.

        I don't care how you see ur self but if you can see facts clearly you can help a lot to the people of Eritrea and the horn.

  4. What a puzzel? Eritrea's power is much stronger than the whole warld to cause that much problem?.Whose weapons are flooding in somalia?if you think that is all true about what is said by the UN against eritrea think twice. When the whole world denied us a shelter in 2006,the only country which opened her armes to somalis was Eritrea. As long as the Ethiopian fear of strong somalia is in a picture we will never see a solution on that part of the world.Ethiopia wants to shape the somalia government from the very begining that is the core obstacle in the peace proces.Scapegoating Eritrea is realy a jock.

  5. that is good idea to stop the role of Eritrea for supporting the triggers of Somalia which really destroyer the Somalia government and their reputation

  6. I am an Eritrean And I dont believe Eritrea support the Rebels. Just another conspiracy fabricated by the US intelliegence.

  7. Somalian President and Eritrean President use to be good friends, But the Somalian Pres betrayed him and switch sides.

    • I'm Somalilander, our two nations are at odds but I agree with you. Somaliland intends to be closer to Ethiopia than Eritrea, but I can tell you that this was Western move to dismantle Eritrea, the very Americans who accuse Eritrea of funding the rebels in Somalia, fund and recruit young men in the US to create this conditions so later they have grounds to invade, create political unrest and carry out like the current sanction on Eritrean people, punishing people who refused to accept aid from USA and UK.

      West is no friend to any African nation, no matter what they say, that we all agree but can we Africans all come together?