MOGADISHU (Somalilandpress) — The United States government which continues to provide support to the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia [TFG] has said senior Al-Qaida members have arrived in Somalia after embarking on a long journey from the Afghan mountains of Tora Bora.

A report from the US State Department said the Al-Qaida fugitives are planning to re-establish itself in Somalia using insurgent groups fighting to topple the Somali government and opposed to the presence of foreign troops in the country as a proxy.
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The report said their forces in Iraq and Afghanistan have learnt that top Al-Qaida officials have made their way to Yemen and Somalia where they are planning to melt into the community and carry out their global agenda.

The report was published in US government website and has been confirmed by Bryan G Whitman, the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs. Mr Brian said it is now inevitable that the United States would be involved and may form and deploy a special task force in Somalia.

He reassured that the US government will continue to support the transitional government of Somalia and other groups opposed to Al-Shabab and other extremists.

It is believed that Ahlu Sunna Wal Jama’a is one of the other group in Somalia that receives support from the United States of America and Ethiopia. Ahlu Sunna, a predominantly Sufi group is opposed to violence in the name of religion and recognises the transitional government.

Early this year, the United State has pledged 48 tonnes of arms to the weak TFG led by President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmad, however recent reports suggested much of the arms fell into the hands of the insurgents opposed to its policies. The US government has expressed deep concerns about how they will continue to support Somalia’s transitional government.

Nonetheless, the US government is now arranging new additional funds and arms for the transitional government to combat Al-Shabab and their foreign operatives, whom control much of Somalia’s south.

Somalia has not had effective government since 1991 and is ideal for militant groups looking for hideouts and training camps.

Mogadishu, Somalia


  1. Bryan G Whitman, the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs, knows more than anyone else that the US government has no policy for Somalia and will not have one anytime soon. I would also like to add that we need to know how much the US government knows about the operations of al-shabaab and transnational terror groups in Somalia. With all of its intelligence capabilities on the group and above the ground, many Somalis whom I spoke with believe that the US government not only knows what the terror groups are doing but they also know their activities minute-by-minute. We know recently that the US was able to carry out their operation in Somalia to kill the accused Kenyan man in southern Somalia.

    • Your government is upto no good as usual killing people every where they go, surely they are the greatest devil to hit the world since Adolf Hitler. Their hate for Islam and Muslims is beyond believe, however, let's see how far it takes them.

      They will surely have their regrets soon or later when they discover Islam is the religion of God and it's going no where, however they will face their Lord and just like any super power in the past their power will come to an end. Then the world can celebrate, we will remember USA as we remember Hitler.