Hargeisa, 20 June 2009 – The speaker of the Somali parliament called the neighboring countries for an immediate military intervention within 24 hours to save the government from the Islamist. In a press conference in Mogadishu, Mr. Aden said the government is in a very dangerous situation of not saved from the armed militias.

The speaker called the international community and the neighboring countries to interfere the situation in Somalia and help government fight against the Alqaedah and their allies in the country. He said the Alshabab represent the terrorist in the country and want to make Somalia a base where they can attack other countries in the world.

This is the first call of its kind since the Sharif government was elected in Djibouti last year. The Alshabab militia wages an aggressive attack on the government in the country saying the current government is a puppet for the western countries and Ethiopia. Although the government voted for the Sharia Law to be ruled in Somalia but that did not stop the armed Islamist groups to continue their fighting against the government.

Sources close to IGAD told Somalilandpress the possibility of Kenya and Ethiopia intervention with the logistic and intelligence assistance of America in order to stop Alshabab militia from expanding to the country.