Peace is how I talk, unity, love are the fun

My people prospered no longer resort to the gun.

My worst enemies perished the rest humble like a nun.

Tourists lay on my beaches, in the morning sun.

Chaos, tribalism and turbulence are gone.

Women walk in the streets without fearing none.

Parents send to school both daughter and son.

No discrimination, we treat each other just like one.

Cities and villages are rebuilt with the latest designs.

Roads are reconstructed ,  studded with traffic signs.

My  reputation is revived with strength and pride.

I don’t bow to any one, only by my laws I abide.

I  no longer receive aids, I am the one who supplies.

My mission is to save those who still living in lies.

Business booms everywhere no monopoly is exercised.

Economy flourishes , of which no one is deprived.

Waves of foreign investors pour in to my land,

Feel  so fortunate  they set their feet on my sand.

If u knew me as a catapilllar, now  I am the butterfly.

Cherishing my unique glory as it extends to the sky.

My people cuddle each other and carcass just the same.

The year we are in now may be different but Somalia is my name.

By; Abdifatah Sheik Ibrahim( Ina Aw daldale)



  1. Another somaliweyn refugee, be quiet and go back to your Italian masters and go kidnap women to give to Kenyan jareer "soldiers."
    Somalia unity is over, somali people will always be 5 different people and each of those 5 people will follow their own laws.

  2. Somalis are from the same roots and Somaliweyn or Greater Somalia was a noble dream at one certain time. The fulfilment of that dream or aspiration was unpractical for the fact that Somalis are divided by tribe and cannot come together to form one nation. Since independence governments have been lead by tribal leaders . The claim that we Somalis are nationalists was false. Now that there are no foreseeable opportunities for obtaining unity between Somaliland and the South, and reconciling between the feuding regions of the South, the most feasible way is to leave Somaliland as a sovereign entity and restore Somalia's status to the precolonial position. Neither Somaliland nor Somalia has the capacity to regain Djibouti, NFD, or Ogadenia. This means unifying Somalis on the basis of Somalism is shattered not by a foreign influence but the Somalis themselves.