The time is now for Somaliland to build a stronger and smarter military.

In Somaliland, there are many naïve people who think that Somalia can be a friend, when in reality, and in the words of the Somalia Prime Minister, “Somaliland is part of Somalia”.

Today, Somaliland is living in a period that could be considered one of the biggest historical turning points in the Somaliland-Somalia relations: The London talks is about to start and Somalia officials are misleading the world over the talks while Somaliland is silent witness.

The international community agreed to finalize the Somaliland-Somalia relations in the upcoming talks, which will set Somaliland free. The world has no option but to accept the demand of 3.5 million for self-determination else Somaliland can continue as democratic and progressive nation without the rest. Somaliland can survive without the aid of the western world, if the London conference brings the sovereignty of Somaliland into question.

Somaliland has stronger case than Somalia because of the following facts: Somaliland has democratic functioning government; it controls its territory; it is financially independent; it has elected president, parliament and municipal council, in addition to multi-party political system;  Somaliland democracy is considered one of the best in Africa.

Somaliland enjoys highest human rights record between East African states; Somaliland law protects women and children rights, and childbirth death cases has been dramatically reduced where government of Somaliland provides health services to the majority of its female citizens including in remote areas.

EDNA Maternity Hospital is a point of pride, where the hospital produces many well-trained nurses and midwives, which contributed in reducing the childbirth death rate. Today, EDNA and other similar health training centers cover Somaliland’s need for skilled medical staff.  Thousands of Somali women travel from war-torn Somalia and Somali Region of Ethiopia to EDNA to receive medical attention.

Somaliland recreated public services from scratches without outside help, and after Somalia (Siyad Barre regime 1969 – 1991) destroyed the entire infrastructure and killed 60,000 civilians in less than three months – one of the most devastating genocide in the history of east Africa.

Somalia Air Force and Military were used to destroy the cities of Somaliland. Against all odds, Somaliland is helping Somalia in the hardship, where Somaliland government and people donated $700,000 to the hunger-torn people of Somalia during 2011 famine.  Somaliland’s donation was highest from an African nation, followed by South Africa with $500,000.

Somaliland citizens enjoy free education equally, which reduced illiteracy rate in last 10 years.

In a contrary, Somalia is depending on foreign aid, where even the salary of the government officials comes from the donors. The Mogadishu regime cannot run the country independently, as it had no administration in last 21 years. Although, the current government declared end of transition period, but it is not different than earlier governments and has no power. The end of the transition is on paper but not in reality.

Somalia is a country on the political map that doesn’t exist in the real ground. Somalia has no government and its people live on international aid agencies. It is a country ruled by Somalians with dual nationalities and have no interest in keeping the country peaceful, because, in case of a war,  they will catch the first flight to their luxurious homes in Northern America and Europe. Somalia need to be in the hands of its people, instead of diaspora members who have their families in America and Europe.

Internationally, Somalia is graded lower than Afghanistan in security and services.  The shaky government in Mogadishu is functioning under control of the African Union Forces, and even failed to appoint administration to the port city of Kismayo because there are countries who have interest and forces in Kismayo under African Union Forces umbrella, and such countries have the final word in the city.

The arrogant statements over the destiny of Somaliland people by the weak government in Mogadishu, downgrades the importance of upcoming talks during May 2013 in London. The President and Prime Minister of Somalia expressed their reluctance towards fair disintegration of Somaliland from Somalia. This unveils the ugly agenda of the current regime against Somaliland sovereignty, which needs stronger preparation from Somaliland side.

Somaliland has many reasons to build its army including recent undiplomatic statements made by Somalia Prime Minister and President against Somaliland independence. Prime Minister is encouraging Somaliland fugitives by appointing them in his government. In addition to that, first hand reports indicate that Prime Minister of Somalia is preparing conference for some Somaliland tribes against Somaliland and he promised to arm them against Somaliland like Khaatumo militia.



Somaliland puts peace before violence, however, when the national integrity is under threat and no option is left except to fight , Somaliland has long experience in fighting and will defend its people and sovereignty with all means.

Somaliland must know that danger from Somalia is on its peak and must build and prepare the national army, in order to confront such threat that is coming from Mogadishu.

Military build-up is necessary for Somaliland in both shorter and longer run, because of the volatile region. Somalia had history of invading neighboring countries illegally and  Somaliland could face similar unlawful attempts.

The government of Somaliland led by President Siilaanyo must induce National Military Services, where every secondary graduate in Somaliland will go under six months military training. This is part of the military build-up and to stop any illegal attempt to invade Somaliland borders.


By\ Abdulaziz Al-Mutairi



  1. Abdulaziz Al-Mutairi….With all due respect, you couldn't manage to lift Hargeysa from the dust for the 20+ years of so called peace (based on oppression) you had. The famous quote as this: ''When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging''. Take that advice I suggest.

  2. I respectfully disagree – Somaliland is nothing more than a tribal fiefdom just like Puntland and as such can not a fair representative of its variety clan inhabitants. If the a foundation of a house is unstable to start with, its bount to collapse sooner or later. This Somaliland entity is built on Clan foundation and we already saw its destructive aftermath from the last elections. Question is, where are the real leadership that are willing to speak the unvarnished truth to the masses instead preaching to the choir?

    The Fact is the powers that be in this world have already decided that there will be NO break-up of Somalia period thus NO recognition of Somaliland or any other X-lands. The US has stopped it's two track policy and since the Official recognition of Somalia, will proceed with one track policy SOMALIA.

    • The M'jeerteen always tries to come up with ways of undermining the progress of any other somalis if they are not gaining anything from it. Piratl@and is not similar to Somaliland in any shape of form. One is desert area while the other is fertile land with full of potential. Solve your own problems and leave Somaliland alone. Ask your self why your follow Harti is leaving you. You still believe that you have the God given rights to rule them.

    • Osman faqash Reducing,Somaliland into tribal fiefdom just show u deny history and u want again to take over this country. No way be ready for bloody war faqash. Djibouti is case to follow for Somaliland stay away from faqash and walanweyn! No more BS somalinimo love.

      • Name caling is not a solution, grow-up from your juvenile ways and debate coherently n logically with backed-up rebuttals Bro.

    • Somali-Republic was created as the sum of two Independent-states. If we are to champion the guiding principles of democracy and a government and political system where the people can plot their course then 18-May-1991 Re-independence of Somaliland-Republic from the Union must be respected and acknowledge as no future Reunion is possible so long as that Withdrawal from the union exists.

      The two States that united in 1960 to form "Somali-Republic" have existed as two independent nations since 18-May-1991. To simply come along 22years later and demand that history to be erased is paying lips service to any desire to establish a legitimate and government for the people by the people. such a government will be another one of Somalia-Italia's numerous paper governments who claim authority and deliver a ZERO-SUM gain strategy of governance while millions of your country's population are left stranded scattered across several nations.

      🙂 Bravo Bravo Bravo

      This Non-Entity Road-Map Government that had to buy 190votes out of a total of 271votes to SELECT a PRESIDENT will never have legitimacy outside vial-Muuqdishu whether recognized or not. No contracts it signs will be binding on FUTURE democratically ELECTED governments nor will any Contract they sign be honored by the Somali people in any form what so ever. This Road-Map government must serve those that SELECTED it in the the TERRITORY of Somalia-Italia and there various federal-republics.

      Somaliland-Republic and it population do not Recognize nor acknowledge this Illegitimate government nor were we party to it's Road-map process nor it's creation nor the SELECTION process. The Road-Map government has ZERO legitimacy outside Somalia-Italia since it was only that Territory that took part in the Road-Map process and the Ending of the Transitional-Period of Somalia-Italia. The question of the former Union that ended 18-May-1991 between Somaliland & Somalia is a foregone historical events that cannot be ignored.

      2-Equal States can engage in dialogue anything else will cause more harm then good. Without an EQUAL platform between the respective 2-STATES there is a high likelihood the loss of legitimacy in Hassan Mahamoud's government will lead to it's collapse. There will be negligible impact on the Somaliland-Republic if the talks fail and will close forever the only opportunity or dialogue in 22-years.

      The only reason why Somaliland-Republic was ever part of the dialogue process and the only reason Somaliland was invited to the prior London conference was to share why and how Somaliland has created a viable democratic political system which it championed to it's neighbors while in the process creating greater legitimacy and appreciation for it's achievements as an independent sovereign nation seeking global recognition.

      Somaliland-Republic Sovereignty will continue even without recognition. This is why Somalia-Italia-federal Road-Map government must be challenged on the question of territorial integrity and it's sovereign claims even if that leads to a war between the two states and formed Union-partners.

      We have seen War and survived when there was no friend in the world to hear the cries of our elderly and children we will not be intimidated by a toothless paper government on Solar Power-Life-Support System.

      Viva Somaliland-Republic and may all your enemies rot in hell with Satan jocking their fufudeartion.

      🙂 Disclaimer i am a great admirer of the resilience of life and it's propensity to survive against all odds as such i do not conduce violence between sentient lives unless ones independence is threatened by corrupt and fraudulent fufuderationists.

    • China a powerful nation could not force Taiwan to join it, Ethiopia with a larger population could not force Eritrea to become part of it. Indonesian could not force tiny East Timor to become part of Indonesia. A long as a majority of people of Somaliland do not want to join Somalia nothing can force them to be together. Somalia is a weak state, it does not military or even financially capabilities to wage war on Somaliland today, Somalia with its well equipped army could not defeated a rag-tag SNM army, what can it do today. My advice to all Somalis to focus on developing their own small areas and try to uplift their people from poverty and ignorance. Name calling insulting each other when living in the worst parts of Africa. While your politicians and their lackeys are meeting in London and other major capitals the citizens are living in bombed out shelter in Mogadisho and in Somaliland still living in the same hovels that the British left. We as a people are a laughing stock of the rest world, but here we are acting as if we are important people. Many Somalis, including myself are a shamed to call ourselves Somali.

  3. Cont;

    So instead of buring the head in the sand, and continue on unrealistic and destruction pathn i.e. No international investment, high unemployment for the youth (60% last count) decaying infra-structures such education, roads, ports, irregation to name few….

    Why not successfully regotiate favorable terms with the South so as to not repeat the mistakes of the 60's lob-sided union. Learn from past mistakes and institute safe-guards and clauses that ensure independence and control of their faith under the umberela of Somalia ???

    Great article on CLan —

  4. "Somaliland has democratic functioning government; it controls its territory; it is financially independent; it has elected president, parliament and municipal council, in addition to multi-party political system; Somaliland democracy is considered one of the best in Africa."
    Lies and hipocracy are your best2 weapons
    1. Democracy is a lie;
    2. Territory was defined by your british master and today he left you in the dust crying alone; The territory you control is not what you claim to be the former british somaliland, but rather afew cities inhabited by the ill-hearted half habishis and their blind sheeps;
    3. The multi-party had unveiled the ugly face behind the mask of democracy and rather terned to be that it is driven by subclan agendas;
    4. The finance administration is just plagued with corruption, your governing thieves are not interested in building the basic infrastructure as much as they want to full up their pockets but only, to wait for some donations from the sheeps in the west to make private schools, hospitals etc;

  5. Abdulaziz Al-Mutairi,

    Thanks for the article. There a popular saying "horta colka wadhaf ma lagu dayey." We always knew the people from Somalia understand the language of war and respect that but Somalilanders thought to try the massege of peace just in case they begin to understand the reality to give the concept of unified Somali state a decent burial. Somaliland will used its full force to flash out the Khatumo and its Puntland supporters so to prevent the area becoming a safe heaven for Al-Shabab associates. The writing is on the wall!

  6. I always knew that Truth hurts some people and I believe that when you come up with figures and statistics , the least you can expect from someone – is to throw some words that nobody knows where it comes from!!!

    Abdulaziz, You're a man of a wisdom and you will always respect your statements that reach only those who can not be out of touch or believe the sacred cow of SOMALIA.

    Somaliland has done many things to Somalia but it's always receiving a negative payback , Infact people need to understand not today what it has reached that past twenty years and how it reached, really is a question that the young man who want to see his future coming true think about, is a dream that to be in the youth of Somalia, and it is a determination that should stick with the mindset of Mogadishu….. Today,, is not about Somaliland but is about you and your people!!!

  7. Great article Abdulaziz, Somaliland's representatives need to take a more aggressive stance, since the other side will not negotiate with honesty. I personally believe this recent UK announcement about security threats from Somaliland are a ploy and only time will tell who's behind this false claim that aims to tarnish Somaliland's good name. Somaliland is not part of Somalia, regardless who Somalia's president is. Somalilanders from the 50's nad 60's wanted to join a nation based on "Somaliweyn" or "Greater Somalia" — not the current Somalia as it exists, therefore we have the right to withdraw our unity/partnership with the south since the overall objective was not reached, I just can't understand why they can't grasp that basic concept.

    • No you don't, Not Daroods,Hawiyes, Isaaqs, or any other tribe. Its either misery together for ever or stop the Tribal BS. Why would the world want a bunch Somali Nations based on tribes, who will eventually war with each other. when they can Deal with one such entity and impose sanctions like the embargo one entity, why open such complex problems while the one current problem is already complex enough.

      To all the Somalis, Greater Somalia is not dead. You just became weak,selfish, and greedy. Also i will like to add hopeless, because instead of having the courage to say this their things to do in life then quarrel, Greater Somalia awaits you, once you find National pride once again, know that your neighbors fear you, because of potential power and influence. May Allah soon helps find our way back to our ultimate Dream, strong, Untied free Somalia ( all 5).

      • lol liar boy ur are funny Zoomalian welcome occupant somali region Habashi and Bantu and traitor Somali Djiboutian soldier in their own ground how after that you still dare to claim Greater Somali is not dead!!..kkk give me a break faqash and walanweyn know only to cry behind somalilander. Shame on u..

  8. Keep up the good work, reading this, what comes to mind is 'idle no more' campaign going on my country, Canada. As someone who went to visit and briefly work in Somaliland 2 years ago and plan to go back since my family are from there, I will say its the most peaceful and beautiful place in East Africa. Its up to us to do an effective media and public strategy to let the world know Somaliland has been functioning over 20 years without financial aid and in isolation, slowly building its infrastructure, insuring its border and internal security. It will be a disaster for Somaliland to join the ever violent and chaos led Somalia south.

    • Hodan:

      Its unfortunate that such a learned person its seems is opining n condoning clannish policies that leads to no where. The North is a beautiful place but the learship & quasi-government stinks like a rotten fish … see the last election as an example. But then the die-hards are still singing to high heaven oblivious to the reality on the ground with regard to the clannish-government. The people has always been golden but the leadership is the most corrupt, more so than even Nigeria.

      • Osman

        There is a high level of corruption in somaliland, however it is still 100 times less then the corruption in mogadisho where soliders are stealing food aid meant for starving people.

  9. This man need to worry about what's happening in the Arab world than Somalia affairs.whether we decide to stay together or go our separate is none of he's business' and to be frank about the relationship we share with this community. it's base on interference and undermining Somalia nation and one that benefits them than us.So it's long over due they address their lack of leadership around the world and more focus on their population aspiration and needs. instead of muddling the affairs of Somalia which they've done nothing but to take advantage of it.

  10. factual article, well done Abdulaziz. I have predicted 15 years ago, that given a chance Somalia and its people will pose great threat. It is true the only language Somalia understands is war, this has been their legacy, with some exceptions of course. The majority of the Hawiye people and other minorities in Somalia tend to use peaceful means to resolve their problems, the rest seem to be highly belligerent and very violent. As the world and the African Union defeat and perhaps pacify the terrorist Alshebabe, Somalia's transitional government will build its arm forces, funded by the world and it builds its capacity to function it will threaten all its neighbors including Somaliland, Ethiopia and Kenya, as tribal politics continue forever in a bloody struggle for the presidency. The only way to avoid this is of course to help build an inclusive democratic government and institutions and to apply pressure to promote meaningfull reconsilliation and peace.

  11. @ Osman
    joining the union at 60 tis and now is different times . no one in his mind can say lets join bc we lost alot and only the last 20 yrs we feel we are coming from the deadly hole our elders put us..Every Government has its own agenda whether it is big ore small.Somaliland's position is clear for 20 yrs and more.

    • @Hodan:

      Sister, I respectfully disagree. As is evident in the last election, the house called Somaliland can no longer be sustained, as the famous African writer Chienoa Achieba said, The center can NO longer hold. The mis-conception that if Woqoyi joins into a federation with rest of Somalia is a total loose is totally unfounded and misleading to say the least. A robust and equal playing level term of federation can be easily attained but this notion of separation has not worked for the last 20 years, people of the north are divided along clan lines, all the non-Isaaq inhabitants feel suppressed and marginalized and never co-signed this separation deal.

      so the question, how long is this farce being perpetrated and continue in this decline????

      • Osman time of 60 is over. The fact you can not force Somalilander again to go back to failed union becoz they saw how their neigbour Somali of Djibouti are happy staying away from BS somalinimo. As long as Great somali is utopist, at least let Somaliland who create Somali rep, make his own choice from all his people through a fair referendum under IC supervision like civilised society. Majority choice has to be respected same as Scotland will get his referendum from UK in 2014.Secessionist Montenegrin win by 55% in 2006 and Unionist Quebec win by only 51% in 1995. Both loser side democratic wishe of majority.Finally War (SL/S), status quo( no recognition / No control of SL),referendum, Somalia must to chose among these option but never think somalilander are stupid again to run fastly to Somalia again.

        • Hornid:

          Though I don't understand majority of your points, let me just say that a fair referendum under the watchful eyes of the IC is very much welcome. The only problem is that majority of the Non-Isaaq northers are NOT onboard with this secessionist policy and frankly after the last disastrious clan-based elections, some Isaaq are just fed-up with the corruption, nepotisim etc.

          More educated Northers see the writings on the wall and understand that the experiment has failed and are looking ahead to negotiating a preferrable and fair terms as condition of joining the fold of Somali federation. However there are always the Die-hard, unreasonable and emotional ones who will be totally hearth-broken & crushed when the enivetable happens…. till then wish you al the best.

          • Osman you are so funny. If you think Non Issaq prefer totally union, why you think our former president was Samaron for 8y, our former Speaker Darood? Do you know Djibouti Issa clan monopolize power as no other clan is SL/S as they take president, speaker, High court position since indepedence making their country as worst dictator tribal state despite fact many Samaron and Issaq living there. Now forever Somalia will be Hawiye rule, Kil 5 Darood rule it Ok for u as u seem to focus Issaq clan ( normal for Darood guy!)Referendum let s do it from Zeilac to Sool and we will see Majority choice.No way BS somalinimo love.

          • Hornid:

            Through out history, there has always been token figures (with no actual power) as figure head for publicity, normaly selected from the marginized groups, inorder to claim fairness and fake democratic process when in reality these guys don't speak for their group/people but take their orders from the powerful/ruling class.

  12. No you don't, Not Daroods,Hawiyes, Isaaqs, or any other tribe. Its either misery together for ever or stop the Tribal BS. Why would the world want a bunch Somali Nations based on tribes, who will eventually war with each other. when they can Deal with one such entity and impose sanctions like the embargo one entity, why open such complex problems while the one current problem is already complex enough.

    To all the Somalis, Greater Somalia is not dead. You just became weak,selfish, and greedy. Also i will like to add hopeless, because instead of having the courage to say this their things to do in life then quarrel, Greater Somalia awaits you, once you find National pride once again, know that your neighbors fear you, because of potential power and influence. May Allah soon helps find our way back to our ultimate Dream, strong, Untied free Somalia ( all 5).

    Oh by the way it`s funny how the writer of this article is so confident that a war between Somali and Somaliland in the future would play out the same as it did with siad. That was not a war between Somalia and Somaliland, but a war with siad.

  13. So, you are encouraging the self-declared republic of Isaaq to recruit its young ones to fight against their fellow Somalis in the south.. Where did this guy received all these hatred against the south?, I know Siad barre did bad things, but that can't be a justification for Isaaq to separate itself from the greater Somalia and it was not only Isaaq that suffered under Siad, all Somalis did and they are not aiming to separate as a result of that. .. we the people from the South recognize the wonderful things which Somali land did, we love the people from Somaliand and we are not going to accept you to leave from us. …And if we fight against you which i don't think we will do, is because we love you, not because we hate you