Mogadishu, Somalia – Ali Hassan spends his day sitting in a former mosque, now a ramshackle shelter for drug users, idly staring at his cell phone as he waits for it to ring. A gravedigger with more than 20 years of experience, Hassan is finding life in Mogadishu’s newfound stability hard. He became a gravedigger at the height of the civil war, when he used to dig at least 30 graves a day. “I became a gravedigger in 1991, when burying dead bodies was the best business in Somalia.” People who want to bury their deceased family members ring his cell phone to ask him to dig graves for them. He listens religiously to the cacophony coming from downtown Mogadishu for the sound of loud bangs or continuous rounds of fire. “When there is a loud bang, we know it is an explosion. When there is a sustained gunfire, we know something is wrong and people may die. Deaths mean there will be business for us.” However, with gun battles falling in Mogadishu these days, the number of people brought to the cemetery for burial has almost fallen markedly. “Two years ago I used to bury 30 bodies a day, now I bury one if I’m lucky and often I bury none.” The father of four is struggling to put food on the table for his young family. His children have been forced to drop out of school because he can’t afford to pay their school fees. He is struggling to provide one meal a day. After more than 20 years of continuous fighting, Somalis finally seem to be emerging from the dark days of their civil war. “Somalis are tired of fighting. They know now, first hand, that fighting each other brings only two things: death and destruction. Somalis are the biggest driving force behind the return of peace in Mogadishu,” says Abdullahi Mohamed Shirwa, chairman of the Mogadishu-based peace advocacy group Somali Peace Line. Al-Shabab retreat More than 17,000 African Union soldiers are now in the Horn of Africa country to support the weak government in their fight against the hardline rebel group al-Shabab. Under increased military pressure, al-Shabab has retreated from major cities in south-central Somalia. This has moved the frontlines of the war away from populous cities and town, reducing deaths. “Mogadishu is no longer a frontline, and Bakara Market [the biggest market in Somalia] is no longer been shelled and fought over by al-Shabab, Somali government soldiers and African Union (AU) troops, so the number [of] deaths has decline greatly,” said Shirwa. At the height of the civil war, 14 gravediggers used to work seven days a week at Abdirashid Ali Sharmake cemetery, but currently only two remain, one of whom is Ali Hassan. Fifty-one-year-old Mohamed Jama, a father of seven, is the other remaining gravedigger. Jama dug his first grave in 1994 for $30, and never looked back. He remembers the days, just over a year ago, when AU soldiers and al-Shabab were fighting in Bakara Market. “I sometimes use to make about $300 a day when they were fighting in the busy market. Many people were killed and were brought to this cemetery to be buried.” He recounts that business was even better before, when warlords constantly fought for turf, leaving countless people dead. Even though Jama made the most amount of money during those years, he remembers that time as the worst in his career. “Their militias would many times bring live people to the cemetery, then order us to dig graves before executing the people in the graves we just dug right in front of our eyes, telling us to bury them.” Those years continue to haunt Jama: “I don’t like to dig a grave for a person standing next to me begging for mercy.” Some of his colleagues were killed when they refused to dig graves for militias. “Five of my friends were killed when they refused to dig grave for militias when they brought a live person.” Despite those challenges, his seven kids went to private schools and he had a maid helping his wife with housework. The family lived in a four-bedroom rented house, but have now moved from their rented house into a camp for internally displaced persons. The pinch of peace It’s not only the gravediggers feeling the pinch of peace in Mogadishu. The dead bodies brought to Jama for burial are usually wrapped in a white piece of cloth. According to Muslim customs, when someone dies they should be wrapped in a white piece of cloth called kaffan before being buried. With the number of deaths in Mogadishu falling greatly, kaffan sellers in Hamar Weyne have also been left wondering how to make ends meet. “Two years ago we use to sell at least 49 metres of kaffan a day. Now, we barely sell two metres,” sayskaffan seller Mohamed Abdi Khadir. He’s been forced to diversify his target market from selling kaffan for burials to selling it as a tablecloth to new top-end restaurants opening in Mogadishu. “In Mogadishu, if you don’t adapt with the changing currents, you will die.” Jama feels he is too old to change his career. He speaks clearly about what will put food on the table for his family: “For us, we are happy when there are bombs going off and fighting taking place. I have seven children and a wife to feed. “If others don’t die, they will die.” Source: Al Jezeera


  1. Merely the Big Calm before the FINAL Hurricane!

    When will the 20,000 Amisom leave and Reinstate your Sovereignty?

    Recognition is irrelevant with your Sovereignty!

    To achieve Full sovereignty:

    – Control your Territorial-Claims fully.
    – Repatriate all Refugees from Yemen, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somaliland and Uganda.
    – Maintain a fixed population within territorial borders and provide services.
    – Have a Government that has Majority consensus and legitimate representation.

    Road-Map governments will only serve to legitimize the SELL of Somalia-Italia's resources and ocean and empower neighboring governments to deny any further refugee uptake as a result of a recognized Somalia-Italia-federal territory.

    • Just when i though you was wising up you had to go and do this bro the only direction Doomsday is heading is towards your 20+ years in a coma secessionist day dreamers

      • The offensive has always come from you not us… 18-May-1991 only occurred after Ali-mahdi unilaterally proclaimed himself the sole president of the Somali-Republic.

        Today if Hassan Mahamoud claims he is the sole president of Somali-Republic it is even more ridiculousness then Ali-Mahdi's claim 22-years ago and we do not wish you any harm but you still have not learnt from your own self inflicted wounds the past 22-years.

        Since 1960 Members of Somaliland-Republic and those of us that believe in the sanctity of our god given independence from the chaos that engulfed you and your Somalia-Italia territory have neither crossed over into your border as done so by Ethiopia, Kenya, Djibouti, Burundi etc…

        We have chosen a path that simply leaves you alone to do with as you please your territory and your population without interference and for 22-years all we ask for is to also have your acceptance of our majority choice made in 18-May-1991 when you chose to crown yourselves kings of your Somalia-Italia.

        If there was ever anything of interest that was available in your half of the 1960Union it is yours to keep, you have your 2-rivers, your wealthy farm lands longest stretch of Indian coast, natural minerals.. etc
        There is nothing you want from our little dessert and our 4million population.

        You may be smiling when you claim Unionism, you may believe you are innocent when you oppose our rights, you may even think you have something to offer us. The honest truth is that you cannot bare to respect the choice already made by our majority. If we were your enemy we would not be protecting the 90,000+ refugee from your country who i promise you have a better quality of life then those in Muuqdishu idp camps and those in compounds in Nugaal and Bari.

        Dialogue is a two-street your Ali Mahdi made a choice 22-years ago by himself… We respected his choice and left him alone… 22-years later we cannot get you to respect our choice and leave us alone?.

        🙂 Since 1960 there has not been a single Somalilander as the PRESIDENT of the Union… i wonder why? Believe your somalia-Italia and it's politicians killed somali-Republic and somaliweyn in the process.

        Until your people accept and respect the wishes of others there will never be neither Somali-republic nor Somaliweyn. Infact you will continue to exist as a failed state until Somalia-Italia accepts it's territory of 01-Jul-1960 which it inherited from Italy as it's own and works from there to build consensus and state apparatus that deliver basic governance services to it's population and territory.

        🙂 i wish you well with your Road-Map trajectory and may it not lead to another DEAD-END!!!.

    • Buuxiye

      tell us about your other 8, January deadline for puntland where the huricane should have hit and the full scale civil war in Garowe? did you move your deadline to when Amisom leaves? by that time when somali F16s are flying all over Somalia? tell us the safety of "the best kept trible enclave in horn of africa? what is the latest from FCO? is it safe there? do you want go through mogadishu next time? the road between berbera and hatgeisa is very dangarous kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

      • Where exactly does Faroole claim president post 9th-Jan-2013?

        Puntland-Province has fully welcomed the USA Recognition of the Road-Map Government as the replacement of the TFG as such the Road-Map process has concluded with a Somalia-Italia-Federation with Hassan Mahmoud as the sole President of the territorial borders that gained independence from Italy 1-Jul-1960.

        Faroole is a mere Governor of a province of Somalia-Italia-Federation. There was no need for war Faroole is capitulating perfectly fine and has less legitimacy then once upon a time Caalim governor of Galmogaduud-State.

        This is worse then death for an MJ Megalomaniac.

      • Gedo.

        Your right, this person buxi very twisted creature. he said Puntland will become like hell after 10th jan nothing happen. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk,kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, they take any notice about this person buxi,kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk,kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  2. Abandoning Las Anod and bringing peace to this troubled city (Mogadishu) was worth it after all. Today the people of Las Anod are being persecuted by the Ethiopian stooge (SNM) because of the sacrificing Puntland made. As soon as the arms embargo ban is lifted the Ethiopian stooge (SNM) will go down in history.

    • Somalis are already armed beyond reason. Every Nomad has an Ak47 in the countryside. We have enough weapons and ammunition to sustain a continues conflict fro 10years without resupply.

      I thought Gerowe received Saracen training and refit of your death squads??

      🙂 it is not about what weapons you have it is about who is holding them!

      – SSDF will always run even with all the weapons on earth.
      – USC will always turn the weapons on their own when they do not have another enemy.
      – SNM only use weapons for liberation.

      • Buuxiye i knew you was cuckoo a country needs a fully equipped army in order to protects its borders while an AK47 RPG's is for guerrilla movements

        (PIS) i disagree because the ICU were controlled by the moderates for goodness sake their leader was made the president after.

        What the likes of Punland did is release its radical side which Punland is starting to feel the heat of that action all because they feared a strong nationalistic united south lead by the Hawiye which is what is happening now anyways.

        • triblism is very weak in this way
          we are recovery my friend
          stop agitating darood tribes
          they are the reason s/land are not being recognized even britain today.
          its federal government now, every man is going back to his region/s
          just look at what puntland did/what khatumo is diong and jubbaland, get real kismayo will become bigger than muqadishu in 20 yrs
          dont get it twisted daroods love mugadishu cuz they built it

      • >>>SSDF they were smart enough to know when to lay down their weapon before their civilian get nore problem. they were also brave to fight.

        >>>USC they are not real fightres but xayawan with weapon. the real fightres usualy know their target.

        >>>SNM are not also good fightres because REAL rebel never fight over their house and they are responsible the death of all innocent ppl been kill in 1984.

    • Puntland Geez, In the mind of SNM I really feel that things are as they were in 1991 when the central government Somalia was collapsed. Isaaq people were lured into fall imagination by people like Buuxiye WHO made them to lose somany opportunity during the last 20 years. Mengistu used them as boat to destroy Somalia and he is gone, SNM stooges do not have hide out today since Mr. Abdi Mohamud Omar, president of Somali Region of Ethiopia is in full control of the the Howd where they used to wage wars. They don't know that they are sandwiched from the sides by pro-unity people like Harti and Samaron and Issa, this are only few example. If they are wise enough they should acknowledge the reality and stop the senescence. The fact the Western government are alarming their people not visit these areas is enough lesson although people like my brother Buuxiye are not heading.

      • Gee you are so wrong as usualy hater want to speak about clan rather than people or nation so let go with it Indeed DIR clan made already their choice with Djibouti DIR country. Issaq, Issa and Samaron did not make same mistake than their borther somalilander humilated by your clan Darood and they never regret it and live peacefully. With large majority again in Somaliland, DIR clan claim their lost sovergnity.Harti in Somaliland are minority and in case of future referendum within SL border, there will be no doubt about result for sovergnity If you don t believe me let s do it again referendum under IC supervision and let s check if Awdal or Salal as u write want to live again with crasy Reer Konnfur clan. Time of BS somalinimo is over..New rule is on agenda.Finally with Hawiye rule forever in Somalia , we gonna get soon 2 DIR state and 1 IRIR state . Darood will be big looser becoz even they are majority in NFD and Kil 5, they have to kiss daily their master Bantu and Habashi.. looll

        • Hornid, may be I have some blood from Darood from my remote ancestors but I am not Darood, I am Samaroon, I don't hate peace, progress and stability in our region, but i disagree with you on issue of dividing Somalia. People can be different in attitude, for example my cousins are dying and getting injured to fight against khatomo state while I and majority of Samaroon are standing for the unity of Somalia. To come to my point as you said Irrir is great majority in Somalia in comparison with our brothers Darood, Digil and Midhifle in the South t can be also brought to side of Irir for many reason as, as you are aware Somalia's poletics seems to getting transformed from clan to alliance based on regions or "umbrella clan" if I can call it.
          So as Somalilanders why don't we see the large pictures and join our brothers by strengthening the ongoing dialogue between South and North. While we can lead Somalia, why we narrow down our selves to a low level.

  3. I gotta take me wife from Hargeisa urgently because I can't stand the sight of me wife stopped in the street and whipped publicly for wearing bra.

    • Is this SNA-Jadiid madeup of 25,000 Abgaal?

      If yes then i welcome them Big time, and wish them all the best in their uniting somalia-Italia territory under a single military command structure.

    • Hassan Mahamoud sounds like a Humble person however in less then 200days he has already changed under pressure from the political elitist that surround him. Few quotes from his speech

      "I am standing here in front of you as the ELECTED President of a Legitimate government of a Sovereign Nation of Somalia"
      – correction there was a SELECTION-process of Road-Map signatory members.
      – Legitimacy is earned not bestowed and sorry you have non outside Vila-Muuqdishu.
      – Sovereign Nation without Territory, fixed population, legitimate government and only recognition to sign binding contracts is a lie.
      – Somalia without a defined territorial border in your constitution stand for nothing. Does somalia mean Somaliweyn, Somalia-Italia or somali-Republic or something totally new with a territory of Vila-Muuqdishu?

      "We are the child that needs to learn"
      – You mean Amisom children need schools?

      "We are a nation again the federal republic of Somalia"
      – where are the federals? and can Djibouti, Kilil and NFD join the federal republic?


      "6-pillar policy for which i will be responsible personally"
      -Repatriation of Refugees
      -Expansion of federal activity into NFD, Kilil and Djibouti
      -State building
      -building a national army of 25000 Abgaals

      HEAR clearly "Amisom must be fully equipped to free the remaining occupied lands".
      – In other words USA will cough-up $650Million per year for the next 10years to feed Amisom.

      "We appeal to our friends to continue to supply troops to continue to protect us from harm, we are your children, your daughters, your sons and we are learning to walk and we need your help and protection from harm"


      "Please safe us from disasters thank you "

      "We must recover our dignity from continues abuse"

      "We are happy to have our refugees in your countries back home where they belong" "we want our populations back" "please be patient just a little longer for the return of the refugees"

      "Strong central governance will be built with the capacity to govern the whole country"
      -That goes against federalism then nooo???

      "Our people will continue to repel central government unless we have a well equipped troops that can collect taxes and establish rule of law"
      -Does that mean Bossaso will be forced to pay taxes?

      " I call African entrepreneurial people to get involved in Somalia we need you"
      – Kenyans conduct all the skilled labor already and you wish to invite more hungry injir infestations good luck.

      Over all Hassan BEGGED and painted a fragile fledgling village-chief status. Amisom will still be in charge of Muuqdishu and the rest of Somalia-Italia according to this speech for another 20years. He gives lip service to federalism and will never commit even a cent to further the cause of this Gerowe driven agenda nor will he ever allow jubaland to be another puntland. It is apparent in his speech that he is smooth and will say what ever it takes to keep the tantrums of Faroole in check while ensuring he derails any jubaland agenda unless it serves his Central-government based political strategy.

      Hassan Mahamoud is fully aware that he faces too much opposition to a strong central government however he is not a skilled politician and tends to divulge during his speech when discussing federalism he appears to totally detest the concept. He is shrewd and will avoid any direct confrontation of the federalism groups until at least he has a strong central government troops that will have international support if he deploys them in places like Gerowe or Kismanyo.

      There was no mention of the preparation of the country for a system of democratic Real ELECTION process of 1man 1vote and i believe people under-estimate how quickly 4years will pass by. Can Hassan Mahamoud hold democratic ELECTION across Somalia-Italia by 2016??? Hell no chance and this major task will be left until the last few months of his term so as to ask for an extension or hold the same farce that occurred in aug2012 and he will use his IMF Loans to simply purchase Majority vote once again. 2016-2020. 🙂 Game set and match in that time just like the Kacaan Muuqdishu will receive 99.99% of all projects and funding only this time Muuqdishu is 99% property of Abgaals.

      • All the major clans are well represented in SNA from the generals all the way down to the soldiers Hawiye Dir D&M Darood don't know about the .5 minority to comment though which if it ain't isn't the fault of SNA but maybe because of them not enlisting themselves.

        Yes i know SHSM was selected but what makes it difference this time is that it wasn't done in Djibouti Ethiopia or Kenya had that happened SHSM would of been stuck with the usual status quo instead of being rerecognized.

        Also if you listened to SHSM clearly when he was talking with Hillary he clearly said that he hopes in the next election the people themselves will choose their next leaders which tells you that he's got a plan on how to get rid of AMISOM and that is by lifting the arms embargo which will happen soon.

        Let me tell you something Buuxiye and that is in the coming years don't be surprised if you see our SNA fully equipped to the standers of a normal army if you haven't noticed lately lots of rich and powerful countries are behind the scenes prostituting themselves to SHSM in order to get his attention.

        I've even heard the main reason of why the USA recognized this government is to counter the Turkish influence remember they sent Turkey to counter Iran but now they're starting to not like Turkeys influence neither.

        The Turks literally in one year have done more for Somalia than the IC did for the last 20+ years and the West and the Arabs are starting to resent them for it because it brought a huge shame on them and because of that the Turks now go through Mogadishu without needing bodyguards something unimaginable let alone even with bodyguards while the rest of the IC is cooped up inside and to take the piss even more they even go swimming in Lido/Jazeera beach freely without hustle

        • Samale.

          Hold on your fake project, There is no ligament discipline SNA. you mention all major clans are part of this shanty moryaan army. your wrong, Darood one the major tribe in somalia are not part of this misleading project led by Hassan NGO, infact two Brigade mainly darood pull out last two months from mogadishu and went their original bases.

          Turkish AID workers always have escort because mogadishu anything can happen at any moment. also turkish Goverment found out last week hassan NGO his ill project. the turkish govermnt said it will only consider helping SNA if all somalis are in the same Boat + full approval from IC.

          • So who are those SNA in Jubba then ? anyways to the self-deniers just like the secessionist north
            just keep up to date in the coming few months

          • I don't know how should i explain things to you, your head is stronger then brick wall. there is no SNA in any part of somalia, they are all i mean all base on tribal. the arm forces in jubbaland are mainly local forces NO moryaan allow here.

            By now you should know there is difference between secessionist and ppl who wants to stablsih self rule semi- autonomous state within somali republic.

            Stop dowloading picture which does not make any sense. did know turkish AID workers in mogadishu employ more than four hundred registred arm escort with the approval of AMISOM. This picture does not show the escort unit but they are always there.

          • my brother those SNA that are in jubbaland are 92% darood mainly ogaden sub-clans, marehan sub-clans and lsome hartis repectively with bantus

          • I've never disagreed with that talo-wayn but that's not what me and Abshir were talking about.

            Yes Abshir the SNA works under a tribal line none the less they still are all part of the SNA ?

          • samale.

            YOU have no clue what so ever the meaning of SNA. YOU becoming more by the day diluted confuse person same as "buxis" . the difference between old real SNA and moryaan led fake SNA is, EX- SNA they use to have all somali clan under ONE embralle and the Moryaan version of SNA is t"Moryaan SNA"kk.

            Once somalia stablish strong federal system than real SNA will come back in the meantime moryaan SNA can stay where they are.

          • IRIR i do not doubt your sentimental aspirations and i can see from how you write you do have genuine believe and desire to see a success where we will continue to have a difference of perspective is our differing stand points YOU have an Emotionally bias perspective where as I am basing my stance on facts. 22-years are witness and evidence on HOW to cause failure.

            Road-Map government has a chance to do things differently and to focus their Governance within Somalia-Italia-Federation and then continue the 2-STATE dialogue process.

            That is all we have left to discus when and if that only DOOR closes Road-Map Government will suddenly begin to loose legitimacy outside of Vila-Muuqdishu.

      • buxit

        DO you think in your little brain hassan culusow and moryanos can deploy forces to Garowe and kismayo you must be very diluted person. bare in mind Puntland created this goverment and put foundation the future govermen. culusow can't deploy any forces. first, somalis civil war will ignite like a volcano again. second, the IC are aware somali situation more than any body. third, today somalia almost every tribe control own territory. fourth, there are more than enough forces protecting these states and will not be spare any blood every pure Darood Jaberti Ismail will go frontline. fifth, if you think your small enclave region will be peaceful if full scale war start than your very naive diluted person asual. sixth, the IC will not lift arm embargo for long time to come. hassan culusow can tell IC anything but it will go deaf ears, they are aware somali condition. seventh, Jubbaland faith already decided by local jubbalanders, it's on final touch creation of Jubbaland Hassan gurgurte can't do anything about accept listen what the majority ppl in Jubbaland want, also IC told him to leave regional affairs or face defeat.

        I heard about somaliland region fairy tale is over since the british goverment announce no go ZONE area somaliland region. this is final blow to your fake dream…..

  4. Let us all be thankful to the Almighty God that the era of death and destruction in Somalia is behind us. For the gentlemen who built their career around the sad business of grave digging, they should either abandon that field of work or establish a legitimate funeral houses. It is shocking to read about digging graves for people who are still alive. It is even sadder when people like Mohamed Jama are convinced that the only way they can provide for their many children, is the continuation of the massacre of the Somali people. These gentlemen should use contraceptives to have fewer children instead of wishing death for other people's children so that they can make a living. When you read about the non-challant attitude of those grave diggers about life and death, you can easily understand why Mogadishu was levelled to the ground!

    • Irir Samaale,

      What is the point of providing a link for the above topic here and how does it relate to the debate? Let us please keep our discussion in the confines of the article on hand. You don't have to prove anything for anyone.

      • I know bro but this guy keeps talking about AMISOM so i had to show him evidence to to shut him up once and for all and if he is still not getting it then i think he's just a retarded person

        + Slpress sometimes is too slow to post important articles for my liking i come here not only to read but also to debate with my fellow Somalis about Somalia : )

        • Irir Smaale,
          Your cut and paste attachment proves Buuxiye's point of which a lack of sex for some AMISOM soldiers that are temporarily stationed in Somalia is something need to be addressed. The individuals came forward on the issue are perhaps the ones that are suggesting they are too good to sleep with Somali women. In that regard, instead of counter debating with your opponent you're actually putting your foot in your mouth due to absence of human intelligence from your part..


      You are providing this as defense?

      "A former Ugandan soldier, who served under AMISOM in Somalia, speaking anonymously, said it was "deasy to get women in Somalia beacuse of their poverty. One of (my colleagues) impregnated a woman but she was punished and exiled in Uganda she was only 15".

      Amisom troops are given $100 every month to spend. all their food is free. there is nothing else to spend the $100 on other then RELEASING stress.

      This articles is not a defense but an incrimination of your somalia-Italia-Fufuderation. 1.5Million Idps will do anything for a Few dollars.

      • i suggest you read again ? or ask someone else to do it for you

        I'm not saying its hundred % but one things for sure they ain't touching the major clans expect maybe the Rahanweyns who are the majority IDP's and when they do they get punished unlike the Habashis that are in Hargeisa and Brebera absuing your woman's freely

        • Irir Samaale

          Amison and Burundi are Muslim. they're not here to have a good time but to do a job and my brother who went to hamar who met with them could tell you few thing he saw his own eyes, this man are discipline and their behavior is above and beyond approach and I wish we could say the same about Somali man or for that matter Somali soldiers. all the problems occur there and any rape or bad behavior that you hear will have Somalia face attach to it. it's unfortunate but that's the true. So my point is let's not give bad name people who came here to help us out. when we couldn't help our self and deal this disgusting and unacceptable habit of taking what's not ours. whether is property or human dignity.

          • What a crazzy folks, well the habashi also are having good time in Hageisa and burco. i am ethiopian i know same of freinds live there to other sorts of business.

  5. Wow
    This scumbags can go as far as the eye can see. Since when did grave digging became a business?
    What if someone dies and their is no money for the grave digging, is that person going to be dumped in the river or cremated?
    This just reminds me of the west and how they make money out of the dead people.
    In Muslim countries as I knew when I used to live there people used to pitch together and bury their dead as one family, whereas as they expected khair from the almighty god for doing a good debt.
    Is this what the Italians taught this scumbags to do? I wonder why they are eating each other
    like hyenas, thought lately even the hyena can’t escape their barbarism.
    “I have seven kids kulaaha and if someone doesn’t die then they will die” what a creature. He forgot all gods will and all the good debts a muslim is suppose to do. Subxanallah.
    This are the people who want us to share a country together. Inallilah wa inahi rajucuun.
    Once you see a society making business out of the dead that society is doomed just like the west and money will count to be their almighty.

  6. Samali project.

    It seems your not understanding anything ACCEPT your little ill-advice project. the two artical you downloaded it's irrelevant to creation of Jubbaland state. majority ppl in Jubbaland will chooce their destiny NOT moryaan base leadership.

    – First artical shows troops landed kismayo port, those troops were trained EU and they are part of COALITION ALLIANCE FORCE in Jubbaland.

    -Second artical shows meeting in baydhabo this meeting does not concern jubbaland and will not effect what so ever,because Jubbaland future already decided and sealed the rgihtful majority owners of this land. and how in the world possible putting six region under one umbrella even thoe some of these regions DO NOT speak the same language.kk

  7. Hating Somaliland is what I see uniting southern Somalia. In this article the man mentioned the various dangers facing the southerns from neighboring countries and foreigners but no one even acknowledged that or even disputed it let alone get alarmed at these prospects. I can't say the people here are immature and doesn't understand the calamity of these claims. Although I am a supporter of Somaliland , the south is also my second homeland. I have roots there. and I don't like to loose it to no one no matter what. To me kismayo and Xamar are the same as Hargeisa and Burao. Those of you who mistakenly think that lander are the enemy of Somalia think again. Put things into perspective . SEE THE FACTS ON THE GROUND. Be smart and think clearly. Somaliland is not lost but Somalia is in danger of being lost. Somaliland is the only place to day where all Somalis live in dignity and without humiliation. Think people think and be smart.

  8. Hodon/Gobaad.

    Funeral bussines always existed if you don't know that, just look how big business is funeral in wetren countries. this show how diluted you are…….