In Somaliland, we appear to have a government. It looks like a government, often talks like a government, and sometimes behaves like a government. But you can’t really understand the modus operandi of Silanyo’s government until you scratch beneath the surface and reveal that it is not actually a government but a small clique of utterly unscrupulous individuals pulling the strings everywhere in Somaliland.

This clique would go extra ordinary lengths not only to flout the laws of the land but also to wallow in the blood of innocents, if it threatened their best interests as in the case of the massacre that took place at Ahmed Dhagah and further afield.

Hardly anyone would disagree that the recent local council elections held in the country on 28 November 2012 split the country right down the middle. The nation is now more divided than ever before. And these divisions are more broader and have far deeper roots than one might think especially in the capital city, Hargeisa, where there is brinkmanship between supporters of Haksoor political association and the beleaguered government of Ahmed Silanyo.

In Zeila, there is bad blood between the Vice President’s clan and the indigenous ESSA people over the “manipulated results of the Somaliland local council election” which led to ESSA not being able to win enough councilors in order to propel one of their clan members into the mayor’s office in the ancient town of Zeila. The Vice President was accused to have directly interfered in the electoral process to tip the scales in favour of his clan. The Vice President did not deny this. As a result, the ESSA categorically rejected the outcome of the local elections. At least one person was killed and dozen others were injured over the results of the local election dispute. Attempts by the government to reconcile the two sides ended with dismal failure, prompting the minister of interior Mohamed Nur Arale to threaten the ESSA by saying, “We will not be at the mercy of any party as far as the peace and security is concerned”. The minister has been roundly criticized for stooping to a level of such immaturity and contempt.

For their part, the Gadabursi accuse the government of pandering to the demands of ESSA and trying to reverse the outcome of an election it claims to be fair and free.

The same “cooked” election results led to the complete rupture of relations between the government and Arab supporters of HAKSOOR in Ahmed Dhagah district. The Dhulbahante and Warsangeli are equally up in arms that the majority of their electorate has been deliberately disenfranchised, making it virtually impossible for so many to exercise their fundamental rights to discharge their civic duties. The blame for this loss of fundamental rights has been placed squarely at the feet of the chairman of National Electoral Commission, Essa Mohamed Jama by non other than the president’s special advisor on the eastern front, Fuad Aden Adde.

Needless to say, the government lost parts of its capital city after it alienated Arab as a result of the fraudulent election. Hargeisa is no longer a contiguous city as it used to be before 28 November 2012. The South West bank territory of Hargeisa remains a no-go area for all government functionaries including security forces. It remains outside the jurisdiction of the central government following the massacre committed by Silanyo’s security forces at Ahmed Dhagah district on 6th December 2012 in which three people lost their lives and scores of others were injured- some of them seriously. The ages of slain children ranged from 13-16.
It is precisely this state terrorism perpetrated by Silanyo’s government against its own citizens that led Ahmed Dhagah to become a renegade territory within the capital city of Hargeisa- a stone’s throw away from Silanyo’s seat of power.

Today, Ahmed Dhagah virtually remains a separate enclave within Hargeisa. Tax collection is a thing of the past, people buy plot of lands in droves and build their homes without planning permissions and without the hassle of much of the red tape and/or bribery that are usually associated with such an endeavour. Police stations and government offices are either empty or are manned by familiar faces friendly with the roaming local boys.

It still remains off-limits for government officials. Authorities either sneak in under the cover of darkness or stay out of the area completely depending on how pressing their needs are. Yet, surprisingly as it may sound, there are no reported crimes or anarchy whatsoever which is why so many people erroneously think that it is business as usual for Hargeisa- almost two months after the local election on 26 November 2012 when, in fact, that is not the case.

So angry are Arab young men in Ahmed Dhagah that every vehicle with identifiable government plate number that passes through Ahmed Dhagah or its environs is either impounded or are pelted with hail of stones if it fails to stop.

A group of henna-dyed elders who went out of their way to mend fences with the government was uncharacteristically castigated by fiery young clerics who believe that the elders had gone beyond the limits of the clan-family’s tolerance.

Spewing out their hatred and anger in every direction, Ahmed Dhagah women came out in force to have their daggers drawn with the government on Tuesday, 1st January 2013. Wearing red bands symbolizing the blood of the murdered protesters in Ahmed Dhagah, the women expressed their disgust at Silanyo’s government and its handling of what everyone now agrees to be a “plainly fraudulent election” as put it by the leaders of the two of the three parties that qualified for national party status. The ruling party, KULMIYE, was the exception, of course.

As if the rest of the Somaliland people are not aware of the brutal murders that took place in Ahmed Dhagah, the women took no prisoners as they spoke uncontrollably in front of rolling cameras, condemning the two houses of parliament for their collusion and connivance with the government.
As if that was not enough, the women and young men vowed to commit themselves not to allow the ministry of sports to hold the yearly Regional Football Tournament in Hargeisa’s only Stadium which is situated in Ahmed Dhagah district. Now, the tournament has been postponed to June because the government could not guarantee the security of the teams and spectators.

Sadly, what was once a warm relationship between Silanyo and the people of Ahmed Dhagah has unnecessarily turned into a deadly confrontation- a confrontation that seems to be steadily escalating to the point where lasting harm might be done to the country.

Certainly, the government is the guilty party here which is why the government prefers to remain low profile while its already tarnished reputation takes a merciless beating in Ahmed Dhagah.

The government and National Election Commission (NEC) collectively failed to answer until now why out of the so many electoral districts in Marodi Jeh province the ballot boxes from electoral district of Ahmed Dhagah [the stronghold of HAKSOOR] went missing? No one would explain or answer this question.

HAKSOOR’s formal ballot papers that have been correctly marked by voters to show their preferred candidates have been dumped and burned in the dry river bed of Hargeisa. It was an obvious criminal offence and an investigation should have been immediately launched but the government reportedly advised the NEC officials to ignore HAKSOOR’s complaint.

When supporters of HAKSOOR in Ahmed Dhagah began to protest against these injustices the minister of interior has deployed an-anti terrorist police unit to quell the protest by using live ammunition against the peaceful demonstrators. At least three people have been killed including two teenagers aged 13 and 14. Scores of others have been injured-some of them seriously. No one has taken responsibility for these cold blooded murders and no investigation have been launched whatsoever until now.

HAKSOOR officials took formally their complaints to the relevant chief justices of the district and provincial courts of the country but the justices were clearly instructed by the presidential palace not to entertain any complaints from HAKSOOR.

Hersi Haji Ali, the minister of the presidency, who is widely rumoured to govern the country, went to visit Edna Aden’s Hospital on 16th December 2012. Soon he found himself surrounded by nearly 300 menacing young men wielding machetes, sticks and stones. For several hours, he found himself barricaded in the Hospital only to be bundled out of the back door stealthily by the founder of the hospital and former foreign minister, Edna Adan. The president’s motorcade was greeted with the sole of shoes which are considered the ultimate insult in Somali culture.

Until now, the clique that runs the government remains in a dangerous state of denial. They acts as if nothing has happened, refusing to acknowledge that these events even took place while Haksoor supporters lodged a complaint against president Silanyo in London for unlawful killing of peaceful demonstrators- mostly school children.

This ostrich like behaviour is not a legitimate option though and represents a gross dereliction of duty. We can’t keep pretending everything is fine when it’s not. The Somaliland nation is bitterly divided at the worst possible time and a house divided against itself cannot stand. The fact that the British government urged its nationals, including the higher number of Britons with a Somali background who visit relatives in Somaliland, to leave the country immediately because of a “specific threat” to foreigners is a clear testament to the fact that everything is not fine in Somaliland.

Jamal Madar
London, United Kingdom


  1. People like you Jamal Madar need to stop writing false articles because you really don't know what you are talking about. It's petty little guys like you who are trying to make Somaliland look bad.

  2. The Ethiopian stooge (SNM) were never a government before but fugitives who are on the run so let them enjoy their fresh-air while it last.
    As soon as the decade old arm embargo is lifted the Ethiopian stooge (SNM) bones will be scattered all over Hargeisa.

    • fun man!!!! keep in mind that said bare regime has one of the strongest forces in africa when snm toppled out

  3. Well i know what the UK did to Somaliland is unforgiving and that goes for this article and this author who is a British citizen. What's with those somaliland british why do they hate somaliland and they are not somalilander they outsiders.

  4. Former SNM chairman,President of Somaliland region of Somalia and true SNM man Abdirahman Ahmed Ali Tuur (who publicly sought and advocate reconciliation with the rest of Somalia under a power-sharing federal system of governance) dream is coming to life, but as usual the same separatists minorities who exiled him to Ethiopia are working so hard to undermine the union path. But time has changed, and people are more educated and aware of them. Couple of week ago, the blue flag was waved by sub-clans of S@@q tribe Hargeysa, indicating that the separatists had lost the majority support of their own tribe. Therefore the notion that the majority of that region wants a secession, is utterly falls.

    • Individuals may choose to be employed where ever there is easy cash. If there is a way for me to bankrupt your central bank i would seek a job there too. Indirect sabotage and getting rich in the process.

      What have Dirty-Waqoyists ever done for you in 22-years of them coming to your doorsteps???

      🙂 They take your money sing you a few songs and in the process relay your national secrets back to their handlers. They do not have any followers nor political relevance among us.

      Those Dirty-Waqoyists cannot even attend their Father's Funerals!

    • Sir, you are a refugee allowed to use Somalilandpress, to make a comment, if you abuse your stay we will kick you out. Watch out for your on going abusive comment. This website belongs to a Somaliland believers and supporters if you do not behave professionally, your days of using this website is numbered.

        • Not any people but ethical and reasonable people who aren't under the influence. Not to qoute you but karma becone's my son of another mother.

          • And I assume you believe to be ethical and reasonable, when your whole secession agenda is based on unethical unreasonable claims. Have a good day Mr zero

  5. Jamal Madar has written a fair and balanced article that enlightens and informs. Suddenly, a lot of issues that has been in the news lately become clear and make sense; the deafening silence of Siilaanyo and his 7-up Qudhmiye party, the failure of Zeila mediation talks, the postponement of the Regional Football Tournament and the British government urging its nationals not to travel to Somaliland and those who are already there to leave the region for their own safety all point to the fact that everything is not fine and well in Morgan's former house.
    Most of our people in the region are praiseworthy to keep their precious peace and it is encouraging that common sense and human decency prevails so far. But mature wisdom and consensus building are needed in trying times like now when the affairs of the people are mismanaged by few. In any civilized society, lunacy and an outright deceit are not allowed to stand. Those who irresponsibly destroyed the trust of our society and who shamefully endanger the peace and tranquility of our people to enrich and empower a single tribe must not be allowed to govern and must pay a hefty price for their treachery.

    • All of you are attacking the man instead of the message. You can not differentiate between your tribal interest and the defence of the common good; as far as you are concerned anyone who points to the failings of Siilaanyo and Qudhmiye party is attacking your little Garadag project. Get a life!

  6. Honestly I don't want North-west Somalia to go into a civil war, because in every civil, only the innocents die. I sincerely hope that the people rise up together against the separatists leaders, and not play into their cards by attacking each other. Ow Allah, pleas help them. Ameen!!!!

    • May Allah safe your people from being the biggest hypocrites and sheegatoo on earth in addition to being the ones who throw the most tantrums at the political level.

      • Lool @hypocrite. Funny that you call the south hypocrites, when you are the one that claims to be democratic, while you support the oppressing of the majority who clearly don't want your separatists agenda. You separatists are so pathetic that you exiled your own president Tuur for exercising the wishes of the majority, which is to reconcile with the south.

        • You have finally proved that you are a big loser and liar when you argued the minority oppress the majority in Somaliland while the whole world know that the current Administration of Somaliland was democratically elected and came to power by majority vote. Waar ninyahaw Dhuloz ee Sheikhaal sheeganayaa nabadgelyo, intaas ayaa iigaga kaa filan waxaad tahay ye.

          • I guess you not aware of the views of the IC and the Somalia people then. Clearly you live in a self-fabricated life. Mate if you had the majority vote then this whole argument would have never started.

          • I guess you missed a class in international politics. The World super powers worship themselves and their own agenda and they have at their helm a lot of non-believers to an afterlife.

            Your death is irrelavent, their actions must have tangible returns and one buys their time and their attention. they do no need you unless they can exploit you and whn they are done with you nobody will remember you even existed just like:

            – Sadaam
            – Mubarak
            – Gadaafi
            – Siyad
            – Etc

            Used abused and discarded… They have no place for sentiments nor act on the basis of Rights or Wrongs. At times it is best to be shunned by them and be left out of their field of vision for i know nothing good that has been gained by those who have anything they do desire… in your case you are a negro that has been a nuisance for far too long and they are not helping you dimwit they are pacifying your stupid reckless people that have turned the Indian ocean into a nightmare while holding the nationals of over 135countries hostage and for your lack of collective will to develop the apparatus to prevent your homeland being used as a terrorist training ground…

            How dumb and short-sighted can one get? goldfish have longer attention spans.

          • Who said I was not aware of that and what has that got to do with what I highlighted? Again go easy on the alcohol and khat bro 🙂

  7. Hahahahahaha the true has finally come out but its too lates SNM. Let me tell you some thing Silanyo was siad barre's warlord his student. So how come a Warlord men can be a president and wants to be recognize as a country. when u dont have a faith of allah, allah will lead you to the wrong direction.

    1) The Koran tell us if your neigbour does not have food we should not eat or offer them food first.
    2) when you killed a innoncent person is like you kill the whole mankind
    3) Fairness, Liar The signs of the hypocrite are three: when he speaks, he lies; when he makes a promise, he breaks it; and when he is entrusted with something, he betrays that trust.”

    (Narrated by al-Bukhari, 33; Muslim, 59)

    4) there is not unity between the tribe whose lives in somaliland

    Isaaq have wasted their chances so back to somalia and I think its good for you guys because at the moment your iman is gone. I think allah is teaching a lesson.

    • What kind of person pretend to speak the words of holy Koran and yet again, say a clan has wasted its time.

      Give me a break, keep your nonsense wacdi, to yourself and the clan you belong to. If you do not belief in Somaliland do not try to hide under the cover of diin. Shame on you.

      Death to all enemies of Somaliland. long live Somaliland and its people.

      • Lool…Gosh, the guy highlighted facts, and instead of actually taking in what he said, you refuted him. ''Death to all enemies of Somaliland. long live Somaliland and its people'', Pleas do highlight which people you are talking about and what clan their from. Oops you can't, because that way you will expose yourself and reveal the cover-up. Bye Mr zeo

    • kkkkkkk

      i though daroods were roman cathlocis since their women love black religious guys. Anyway Stealing is one of the biggest sins in islam and the punishment is cutting of the hand, if that is the case then 97% of all daroods should have their hands cut off

  8. If the author of this article thinks he is speaking on behalf of people of Ahmed Dagax his is totally lying.
    I am born and raised in Ahmed dagax. No one can ever remove my self determination as Somalilander from me. You can believe me or not, Majority of people of Ahmed Dagax, will give their blood for the causes of Somaliland. And will never buy this kind of garbage article.

    There were some people who were angry the way the local election were conducted by the authority, especially, the central government and the election board, but to equate that anger against Somaliland is an insult to people of Ahmed Dagax and I appeal to the writer of this nonsense article to recant and clarify what he really means by writing Hargeisa divided? Give me a break.

    One more time, for all of you who are anti-Somaliland including but not limited to liar1, Somaliland is here to stay forever.
    May Allah, bless Somaliland and its people. AMIN!

  9. Br Jamal has told the truth eloquently and clearly articulated the blunder of the Siilanyo Government and truth as always hurts initially but heals at the end. What we need now is to focus how to get our little beloved country out of the current mess. Number one step now is to employ unprecedented patience by all sensible Somalilanders and realize and agreed upon before it is too late, that our elected government made a big gaffe either by accident or were ill advised to carry out deliberately, measures that resulted havoc as we all witnessed.

    What has allowed Somaliland to withstand all outside pressure for so long was it is culturally in tune miraculous ways of maintaining its hardcore interior amicably. This is the second time in its short history being bruised this core, albeit not so severely the latter to this day. This has to be rectified with clear cut measure by the government and Kulmiye party in my opinion.

    One way to come around this tragedy is to merge Kulmiye and Xaqsoor party and appoint Hassan Esse as its sole candidate for presidential race in 2015. I knew it is a bitter bill to swallow for the President and his junta but if the interest of Somaliland were anywhere precedent this is a smart way to pull the country out of its current miserable situation. If Hassan permitted to have a candidate from Sool region as a vice President and changed the name as XaqQumiye or Xaqkulmiye to signify the new merge would have been even better. The President has the will to defuse the tension in many ways but he has to act swiftly and more importantly speak out in a more dignified and curative way.

    • Lol I like how you said ''as always''. I guess you will chant that in your grave too ha? hahahahahahahaha

  10. Hating Somaliland is what I see uniting southern Somalia. In this article the man mentioned the various dangers facing the southerns from neighboring countries and foreigners but no one even acknowledged that or even disputed it let alone get alarmed at these prospects. I can't say the people here are immature and doesn't understand the calamity of these claims. Although I am a supporter of Somaliland , the south is also my second homeland. I have roots there. and I don't like to loose it to no one no matter what. To me kismayo and Xamar are the same as Hargeisa and Burao. Those of you who mistakenly think that lander are the enemy of Somalia think again. Put things into perspective . SEE THE FACTS ON THE GROUND. Be smart and think clearly. Somaliland is not lost but Somalia is in danger of being lost. Somaliland is the only place to day where all Somalis live in dignity and without humiliation. Think people think and be smart.

    • ''To me kismayo and Xamar are the same as Hargeisa and Burao'', these are your words and yet you seek or support a secession. Stop being hypocrite my friend, you can't be both.

  11. ZEINA WHO Manipulated the election the resul-both, mayor OF SALAL and people who were incharge of the election process were ESSA.

  12. Madar,

    Please spare us these little baby-cries and tantrums. You have lost an elections not because it was unfair, but unlike previous ones it reflected the true numbers of Arab population in Somaliland, Haksoor political organization, if I must call it so, has turned into terror organization after losing the elections and the Somaliland government had no choice, but to deal with terrorists as they ought to be dealt with.

    Far worst, Hassan Essa , Qabyo and others didn't instigate violence in peaceful Somaliland, but they also hid behind the children and women when the going got tough. Qabyo is in London now with his best friend and cousin doing nothing but campaigning to destroy Somaliland. They want Somaliland to sink into anarchy and destroy everything hoping Somaliland will be brought down. That will not happen, because Siilanyo government was elected by landslide to protect Somaliland from terrorists and the people of Somaliland will not be intimidated by a small mob of criminals, who are destroying the good name of the Arab community in Ahmed Dhagah district in Hargeisa.

    Saying Ahmed Dhagah is no go area for the Somaliland government is a real bad joke.

    • Hey brother,
      you said,
      "1) The Koran tell us if your neigbour does not have food we should not eat or offer them food first";
      I couldn't find that one anywhere in the quran;
      Please can you tell me where to find it?

  13. " Hersi Haji Ali, the minister of the presidency, who is widely rumoured to govern the country, went to visit Edna Aden’s Hospital on 16th December 2012. Soon he found himself surrounded by nearly 300 menacing young men wielding machetes, sticks and stones. For several hours, he found himself barricaded in the Hospital only to be bundled out of the back door stealthily by the founder of the hospital and former foreign minister, Edna Adan. The president’s motorcade was greeted with the sole of shoes which are considered the ultimate insult in Somali culture." THESE ARE YOUR OWN WORDS NOT THE SOMALILAND GOVERNMENT'S.

    If what you just said is true and a government minister was held hostage by armed criminals then the government had no choice but to deal with these terrorists. The same thing would have happened to these terrorist if they were in the UK, USA or China. In this case the government was elected to keep law and order and was only fulfilling its democratic duties, nothing more and nothing less.

    Ahmed Dhagah is peaceful and the people here are angry with Xaqsoor for shedding their blood in vain. Hassan Essa Jama and cohorts must realize losing election is not the end of the world and they now have the blood of Somalilanders in their hands. This blood will not be washed away by Hadhwanaag and Madar's propaganda cheap articles. LONG LIVE SOMALILAND!

  14. @Madar,

    You, Mohamed Ibrahim and many others of the Xaqsoor clan have lost the little respect Somalilanders had for you. You now are doomed to the trash of Somaliland history. I have no sympathy or respect for you.

  15. Somalilander can do best thing along with worst thing !.. How some can continue crying becoz their clan or subclan leader party lost even with unfairness and put Nation on danger by increasing Qabilnimo while our country face so many enemies inside or outside . Did Local election was perfect? No . Did Gov make wrong thing? Yes. So what! really i don’t care if Silanyo or other man lead country, the most important is to keep in mind to get full sovergnity and take lesson from any problem and move on. If some people have serious issue then they have to follow appropriate way with good evidence to show and no putting BS clanish article. That is not Democracy and free opinion..

  16. Madar,

    From what I can understand reading your article is that you are bitter, because your clan based political entity lost the local elections in Somaliland. I do not think the solution to your clan problems will be solved by antagonizing the majority of Somalilanders, who moved on after the outcome of the elections.

    Believe me, there will be no compromises and the election results are done deal and you are all hitting a break wall. We are not in Baligubadle SNM convention when you got away with more than what you deserved both population wise and contribution wise. If the formula of intimidation worked in your favor in Baligubadle convention, I grantee it is not going to work again in Somaliland. We are no longer vulnerable and our state is stronger than ever, keep that in your little head, Madar and pass it to Hassan Issa and the rest of your Arab clan.

    • Woow …so the monkey is out of the bag. "keep that in your little head, Madar and pass it to Hassan Issa and the rest of your Arab clan" . Clannism at its best, is this how a country is supposed be governed??? hmmm still in the dark ages.

    • HO HO HO, do not mistake a few individual with whole clan of Baligubadle. How do you know whether Mr.Madar, is a paid agent to put fitna among Somaliland people? There are a lot of Arab clan who were not Xaqsoor supporters and there people from your clan who are Pro- Somalia. So please, do not generalize, this is as a clan issue. Shame on you Mariam!


    • I tell you how they could They unlike you realised it was not a qabiil that done them wrong, but it was a military regime that was not based on qabiil. Your own ex-President Riyale (who was the head of the notorious NSS North-west section) tortured your fellow clan men on behalf of the military regime, yet you too blind and retarded to see that. Pleas go and seek some help, you obviously not mentally stable.






  19. Hargeisa is my native home and Somalia's second town. It has no room for cry babies, widows and separatists….who town the whole town into a shrine and graveyard.

    Silanyo and his Garadag Habashi should go back to Tigray region not even Garadag and one day I might expell them from all Somali territory.

    Here is a petition for all unionists, as you know there is Ethiopian habar that infiltrated into the Somali race through Isaaq by inventing fake "first/second wife as Habashi" mythical story…no different than Gambelaland.

    The question is should we expel them or should we Somalinize them? We do not know even if they secretly eat raw meat.

    As an Isaaq-Somali, I don't want them claiming Isaaq or Somali…Hargeisa is for Somali.

  20. I will be in Hargeisa next month, my advise for the fake tribal Council led by Dhiigshiil and that old Tigray man (Ato Siranyo) is to wait for me at the Berbera airport with some injera and zigni. Amisikinano.

  21. I havent been on this website for a while (A few years) but i am surprised to still see this useless pathetic clown kayse here. But last time i was here he was a "supporter" of Somaliland but i always knew he was pathetic, all talk but no action. My instincts was right he is useless and a faker.

  22. This well prepared article about the local election in Somaliland brought up the reality lies in Somaliland and the government led by Silaanyo, and I am surprise the outcome of the local elections held in Somaliland where so many people were victimized and were divided into tribes so as Silaanyo and his fellower keep the power, because it was their hiden agenda from the start of all. But the funny thing is that people in Somaliland how they failed to understand the hiden agenda Silaanyo had preior to his nomination for the position of president of Somalialnd. It is very sad that they wasted and disappointed the innocent people of Somaliland. The fact is that they deserve better than the kind of treatment they were given by the so called government. I would encourage to stand still against the so called government before things get worst.