GAROWE, 5 August 2009 (Somalilandpress) – The minister of information of the Somalia’s region of Puntland has been killed in Galkayo. The minister who was there for official work has been shot by two men wearing military uniform in the town’s downtown.

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Reports from Galkayo say the Minister went to Galkayo for a clan conflict in the area and was going to solve some insecurity problems in the region.

There is no further information about the incident but the the murderers managed to escape.

This is the first time that a Minister is killed in the city but assassination of officials, businessmen and others are common in the region especially Galkayo.

Puntland is a relatively peaceful state in the north east Somalia.



  1. Assasinations are common within puntland? so that means daily someone is being assasinated right? listen your reporting is what make slandpress a joke and that is why allafrica doesn't take u serious nor does anyone outside snm circle!!!

    • First and foremost may Allah rest his soul, it’s sad to hear that we are still killing each other after all these years. __It's simple brother…don't believe everything you hear or read…but stop your hatred towards Somalilandpress and Somaliland, if you don't like the site then stop coming otherwise take what you want from these articles and come to your own conclusions.__This is about a man who died, please send out your condolences and stop the nonsense.

  2. I have never heard any officials, businessmen and so called others, been killed in Puntland, but yes I heard it happensin all the time in the other region of Somalia, Mogadisho, Hargiesa, and Kismayo etc, but the way, there is nothing called Somaliland, so please guys stop dreaming and come back to reality.

  3. dahir gulled i agree with you 1000% there is nothing called somaliland there is only Somalia, peace out from owdal saylac

  4. What a sick minded these people are, look, the topic of this article is the killing of the so called information minister of putland, instead of making a comment about the killing what did the three gentemen cawke, gulled and abdi who made their comment wrote ,Nothing but their true colour of hatrate for Somaliland and and it's people.
    These is one of the reasons that Somaliland will never go back to failed union.
    We have learned our lesson for pervious thirty years. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, you cannot fool us twice.

    Somaliland today, Somaliland tomorow,Somaliland forever!

    • majority of somaliland people are unionist and great people being somalilander I am against the break up of somalia into small states that are fighting agains each other.
      it is the interest of somaliland to be part of federal somalia.
      we have play lion's share the revival of beloved and great somalia

  5. War deg-deg ah:Taliyihii ciidanka Bileyska Puntland oo caawa la diley

    Taliyihii ciidamada Booliska Puntland General Muuse Axmed Saalax oo 26-kii April loo magacaabay Xilkan ayaa geeriyooday caawa sida ay sheegayaan Warar aanu ka helayno magalo madaxda puntland ee garowe.

    Ilaa hada la garan mayo sababta rasmiga ah ee dhimashadan sababta ama qabkeeda,shacbiga iyo umada reer garoowe ay isla dhex marayaan in ladilay taliyaha , qaar kalana sheegayaan inuu isagu is dilayoo baaskoolad madaxa iskaga dhuftay, adoo dadka qaarka leh isagaa is dilay oo waliba dadka aanu warkaa ka helay ay taliyaha daris ama jaar yihiin ay sabab uga dhigayaan inuu isagu is dilay in ayaamahan labadii cishee u danbaysay uu taliyuhu xaga madaxa ka bukay .

    Balse waxaa hubaala in taliyaha ay ku dhacday xabad ama isagu haysku dhufto ama cidkalabee , kadibana loola cararay dhinaca cisbitaalka oo uu ugu dan bayntii ku geeriyooday.

    Waxaan wali lahayn cid si rasmiga arintaa uga war haysa oo ka warbixisa sida dilku u dhacay iyo cida geesatay falkan,

    Falkani wuxuu labaynayaa falkii maanta ka dhacay gaalkacayo oo ay muujinayso rajo xumada ka soo if baxaysa amaanka maamul goboleedka puntland

  6. I have nothing but love for my Somali brothers in the north , south, east, and west of Somalia.
    If I state the fact and tell you the truth as it is that: there is no such a country called Somaliland, it does not , by any mean, that I hate my brothers and sisters in the north, in the contrary, the fact that I want Somalia, to be united vouch for my undying love to my brothers and sisters from every region and states, so stop twisting my words, and do not just repeat the same mantra that the sepratist keep using by alway saying, oh ! stop hating on Somaliland. My replay to you is: how can I be hating on something that does not exists in the first place.

  7. RIP Seefta Bannaanka. He was the only minister in Puntland, who denied to hire bodyguards.

    I don't know what happened to people in Horn of Africa. We Somalis are killing each other all the time. We are brothers and sisters with the same religion and with the same ancestors and we are still killing each other for nothing but for tribalism, hatred and such thing.

    I love every Somali person, whether they are from Djibouti, Somaliland, Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya or anywhere else… Their triumph is my triumph….

    God bless Somalis wherever they are. God guide them to the path of the peace, prosperity, greater life and Muslimhood.

  8. Pirateland is no different than Mogadishu maybe less killings but the same savage culture of killings is there for all to see, the head of police and a minister are both dead in one day what does that say about Pirateland's Ku dayo model lol not much

    • eeey you so called son of snm stop using that great name, you are damaging its name Somali nationalist movement not somaliland nationalist movement there is big difference here

  9. it is very unfortunate that few thugs can dare to take away the noble life of seefta bannaanka. the disease of tribilsm anf clanism is every where in somalia . we have to try educate our people the ills of clanism. most criminals who kill inncocent people are illitrate people who come from the country side and remote villages .

  10. Rest in peace, Allah uu naxaristo. Somaliland ha lo naatoo, Somlia nabad ha yellatoo. Somaliland does exist it always had we made a admirable move by joining the SOMALI REPUBLIC (not somalia). We gave up our status as a separate country join in this union to help Somalia get its independence from Italy. As a state within this republic S/land suffered more than anyone else. You have no right to suggest we unite again. We share a common faith, ethicity and culture kind of but we owe each other nothing.