GAROWE, 21 December 2009 (Somalilandpress) – The Parliament speaker of the semi-autonomous Somalia’s region of Puntland narrowly escaped a roadside bomb in Garowe. Reports say his driver died and others were wounded as the result.

Some sources told Somalilandpress that the Speaker was slightly injured along with two of his bodyguards but nothing has been confirmed so far. That attack happened in the center of Garowe, the capital of Puntland state.

The town was put under curfew during the night and the police are investigating the incident.

Puntland official told Somalilandpress this morning that the town will remain under curfew as the business is closed and no movements are allowed in the town. The main market also remains closed for the day.

Sources said the roadside bomb was a remotely controlled and was targeting the speaker.

No one claimed the responsibility of the attack and there is no official statement from the government.

This is the first of its kind in Garowe which remained calm throughout the last few years. This indicates the increasing attacks targeting Puntland officials in the region.

In August, the Puntland’s Minister of Information was assassinated in Galkayo while he was on an official trip to the city. Other Puntland officials were killed in Bosaso and Qardho in the past few month.

The attack comes only one day after the Puntland parliament voted for a new amendments of the oil exploration deal which the government is willing to sign agreements with foreign oil companies.


  1. The Islamists are getting bold and bolder by the day and they need to be stopped in tracks before it engulfs the whole regions. No doubt, bold actions like these are an inside job. An inside enemy who has information on the routes and who is going where and when is giving information and had to be looked into. Security has to be in a high alert around bordesr and strategic government buildings.