New York, Jul 21 2009 (Somalilandpress) — United Nations, New York, 20 July 2009 Somali militants raided two United Nations compounds today, stealing equipment and vehicles and forcing the world body to close down one of its operations in the violence-wracked country.
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Al Shabaab militiamen looted UN facilities in the towns of Baidoa and Wajid, UN spokesperson Marie Okabe told reporters in New York, adding that the UN Office in Somalia deeply regrets having to relocate staff and temporarily suspend its operations in Baidoa.

Ms. Okabe said that the UN will continue working in Wajid, where the minimum security measures remain intact, and it is optimistic that a reassessment of safety conditions on the ground will allow critical humanitarian work to resume in Baidoa and elsewhere in Somalia.

The looting occurred as the top UN envoy to Somalia warned that extremist rebel groups are threatening to overthrow its legitimately recognized Government, while calling on the international community to intervene.


Source: United Nations


  1. What is going here Ms. Okabe?
    How long will take fr someone to understand simply that the Al-Shabaab are and are still the "ARMY" of the former islamists in Mogadishu led by the so-called president of Somalia, H.E. MR. (Shkh) Shariff, his now opponent Shkh. Daahir Aweys and his minister another Shkh Shariff Adaan who are the bank-rollers of these OPPs.
    These guys created the Al-Shabaab, while the ousted TGF leader MR. Yusuf introduced the last hatchet, PIRACY and KIDNAPPINGS.
    Come on wake up to the smell coffee, why do we have to say now that one is a terrorist and the othe is the POPE !!!!!!

    Yacen Hassan

  2. 'Qanima' is what Al shabab uses when they seize properties of what they call 'gaalo' or 'gaalo-raac'. Not better than the pirates of the high seas.

    They call Sheikh Sharif a moderate b/c they are using him. If Al shabab comes on board, they will be labeled 'good guys'. Interest, interest…….