Since Somali government opposed the result of the process in which Jubaland people elected the president and vice-president on May 15, 2013, Somali people interested peaceful solution of the impasse were waiting the recommendation by the IGAD technical committees who met both the government representatives in Mogadishu and Jubaland official and the opposition group in Kismayo.

Immediately after IGAD committees presented their finding and recommendation in Adis Ababa meeting, Somali Federal Government spokesman, Eng. Abdirahman Omar Osman reported in press conference his own interpretation of the recommendation by IGAD committees.

Instead of presenting the facts on the recommendation statement, he restated the Somali Government’s position that the election of the president of Jubaland was not constitutional, inclusive and government officials did not participate and take its leadership role of forming regional administration as indicated in the provisional constitution.

As result, he added that IGAD foreign ministers agreed that IGAD would support Somali government to facilitate another reconciliation meeting in Mogadishu in which all Jubaland stakeholders were urged to participate in, implying that reconciliation process in which Jubaland people approved their constitution, elected their president and now in process of electing member of the parliament is void.

Immediately after, press conference held by both minister of the foreign affair, Fowsiya Yusuf Haji in Adis Ababa and the Prime Minister Abdi Farah in Mogadishu repeated the same statement above that IGAD would support Somali government to take leadership role in formation of the regional administration based on provisional constitution. Prime minister added that the process in which they are calling on all Jubaland stakeholders to participate in Mogadishu conference will be constitutional, inclusive and government led the process.

However, the actual statement presented by EGAD technical committees in Adis Ababa meeting is much different from what is stated by the government officials and is based on the fact found by committees on the reality on the ground.

Before presented its final recommendation, IGAD fact finding committees met government officials in Mogadishu before meeting both Jubaland officials

and opposition group in Kismayo.  IGAD committees found out the government and opposition group in Kismayo reportedly sponsored by the government took same position in opposing the outcome of the reconciliation meeting in Kismayo  that among others, the process was neither constitutional, nor inclusive,  led by the government official while Jubaland officials insisted it was constitutional, inclusive and government did not participated even though they were invited and instead decided to finance individual self-sponsoring to be president elect.

After Committees listened both side and considered positions taken by both Mogadishu officials and opposition in Kismayo on one side and Jubaland administration on the other side, they concluded the following recommendation in each of the three underlining principles – Constitutionality, inclusiveness and government led process

First, in term constitutionality of the process in which Jubaland 500 elders elected president, committees found both groups’ claims were based on different interpretations of the constitution since the provisional constitution did not define properly how to go by forming regional states.

Committees did not find faulty in either claims by Government officials reasoning on why the process was not constitutional nor did they find incorrect in the reasoning by the Jubaland official of the constitutionality of their process since there were a lope holes in the provisional federal constitution of Somalia. As result, committees urged both the government officials and parliament to clarify those articles relating to formation of the regional administration and the government’s role.

Second in term of inclusiveness in the process, the committee found that the major clans in Jubaland state participated in the process but some minority group were missing from the scene and urged the government to take a leadership role in reconciliation process to insure the process is inclusive.

However, Jubaland officials insisted the process was inclusive and is open to be included anyone willing to participate peacefully and will insure the minority group will be included to be members of both parliament and ministerial positions being elected in coming weeks.

Finally, in term of government taking leadership role in the process, IGAD committees found that the government did not participate in the process of forming regional administration even though they were invited several time and Jubaland official is still offering government to participate in the process and to take its role.

As result, IGAD committees recommended that since Jubaland officials acknowledged the need of the government’s leadership role in the process, IGAD official is calling on all Jubaland stakeholders to participate reconciliation meeting being planned to be held in Mogadishu by Somali federal government to find final solution through dialogue.

It was reported that Jubaland officials accepted all the recommendation by the IGAD committees including participating conference in which Somali Federal Government is being planned to be held in Mogadishu to come up solution in which Government would take its leadership role.

IGAD government members and international communities are aware that after over 20 years in conflict in Somalia, the only solution forward to attaining lasting solution in Somalia is through dialogue among Somali stakeholders led by the government official based on the provisional constitution.

It hard to understand that why now President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud  and Prime Minister Abdi Farah Shirdon, after obtaining recognition and financial aid by the international community, seem to want solve any issue though their own interpretation of the provisional constitution of Somalia where even few days ago, President called on Somaliland that it is a time to come to Mogadishu and unite rest of Somalia seemingly forgetting the on-going negotiation between Somalia and Somaliland in order to reach final solution.

It is known by all that Somali people will no longer accept any governor sent from Mogadishu to run their affairs and Somali people expect the government to implement provisional constitution and encourage any two or more regions trying to form regional administration. IGAD and Aminson

troops committed to support Somali government to implement national stabilization plan through serious dialogue among all stakeholders.

Since Jubaland officials accepted all the recommendation by the EGAD committees, Somali government officials should likewise accept all the recommendation as indicated in the statement presented in the Adis Ababa meeting instead of misleading the public by presenting their own interpretation of the statement.

As IGAD committees recommended that Government and parliament should work on provisional constitution to clarify certain articles relating the formation of the regional administration, government officials should take leadership role in any process of forming regional administration and they should insure that any process should be inclusive of all stakeholders in the region, among others.


Signed by

Mohamed A. Hussein



  1. If the author is Somalilander, why he is involving Somaliland to know this localized issue of Somalia. We have nothing to do with them and we don't want to know their problems.

  2. Mr. Hassan and his group are dreaming old day where the Governors, Mayors and different government department heads were appointed in Mogadishu and sent from there. Somali people have decided to have decentralized system of governance.
    Please Hassan don't waste your time on trying to destroy the small light shining for Somali people.

  3. Somalidu waxy ku maahmaahdaa waysha gowrac dibigu ha ku quuste, waxaa maalin dhow dhici doonta in kooxda hargeysa waagu dabadooda ka baryo oo ay waayaan dhan ay u ciirsadaan.
    Kiiniya waxay dagaal galisay Axmed madoobe si ay Kismaayo uga saarto Alshabaab, kadibna meel cidla ayay dhigtay, ayada oo taageero hagar laan ah la garab taagan Dowlad Xasan Sheekh Maxammud.
    IGAD mowqifkeedu waa cadyahay, waxayna laabta u tumayaan Dowladda Soomaaliya, wayna ka goantahay in cidkasta oo horistaagta ay cagta mariyaan.

  4. The Abgal elders Jubaland has be established it has its own president Sheikh Ahmed Mohamed Islam (Madobe) elected by the people Jubaland. Abgal elders those days are gone when your dirty mud village of Mogadishu ruled every single city of Somalia now things are changed in Somalia they dont stay the same Somalia will be folded into a federal state structure and I suggest you not reopen (1991) old wounds.

  5. The Somali government had the letter before it went public you dimwit of a "journalist" and the only one that's trying to misread it is you.

    Rastraitors have admitted the outcome was a major political defeat saying they're for dialogue but the rest will not happen.

    In the manifesto IGAD recommended that Somalia's government should timely convene and lead reconciliation conference in Mogadishu with IGAD telling Madobe to get his @ss there so that it can restart the process of forming a regional administrations.

    • Maddobe got 17000 well equipped battle hardened well disciplined troop.(raaskaambooni brigatte) The only forces Kenyans re afraid of. So, tell me who is gonna get his ass out.?

      • 17000 17000 man go to bed cos you are clearly the worst guy to be speaking on their behalves.

  6. We in Somaliland Republic are not interested in the Somalia monkey business. This article should have been published in Somalia websites and not here. As the above logo indicates this is not Somaliapress, but SOMALILANDPRESS.

    Take your the Zoomalian should take their chicken fight somewhere else, because they are all sick primates regardless where they live.

  7. There are people who fail to absorb friendly and brotherly advices given to them. This is not because thye do not trust other people's advices, but because it is hard for them to sense the signs, indications and expectations, as to whether what they intend to do is right or wrong, They only realize that their imagination will become fruitful becasue they see things as they are imagined rather than as they are in real truth.

    Majerteens and ogadens belong to this kind of people. They were the people who, with all their might, mind and muscle staunchly supported Siad Barre Afweyne – Aflahaar, and they did and still do not seem to learn to what really happened to Siad's regime..

    Ogadens dreamt that they might grab Somaliland, properly, Berbera, Hargeisa, and Erigaaboe, and Majerteens thought to own Somalia. This was just because Siad Barre and his allies believed that they could eliminate Isaaq and Hawiye This was a true story that no one can deny. The resutl?

    The Ogadens fled to Ogaden region and Marteenis fled to their homeland, Bosaaso, when SNM and USC of Hawiye defeated Siad Barre's regime – a regime which had the heavies miliatry equipment and the second strongest army in black Africa.

    Today, history repeats itself in Kismayo. The Marjerteens and Ogadens are totally lost as they were lost yesterday. Jubaland canno be so easily taken/grabbed. There natives who are ready to fight for their land.
    Thes best that I can give Majerteens and Ogadens is: get your asses up and go back to where are born to.

    • So. It seems like majeerteen and ogaadeen Raped your wife.. Sorry, but the still powerfull stakeholders in Somalia. And can run over Somaliland any day the like.. From west to east

  8. An Immigrant the like of Ahmed Madobe, from Ethiopian Ogaden cannot and should not be allowed to be a president of Jubaland, while the true sons and daughters of Jubaland were marginalized.


    This has nothing to do with IGAD, this is between CULUSOW NGO and his small foot soldiers vs LOCAL INHABITANT. CULUSOW did his best to take control Upper jubba,lower jubba and Middle jubba which are 80% Darood but failed badly, this is not lower shabelle. and we know what Darood are capable of. SOMALIS FROM NORTH,SOUTH, DEEP SOUTH, RESERVE AREA, BE READY FULL SCALE CIVIL WAR. when that starts definitely somalia will become hell hall including somalilan region.

    • Jacfar,

      If full scale civil reinigtes, the losers will be those you call Daroods. Hawiye will the war from thier front, D & M will start their front, Jareer weyen, Gaaljecel, Bantu, Dir, and others will aso strat from their fronts, and the Isaaqis will do thier work from their front. When all these forces take arms, where Daroods will go? To the ocean? If civil will start, there will ne mercy >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

      • loooool jareer will fight??? a bantu ugly jareer? we will killed every single big nose jareer bantu monkey.

        • kkkkk, Worry Darood Jaberti Ismail are strong enough to protect themselves from this so call Hawiye moryaan and their diluted distant relatives. kkk, do not bring into this Digil-Mirifle including Jareer because themselves their land took by Moryaan. if war breaks out today they know who's their real friend or foe. we Darood Help Digil Mirifle in 1997 get rid of Moryaan who use to occupy Baydabo.

          • Digil Mirifle have no power at all, but the Dir have power they are supported by Djibouti and Somaliland and the Dir support Mogadishu

  10. Jubaland has the right to exist as a federal state like Somaliland and Puntland and nobody can stop that.

    The Abgal warmongers from Mogadishu just rem that Puntland forces is ready to invade and occupy for Mogadishu and defeat you (Hawiya) morons along with your Dir housewives and those ugly bantu jareer monkeys.

  11. This article should in Walaweyn websites. We know their politics is confusing, chaotic, nasty, intractable. They are all delusional, and paranoid. their irrationality, unreasonableness, circular debates are unbelievable, and mind boggling. Somalilandpress be careful to bring Walweyn debates to our websites.

  12. The SFG in Mogadiscio should be in full control of all the roadmap Signatories of
    Somalia-Italia. Good governance of Centralization appointees of Governors, Mayors
    from Municipal Councilors etc. can only work in Somalia. The confused decentralization
    tribal powers is absolute bogus and would not work smoothly. The Principles and Modalities
    of Somaliland is the right easily manageablity. Igad or foreign Govts have no right to interfere
    in the internal affaires of the SFG and should only act as Technical supports to the SFG powers.

  13. President Gurguurte and his cronies always misread the IC, due to their ignorance of reading the political statements and its intentions. It looks to me they are in trouble and the Somalia will disintegrate more. The trouble of this nation and the entire Somali inhabited at Horn, from 1960 is due to one clan, and one clan only and everybody knows that. Unless they [the other Somalis in Somalia] came together and stop this clan, then another 22 years of bloodshed is at the horizon. That is for sure.