Press Statement

Despite the IGAD Summit communique of the 22nd Extra-ordinary session on the situation in Somalia, Mogadishu is still provoking the Jubbaland Administration to catalyze insecurity, hostility and animosity among the clans, which will eventually result in the Jubbaland community give up in shielding Al-Shabaab from Jubbaland regions. This gives the impression that Mogadishu is willingly departing out its focus from Al-Shabab and other community healing process. It’s unfortunate that all the energy and resources of Mogadishu given by the international donors for the last 6 months are focused on contesting Jubbaland community achievements.

It’s regrettable that Mogadishu is not observing the agreement reached in Addis Ababa, which its party to. Jubaland State Administration appeals IGAD and other peace loving International Community enforce Mogadishu to refrain from further inflaming the delicate situation until the political process is completed.

The people of Jubbaland through their traditional and political leaders, decided to establish their Regional Federal State in accordance with the Provisional Federal constitution of Somalia. The decision to establish Jubbaland State was reached after years long all inclusive, transparent and democratic process, which was supported by IGAD.

Therefore, under the circumstances, Jubaland State will ensure to safeguard its own security and the delicate process achieved through IGAD grand stabilization process and local community participation. We also urge speedy implementation of IGADs communique issued yesterday.

The new Jubbaland Administration welcomes the IGAD’s proposal for peace and reconciliation dialogue among the Jubbaland State and Mogadishu facilitated by IGAD. However, such dialogue should take place in a neutral venue accepted to all the parties concern.
The Jubbaland Administration urges the Mogadishu, IGAD, AU and the International Community to devote all efforts and energies to the war against Al-Shabaab terrorism in Somalia, instead of wasting time and resources on non-existence conflict in Jubbaland.

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Jubaland press release




  1. religous group such as the previuos one headed by the ignorant Shiikh Sahriif former president of Somalia, as well as the one headed by the current socalled preisdent of that failed state have one thing in common as far as politics is concerned—they both caused Ethiopia and kenya to invade and litraly occupy whole regions of Somalia thus thwart what supervisial sovereignity of Somalia. In an unparallaled act of treason, Shiikh Shariif signed away the whole continental shelf which as a resulted annexde by Kenya with approval from the UN. Both Kenya and Ethiopa became real colonial masters of Somalis whose puppet officials have to consult the heads of both those countries in every Somali national matter. What a humiliation. What a disgrace. What an eternal defeat and subjugation.

    • What is worse is Somalia-Italia is under the impression that Dictatorships like Djibouti whose Mr-Gulleh has been on the seat of power since 1991-Current is actually in their country to help build a Democracy.

      🙂 Hassan Mahamoud should know well enough "A man is shaped by the company he keeps!"


  2. Jubaland is a dream that never comes true. Ogaden camel herders cannot be natives of Kismayo, nor can they be presidents of Kismayo. They have to realize who they are and where they have come from before they will be eliminted.

  3. Waaryaa ninkuw anaka xuduudkayagu wuxuu ka bilaabmaa Lowyocado.
    Talabaad Saylac wuu ku khaldamay markii danbena wuu isa saxay.
    Kaasoo kalena walaahi in aanu Somaliland waligii madax unoqonayn .

  4. Waa runtii walaalo ayaanu nahay. kanax oo nafta waa Somaliland nabadbaa taala.
    Dad iska danbeeya oo is ogal baan nahay, xaasid oradoo isku dir mooriyaankiinii bilaa aqliga ahaa.

  5. Thanks Somalilandpress for publishing this press release, it shows the double standard of the so called government in Mogadishu, why put so much energy worrying about Juballand while some parts of the South are occupied by terrorists, Right now Juballand chose a leader supported by the majority and i dont see how the Mooriyaan president can undue what has been done. Bare Hiiraale needs to be arrested for causing instability in Kismayo by declaring himself a president. The Puppet Prime Minister needs to be replaced by real Daarood ruler. I would support someone from Puntland.

  6. Let the true people of Jubaland lead the future of that region, not those who are Immigrants from Pirateland or Ogadenia or for that matter Garissa.

  7. Nomads cannot understand system of state federalism. Pirateland cannot accept to be part of federal system where no one tribe can claim an exclusive territory; where the indigenous local populace cannot be displaced by people who came from far regions. Terrorist Ahmed Madobe see here

    and Puntland's Faroole are responsible for any insecurity, hostility or any animosity that may take place among the clans of Lower Juba. It is also those imposters who are giving Al-Shabaab terrorists and their foreign Jihadists an opportunity to come back to Lower Juba. None of those who are holed up in Kismayo University today were able to come and claim Lower Juba and Kismayo like the rightful inhabitants when Al-shabaab was there.

    Somalia is the sole party responsible to stabilize the country and stop those who want to bring the piracy of high seas inland. If you are the rightful traditional political leadership of the region, why are you running away from the government of Somalia? If you have transparent and democratic process, why do you want to only meet in a neutral venue (read Kenya) acceptable to all the parties concerned? The issue of Lower Juba is a Somali issue and it is not for Kenya or IGAD to decide its fate.

  8. @ Allamagen,

    What you have to understand is there is no anymore piracy in somalia, i don't know whether you follow the news or not it looks your little bid, stop circling this nonsense of piracy this that.

    Also, people in Jubbaland elected and decided their President whether Culusow and others accepted or not more than 500 delegation elected the new president. i would say three things are sure in live, one is taxation ,two is death, three is Majority inhabitant in upper juba, middle juba and lower juba will lead their destiny not from someone who live other parts of somalia. there is no such thing call central government anymore in Somalia because CULUSOW NGO and his small foot soldiers tried to destabilize in this part of Somalia but failed completely. all sixteen district commisioners in mogadishu accept two all are Hawiye, how come? i suggest you take your little mislead information somewhere else. as you mention, why Jubbaland admin and rest of Somalis running away Culusow his backward blind little government? THIS IS THE REASON READ BELOW . you said where no one tribe can claim an exclusive territory; again read below.

    >Mr.Ali Omar Abukar The District Commissioner of Shingaani (reer xamar Bagadi)
    >Mr. Abdulle Ali Hilowle The District Commissioner of Dharkeenley ( Habar gidir duduble)
    >Mr. Da’ud Abdulle Mohamed The District Commissioner of Shibis (Abgaal Da"uud)
    >Mr. Abdi Mohamed Warsame The District Commissioner of Hodan (Habar gidir)
    >Mr. Abdullaahi Hussain Hassan The District Commissioner of Abdi Aziz (xawaadle)
    >Mr. Omar Abddule Ahmed The District Commissioner of Hiliwaa ( Abgaal)
    >Mr. Mohamed Abukar Ali The District Commissioner of Howl Wadaag ( Abgaal)
    >Mr. Abdullahi Ibrahin Sahal The District Commissioner of Hamar Weyne (jareer shaanshi)
    >Mr. Muhdiin Hassan Jurus The District Commissioner of Yaaqshiid ( Abgaal)
    >Mr. Hiirey Muhudin Omar The District Commissioner of Dayniile ( Murursade sabti)
    >Mr. Ali Alasow The District Commissioner of Kaaraan (Abgaal)
    >Mr. Ahmed Hassan Adowo The District Commissioner of Wadajir (Abgaal)
    >Mr. Abdullahi Hirsi Wardheere The District Commissioner of Boondheere (Murursade fool culus)
    >Mr. Mohamed Ali Ahmed The District Commissioner of Hamar jajab ( Habar gidir)
    >Mr. Ahmed Meyre Makaran The District Commissioner of Waaberi (shiiqaal)
    >Mrs. Deka Abdulkadir Ahmed The District Commissioner of Warta Nabada (Abgaal)

    The issue of FEDERALISM, one thing is guaranteed without federalism Somalia will exist get a pen and paper mark my WORD. it looks you have no clue the meaning of Federalism. Federalism is a way of organizing a nation so that two or more levels of government have formal authority over the same area and people. Power is shared between units of government.
    Federalism decentralizes our politics in many ways. For example, member of the parliament are elected to represent their state, not the nation. With more levels of government, more opportunities exist for political participation. Judicial power also is enhanced by federalism. Federalism also decentralizes our policies.


    This ISSUE it's about Ogadeen it's all Darood Jaberti Ismail who are Majority inhabitant in Jubbaland. who ever tried to come there without permission GUNS and Knives are waiting them.

  10. Am all in for the SFG roadmap signatories to control the failed Somalia from the Capital
    Mogadiscio under the Centralized good governance likewise the Somaliland principles
    and modalities. The Decentralization powers are headache and too burdensome to work
    smoothly. Trust me the 4.5 is suicidal.

    • Whether you in for SFG or not it does not look good at all, one thing is for " CENTRALIZED GOVERNAN" will not happen in Somalia wake up smell the coffee. somaliland region modalities is one tribe region system. 4.5 it's not suicidal but the way Somali fabric society are.

  11. Kuluc: come and eliminate the Ogaden from Kismaayo! they are going to ask you anything about their leadership in Somalia and in the horn of Africa as a whole. you see the camel herders are everywhere and controlling the whole region including Hargeisa which is under Jigjiga leaders.

    • Ali,
      Stop filibustering what shouldn't work. excluding the NFD Absame and k5 Ogs, the
      Minority OGs of Kismaayo would be treated like the other major tribes of that Region.
      The real authority is invested within the powers of the SFG central command of the roadmap
      Signatories in Mogadiscio. Hopefully, the SFG would adopt the centralization good governance
      for all the Somalia roadmap Signatories which would eliminate such meaningless decentralization
      futile rivalry impetus of despotic affluence so to say the least. While the Hargeisa takes care of the
      k5 with Addisababa big footage, Mogadiscio also takes care of the NFd with Nairobi big footage.
      To take care of good understanding between Hargeisa and Mogadiscio as two equal Sovereignty
      States, lets see how the Turkey II round talks develop, all the conflicting crisis of the 5star greater
      Somaliweyn is properly addressed and the Horn-E.A. and beyond would finally find real long term
      peace and stability. Hopefully, am making good commonsense.


  13. Abdul

    It is obvious that you can not differentiate between a federal region of a state and tribal enclave. My comment was about how it is unacceptable for one tribe to claim a whole region that everyone knows that it does not belong to and to embark o a land grab. Clearly you can not see how that is not right because you are driven by tribal sentiment like pirate Faroole and company.

    I am impressed that you can compile the name of every district elder in Mogadishu and which tribe each member belongs to. In fact, the list you repeated here proves that district elders in Mogadishu is inclusive as each of these individual is from the region far and wide. Abdul, the issue is not that anyone is against empowering the local populace of any region to govern themselves but it is about how do you stop nomads and pirates from Puntland to claim regions that traditionally do not belong to them. How do you make folks from Puntland realize that they can not simply displace indigent population of Lower Juba because that population is not tribal or war-like and are not organized as such. Puntland has already excluded every Somali that does not belong to the major clan in the region to domicile there and in fact deported many of them to war zones

  14. Allamagen,

    The problem here is your trying to tide YOUR foolish Agenda it will not work, i was born and grew up Mogadishu i know in and out. the the reason i gave you these list of district commissioners was to SHOW you How Mogadisho run day to day WHILE someone like you attacking folks in Jubbaland forming own state. all the district commissioners that i listed here all are Hawiye Accept two, if this is not tribe city than what it's? ask yourself this question. get your facts before throw your hat on the table arguing something you have no clue what so ever.

    One one is grabbing land it's fabricated lies as usual, by the way how about lower shabbele? the real inhabitant in Jubbaland are running own Authority today and believe me no one on this earth can deny or stop that.

    I do NOT see any point why you keep dragging Jubbaland issue into Puntland State of Somalia. Puntland said many times it will support any two region within Somalia who wants and agree to form local admin within FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF SOMALIA. Puntland this that, it's time you should bring something makes sense so people can buy it or take your fictional history somewhere else. kkk the issue of nomad you keep circling repeating, what you have to understand is MOST Somalis ORIGINATED nomad life, they all Migrated to cities the last eighty years INCLUDING you.