Recently elected government in Mogadishu, has managed less than a year reduce to high hopes to hopelessness, suppress dissent voices, turn optimism to despair, trust to abuse , division among fallow Somalis, as it escalated civil war to new heights. One have to find antidote of existence in midst chaos whatever it takes, to fight faceless enemy the Somali nations faces today. Recent activities of newly western formed government of Mogadishu, points that their loyalty belong to powers that elected, financed and neighbouring forces that continually undermine the integrity, sovereignty and interest of Somali nation.

Expedience manner that this government was deposited by bankrupted western powers brought to mind of many an alarming thoughts; immediately they saw seeds of distraction, division, and looting of nation’s wealth. Re drafting the constitution in such hastily approach should have sent warning flags.  From the swearing ceremony to daily events in streets of Mogadishu, strongly point out whose interest is being served and from what we are witnessing it certainly not for our nation purpose nor has ever been intended for.  From the start we have witnessed disturbing images taking place in swearing ceremony, where newly elected members of the parliament in queue, holding their hands up,  standing in front then official Somali president Augustine Mahiga with Quran. Called combination of poor judgment, ignorance and its simply repugnant, yet this has become our faith. Pledging oath of loyalty to the masters who financing destruction of your sovereignty, in the name of democracy.

It is miserable dilemma when Somali politicians and members of the parliament are really confused about the their role, duty, obligation and luck basic understanding governance function which is ludicrous and gets worse as they start to compete with each other outselling national wealth, as usual they rewarded with more media coverage, photo up with yet hungry entities that are disguised as donor while we poses the actual wealth.

In less than a year these imported stooges had managed to create unprecedented systematic looting on nation’s wealth, their quest for burglarising the nation is shameless and nothing less than a treason. Only way they know exhibiting their nationalism is wearing flag emblem in their hideous suits instead of wearing in their hearts. Here are the highlights of their accomplishment and destructive path they vision for the nation:

  • Host to thousands of private mercenary working alongside with UN and UNISOM forces to counter Al Shabaab, really why bother to have genuine  military forces we you can ask Britain to send more of their South African mercenaries, and that is the country that hosted July conference, which outcome was disastrous and disingenuous. As for the UN it become outdated, out touch, irrelevant and downright abusive power, corrupt, and enabler, complaint, and a tool of corrupt, bankrupt western audiology. In essence an abusive state of union. As for UNISOM a tool to tame our national identity and an illegal entity operating sovereign nation. Why with all this help young Somali men are not recruited to work with UNISOM, sent to Uganda, Kenya and other war torn African countries so they can be part of the peace keepers while earning living? We simply can’t continue this path.


  • Build illegal compounds with CIA to torture young Somali men, potential terrorist in the name of Al Shabaab or counterterrorism. The fact that sovereign state is used as Prison Island for the CIA to torture kidnaped young men, defies logic and barrier to security, nation building and obstacle of our sovereignty. Thanks to folks like Snowden a high school dropout government contractor to release illegal surveillance activities. They created The National Security Agency Surveillance Program, which legitimizes breaking international laws, and persecute indiscriminately certain nationals that our young men fit. Naturally what were bombarded daily is atrocity committed against Somali young men and open season to hunt them whether they are North America, Europe, Africa or Asia. They over emphasis our differences, internal conflict in order to legitimize their agenda, and won’t rest until they reduce Somali state to another Congo.


  • The worst actions Somali government under the command of President Hassan Sheik enacted was paving the way for IMF, after twenty two year-interval, and nation will be paying the price many year to come for his short sight ness and ignorance. He surrounded himself with men of shady background, dubious characters, lucking experience, loyal to foreign entities, whose references are questionable to held responsible positions.  The stooges that were cultivated streets of Nairobi are doing exactly what their masters installed for them, paving way for foreign interests to raid the nation’s wealth, while managing to destabilize federal unity and creating new pathways for newly emerging war lords in the name of Regional Presidents. Sadly they divide their loyalty between Kenyan government and Ethiopian government, these owned men show their national identity by wearing small flags in their shirts instead of their hearts. Emblem doesn’t replace nationalism, and in less than one year has certainly managed to commit worse than seven deadly sins. Reward for his compliance came early when Time (western propaganda magazine) earlier this year put him list of the person of the year nominated by President Paul Kagame, not bad year for unproven leader. Last Somali person who was nominated for same standard was Ayan Hersi.


  •  Under strict orders from President Hassan, with guidance former Prime minster Geedi, the Minster of Somali National Resources has revitalized Somali Petroleum Company, under two foreign entity and also managed to sign first oil contract to a British company that didn’t exist a month ago nor has experience in oil expedition. Sadly enough that was the outcome of London conference and off course closing on thriving remittance business the south part of Somali, they didn’t bother to wait for permission so they hastily stored a puppet regional government under Ras Kamboni Brigade Leader, Amed Mohamed Madoobe, for offshore oil permits granted to western companies. The consequence of London conference sewed seeds of destruction of nation’s wealth and to reintroduce colonial dogma in name building democratic institutions, and by closing thriving remittance business that thrived without western assistance for the past two decade. Freedom movement of money is privilege granted only for western nations and strong nations who can stand their own. The disastrous London conference also supports the creation of the largest correctional facility for Somali youth, instead of jobs, vocational training and schools.


  • Finally the gloves came off, Kenya and Ethiopia have cleared their intentions within two weeks we had a plain loaded with ammunition owned by Ethiopians crashed and no one is even asking who were the ammunition for forget the death Ethiopians. And Kenyan minister is an apologetic for her army illegal entering autonomous state. After the thirty years was European countries finally signed peace in 1648, and agreed to respect the principle of territorial integrity. Kenya justification of illegally entering/operating Somalia is unjustifiable and seeking to influence the Somali affairs and forcing intervention on our domestic matters is nothing less than declaration of war, and Somali has right to defend itself from foreign aggression and  occupation however it takes. No matter what even our weakest moments and midst of recovering from two decade of civil war, Kenyan and Ethiopians are not match for Somali warrior so what is holding us back.


By Muna Mimi




  1. Bad news everywhere in the roadmap Agendas Signatories. Who rules the failed
    Sovereign State of Somalia?

  2. This is confusing read to say the least, infact Somalia is moving full steam ahead. Somalia today is unlike what is used to be in the recent history, refugees are coming back in droves, the diaspora Somali are back building up unseen developments before all over the country.

    The confused author is complaining minor details of less important, throwing everything at wall to see if any sticks, worse, somehow tries twist positives into negatives but fails at that as people are able to see through the lines that this person is bothered by the great comeback Somalia is making.

  3. I am not quite sure what to expect from a tribal chief like Mr. Culusow…his entire system is corrupted beyond repair…its time for an outright revolution movement within.

  4. All ways its not good to provide negative information which has no concrete proof, its equal to five zero rate rate where a lot people invested their hope.

  5. I've given up on hawiye they are about as smart as turkeys. They let darood come between them. About as smart as turkeys waiting for thanksgiving.