Ali Khaliif Galeydh who is the member of the parliament of Somalia accused the president of Somalia Hassan Sheikh Mohamud having link with the outlawed organization of Somalia, Alshabaab.

Mr Galeydh who have had a long political rift with the president of Somalia held repeated press conferences and interviews tarnishing the political reputation of the president stated that the Somali president of Hassan Sheikh was denied to attend or participate international meeting held in Europe, for the reason of suspicious sources unveiled clearly that the president have link with that terrorist organization illegally operates in Somalia for certain period of time in the past, Mr Ali Galeydh claimed that president have contacted the leaders of Alshabaab over the phone and Somali intelligence Agency will have interview with the parliamenterian when he goes back home and also will face imprisonment if unable to prove his accusations against the honourable leader of the country who definitely deserve respect and space of leadership to carry out his duties freely and finely.

The question is? Why Ali Khaliif Galeydh making this kind of very serious comments against the president of the nation who has been elected by his own people of being the right man for the right job, when Ali Khaliif Galeydh was also running to be the president of Somalia at that time with empty hands and unsuccessful and also he campaigned for to be the chairman of the Somali parliament later on, which again Somalis refused him to occupy for that position either. But, unfortunately mr Galeydh failed to be the president of Somalia, because he was not very competent and uncommitted to fulfill the obligations needed for the war-ravaged nation, in which international communities tried all they can to restore the law and order in Somalia and also rebuild the nation on the scratch thorough out infrastructures and governmental capacity, as every thing completely destroyed that makes warlords and outlawed organizations to be the only institutions and rulers exist there previously.

The parliamentarian Ali Khalif Galeydh campaigns for Jubaland state where vendetta against President of Somalia Hassan Sheikh Mohamud started, as the president attempts to avoid any division occurrence that will disperse the Somali Italian republic of Puntland, Jubaland, Baydhaboland and Hiraanland. However, the hostility and serious accusations Ali Galeydh made against the president are only envious and jealous politics war that damages the whole credibility and reputations of Somali nation, when such comments and baseless and unfounded allegations thorough out only power challenge launches carelessly to kill off or remove only, of course Ali has made huge mistake and disgrace against not only the president, but the complete Somali nation for making such comments and allegations as politician who expects exteme future of the country and the people, even though Ali Khaliif Galeydh considered to be Somalilander rather than Somali, because of root from the former British Protectorate of Somaliland who have direct talks with Somali Italian republic nowadays over business between the two.

When you are politician that tremendous character assassination is absolutely childish and unacceptable at all, if the president of the nation accused of terrorism related issues, there is no rays of hope from Somalia and international communities truly disappointed quite enormously for immature politics of Somali politicians like Ali khalif Galeydh, who totally does not understand the consequences of his accusations against his fellow countryman or politician.
What Ali Galeydh is not aware of is, that universe is only one village now, in which world intelligence organizations share very crucial channels of communications to keep the stability of every angle of the world with open eyes in all times, in order to save the precious lives of human beings and also common interest of the those particular world nations.

If the president of Somalia makes a leadership error towards his decision making that is an other case which Somalis resolve democratically and constitutionally, but unreliable sources of accusing the highest personnel of the nation, is just only act of traitor and puppet conducts of the likes of Ali Khaliif Galeydh who does not see the wider picture of politics and human relations that came to the platform unprepared and unequipped with the right tools needed to lead such nation and country.

Abdilahi Ali Hassan John


  1. Has Mr john become the spokesperson for the Somalia president? Lol, I'm only kidding! There are certain words that have lost their meaning in Somalia and the word professor is one of them. I watched his interview and I didn't know if I should laugh or not because he left no one untouched! Even those who are of Somaliland origin and are in Mogadishu didn't scape his mouth. He implied that they are there for their bellies. He just sounded a desparate man whose planet has gone smaller!!!

    Well, I'm not in a position to verify his allegations against the Somalia president but on face value things are trickier in Mogadishu as Hassan Dahir Awayse situation shows.

  2. Somalia needs Ali Khalif Galaydh's experience and advise and this is not a reciprocal relationship. Ali Khalif Galaydh does not need Muundighu nor it's irrelevant parliament.

    Hassan Mahamoud has made his wealth in Somalia over the last 22years when there have been war famine and conflict. In that time the only survivors have been warlords, Shabaab and puppets of foreign powers.

    It is naive to believe that any man who made money in Muuqdishu over the last 22 years has no ties with those responsible for the murders and destruction of muuqdishu and Somalia-Italia.

    Since Hassan Mohamoud's SELECTION as Muugandisho Governor Warlords and Shabab have become wealthier and better armed then they have ever been.

    Warlord Indha-cade is better armed then he has ever been and as a consequence has began a campaign of genocide against the Biyomaal and Minority clans to cleanse them from their lands.

    Shabab is believed to have stolen 17Million Dollars intended for IDP projects.

    Days after the weapons embargo was lifted the entire stock of arms in Vila Amisom where the Hassan Mahmoud resides was cleared out and has yet to be investigated let alone traced to either Warlords or Shabab.

    Hassan Mahamoud's SNA troops commit more crimes then Shabab and as a matter of fact the two armed groups are both coordinate their attacks against Jubaland Civilians.

    Ali Kahalif Galaydh is no longer safe in Muugandishu and it is no longer beneficial fro him to return to such a place where even charity groups have began leaving for the first time in 22years. It is true Somalilanders only go to Muugandishu to make profit and it is time they stopped being greed and considered their security.

    I hope all Somalilanders in Muuganidhu resign from their posts and permanently leave for their own safety.

    Ali Khalif Galaydh is needed in Taleex to rebuild and develop for future generations.

    • It seems no one can speak the truth, Mr Hassan has lost credibility. Lets be honest that he was only selected bc of bribe. How could they not elect Prof, Ali Samatar who hails from a minority clan that would have united the Somali Italians, By the way those who condemn the wise old man should first do research and look for the fact. Who are Alshabaab? seriously they are all based in clans, did they forgot that Habar Gediris tried to protect sheik aweys even with so may blood on his hands. Culusow sided with a warlord over another warlord in Jubaland and in the process lost credibility. He might have some connection with Shabaab since the same warlord he supported is now fighting with Shabaab side by side against another warlord and the Kenyan troops. I see no hope in Mogadishu. Ali Khalif is no longer save in Mogadishu, I ahte to say it, but I am afraid Abgaals will soon kill him for speaking his mind.

  3. I'm going to admit it there can be no peace in Southern Somalia unless the leaders of the traditional Hawiya elders remove hasan sheikh mohamud because

    *He tampered with the Somalia constitution
    *The killings and disappearing of thousands of Biyomaal people in Marka
    *He used a Marhan warlord Bare Hirale and al shabaab terrorists to gain control of Kismayo
    *He's ruined the lives of thousands of Somali girls/woman who had been raped by members of his Hawiya security forces and those from the Amisom.

    I applaud Puntland people and their government for making the right decision to cut all ties with hasan sheikh mohamud but it could have been so much better if they had declared full independence.

    • @PIS,
      Man, you just wasting your energies. The SFG are all power shared roadmap agendas
      Signatories. Renegade Puntland and even the new Kismaayo/Jubbaland high treacherous
      designs can not escape the executive powers of the SFG. Say anything…you are not getting
      away with your down-trodden evil designs and there are no anyways that you gonna take a
      cheap rides on the SFG of HSM and Shirdon. Keep on bragging/farting as usual..
      OMG.@Pis go the pyscho hospital…OMG….mohahaha….

  4. I wonder if Somaliland press has any editor.. It seems the writer needs to brush up his English. As for ali Khalif, he is like a mad man that spiting on every passer by so he can get some attention. Darod nationalist are trying to blackmail Somali president just because he refused to bow down to them.. Their motto is, " our way or no way ."

    • listen walalo, I'm guessing you're living in somewhere in Europe or America, and probably haven't been to Somalia for awhile now… put your tribal card aside for a bit and tell me the differences between Ali Galydh and Sheikh Mohamud, they both driven by greed, selfish ambitions and only care about making their pockets bigger. We are so obsessed with tribalism that we forgot the bigger problems e.g. the world's largest refugee settlement, thousands of young Somalis ku dimanaya tahriib, 20+ yrs of anarchy etc , all these can be overcome when we (Somalis) must get rid of the enemy within us: Tribalism, greed, injustice and ignorance. Wallahi my little trip to North Somalia and Kilil/5aad have completely and utterly changed my previous perceptions.

  5. Hassan Mohamud's has a clever strategy for political power in Somalia. He encourages conflict wich isolates some leaders and factions in each region, meanwhile supporting and empowering others favorable to him. He tries to split each region politically while also intervening in local conflicts and exacerbating them.

  6. Even though I do not know whether what Mr. Galaydh said is true or not, I do think though, whenever this guy speaks, he comes across as if his mind is letting him done. What I mean is he does not come across as sharp minded person.

  7. You guys must be kidding. Both the Mogadishu mayor Khalif is criticizing and himself are the same coin. Both of them are corrupt, inept, and incompetent. Both of them robbers. Khalif is a an old robber who lost the skills of his age old trade. Hassan is a new robber who is at the top of his skills in corruption, embezzlement of public money and out right incompetence in leadership, governance and

  8. Buuxiye,

    I agree with you that these people of Somaliland origin are there for their pockets but I don’t think he is in a position to say that himself. By the way my prediction is that the Somalia government will fall soon rather than later and then it will be the end of the Western direct engagement as Somalia will be left to the African neighbouring countries to safeguard the Western interest in terms of the twin issues of piracy and terrorism which is priority for the West.

    The waters will be patrolled by the recent Dutch firm that was contracted to and it will protect any on shore oil explorations/drilling that may take place in these waters. The African troops will remain in Somalia for indefinitely. So the West will protect their interest through the African countries and the Africans will protect theirs as they will have the boots on the ground. There is some truth in the fact that the Western desire for direct engagement is waning. Middle East will take more prominence and Somalia will fall back on the list as the aforementioned African countries will take the lead again.

    • @Hargaisaawi,
      Don't underestimate that the AU Continent has its own cross borders conflicts
      and in much polarizations to each others. Don't underestimate too that ecopolitics
      of the industralized fast World look into the African Continent as the foreseeable
      good future serving their economical interests. The African Continent despite all
      their conflicts is all set for emerging as new prospectivity in the 21st Century World
      Economic booms. For instances, looking at the Horn, IMO Somaliland and Ethiopia
      in particular and the Igad, et all beyond would prosper. As far as the Horn National
      Securities are concerned, the Ethio-SL working together with the technocrates in-supports
      of the Western superpowers is sufficient to decode many other AU conflicts. What's
      happening in Egypt is a big deciding factor too,in the contemporary Worldwide politics of
      the M-E big conflicts.

      • I agree that Africa has a great potential as it's a unexploited continent but I would argue that any interest from external forces in Somali issues comes from fear first. All other economic considerations come aftar that and the way things are heading, the people from Somalia are digging a hole for themselves by not sorting things out between themselves and also by not accepting Somaliland's withdrawal from the none existant union.

    • what a lovely conversation between three useless Isaaq traitors who decided to bend their asses for white trash men who doesn't even wash his ass after he poop.

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      • I am not sure if you are m@jereten or not but if you are I find your people very weird even the women are strange

      • @PIS,
        Listen, damn about bending asses and poops, just wait to see the
        Turkey III round talks between Hargeisa and Mogadiscio. By then,
        Insha'Allah(God Willing), there should be a breakthrough over the wrangling
        political scuffles between the two elephant footed cousins Ato Silaanyo
        and Ato HSM.

  9. Can someone fill me in? I haven't been reading the Somali news lately. Like said I was in Somalia (North) and people back home they hardly ever talk about politics.

    • you haven't missed a beat it's usually crap Somaliland this somaliland that blah, blah, blah.