Since the fall of military administration in Somalia the international community had been embarking on a futile mission by supporting the war-torn south and ignoring the tremendous advances made by Somaliland towards peace and prosperity since this country declared independence from Somalia.

Since 1991, the south had experienced chaos in its ugliest forms, governed by various factions of trigger-happy militias, followed by interim governments paralyzed by civil war everywhere in the country. social, economic and humanitarian situation was becoming more and more catastrophic until everything went out of hand during the famine of 2011.

On the other hand fanatic Islamic groups like Al-shabab were gaining ground in many parts of the country.

For a long time, the international community was trying hard to establish a respectable form of civic governance that would oust such fanatic groups as shabab and restore the rule of law as well as democratic institutions the achievement of this noble goal is yet to be realized.

However, we must also mention here some of the positive outcomes of the huge efforts by the international community. the ouster of Al-shabab forces from large tracts of the capital city Mogadishu was a major success of the African forces. the international donors and also the Somali Transitional Government. This major military step by the African military mission in Somalia had the impact of boosting moral among the international donor community, the latter had responded well by increasing its financial support to achieve two short-time goals.

Persuasion of all countries and particularly those which promised to send troops to Somalia in order to participate in the final settlement of the Somali problem.

Upgrade and improve overall political stage in Somalia by  i) paving the way for the involvement of the Somali people in choosing their representatives in the parliament which is the most important political institution in the country to overcome the role of clan-based actors who employed the entirely chaotic affairs of Somalia to serve their avaricious selfish interests.

Both missions were, ostensibly though accomplished with some success. As regards the military aspect both Ethiopia and Kenya had sent mechanized troops. the former into upper juba, and the latter into lower jubba, among fears that each of the east African powers will annex both zones in order to protect their countries from hostile Somali groups. Both counties claimed victory in both areas.

However, whether peace and stability in that part of the country will be maintained in the face of attacks by dissident groups who vowed to wage guerilla war is far from being achieved.?

On the political aspect, the role of the personal interest seeking politicians was diminished by clan elders who had successfully chosen members of national assembly who had elected a chairman and a president, but whether they will tackle the tremendous political, economical as well as the security problems facing them is yet to be seen.


On the other hand, Somaliland had come out of civil war that lasted for ten years only with victory over government forces and nothing else. The main cities were reduced to rubble almost every building was shattered, people had to build tents or shanty houses inside their once-well to do villas. Approximately 60% had to depend on close relatives working in Arab countries. Yet there were no remittance offices in the main cities.


They remained in Ethiopia they where operated during the civil war. they had to travel through the dusty pumps roads to Ethiopia along which trigger-happy youngsters sometimes stopped their buses to loot the unarmed passengers. Not only that but clan-based civil wars were fought between various clans over control of major towns or over resources. They nearly  fought in Burao, Berbera ,Hargeisa  and even other places, nearly 70% of the male population was armed and so to kill or be killed sometimes over trivial. things as water or a cup of tea was the order of almost everyday in major towns and even villages. There was chaos everywhere people even fled major towns to the country-side where life ran more or less smoothly.

The reign of terror had lasted full seven years when in 1997, all guns were silenced and warring clans agreed to negotiate terms of a peace treaty. Warring militias were conscripted in the police or the military and all light or heavy weapons were handed over to the government.

All that was happening and neither the United Nations nor the international community seemed to be interested in the plight of the people of Somaliland. Nevertheless, the people of Somaliland did not wait to obtain world recognition in order to rebuild their shattered country. Instead every household started to reconstruct their house with the help of Somaliland’s Diaspora every house, every shop, and everything was rebuilt and refurnished, with the help of few international NGO’s ,all schools, all healthy centers and even some government offices were rehabilitated and re-staffed, major cities were built and rebuilt beyond recognition. The size of both Hargeisa and Burao has grown by 200% or even more, there are even Universities and private Hospitals. In Hargeisa alone, there are a dozen Universities and about the same number of privately owned Hospital. Existing roads have been maintained and bridges have been constructed. Existing airports in a major cities have been extended to have adequate passenger facilities and long the runways to enable supersonic aircraft to land and take-over.

Democracy was promoted by holding democratic elections as early as 2002 after ten years since independence from Somalia was declared, it all started with referendum to legitimize declaration of independence in 1991. Since, then. local councils were held twice, election of president twice, and house of   representatives only once.

This is a short account of progress that has been made in Somaliland since 1991 while the south is still in civil war and chaos. Having seen how Somaliland have exploited people in their  meager  resources to build a democratic society with a viable economy, now let us explore what such society can do with foreign aid and recognition.

Somaliland has got tremendous resources,   they are all natural wealth given by nature to the poor Somalis. The first thing that comes to mind is of course the livestock wealth.Of course herding  livestock is a God-given industry and the role of pastoralists was limited to grazing, protecting them against predators and watering them during dry seasons.

The plants on which livestock grace and the rain that irrigates the earth to help these plants and other vegetation for instance those used for shade or for protection of livestock during the night are all given by the grace of God. It is high time that pastoralists in this country abandon a way of life that entirely depends on nature. Prophet Mohamed peace and blessings be upon him said that you are all herdsmen and every herdsman is responsible about his or her herd. How to become responsible herdsmen will be the topic next week.

By: Abdillahi Ahmed Arshe


  1. De-Jure Somaliland-republic is a Fully Sovereign STATE that has recovered from the failed UNION it Dissolved 18-May-1991 and in pursuit of Gaining Full Recognition of it's Independence that it once held breifly on the 26-Jun1960 when it was recognized by 35Countries including Israel and Britain and most common wealth countries.

    De-Facto Somali-Federal-republic is a Semi-Sovereign STATE that is recovering from Al-Qaida occupation that has been substituted for African-Union occupation. Although a Semi-Sovereignty since 18-May-1991 when the Somali-republic was dissolved the international community has seen fit to accept the Somali-Federal-Republic(Somalia-Italia) to assume and claim the Recognition-stature of the former Somali-Republic.

    The Republic that was the product of the Union of two former independent States. Considering the fact that Somaliland-Republic was recognized by 35countries on the 26-jun-1960 and it's Former union partner of Somali-federal-republic received only the recognition of Italy up on independence 01-Jul-1960. Since the Dissolution of Union was unilaterally the action of Somaliland-Republic and the response of the Somali-federal-republic simply ignored their former Union partner's Dissolution we have experienced a stale mate for 21years.

    – Somaliland-Republic a Full De-Jure Sovereignty is seeking Recognition of 18-May-1991 Independence.

    – Somali-Federal-Republic a De-Facto Semi-Soverignty has International Recognition in error however is seeking to Gain it's full sovereignty over it's Territorial integrity formerly called Somalia-Italia.

    – International Community Recognizes The Somali-Republic that was once the Union of the 2-States however there is a fraudulent claim by the Somali-federal-Republic(Somali-Italia) that they represent a United-State which is both a fraud and a criminal offence when in fact. The international Community would never recognize the Somali-federal-republic as the sole representative of the former Union NOR give it De-Jure Recognition as a NEW Sovereign State without ALSO awarding Somaliland-Republic it's equal recognition in the process.

    – Somali-Republic was dissolved 18-May-1991 by one partner of the 2-State Union that was originally put to the National Assembly, and was promulgated on 31 January 1961. As a consequence of the initiated Dissolution Neither State should have been afforded the recognition of representing the Union nor the Somali-republic.

    Following the 18-May-1991 Union Dissolution initiated by Somaliland-republic the international community would have acted more responsibly had they encouraged both states to address their relationship instead of the 21years of Transitional-status of the Somali-federal-republic while awarding them the Recognition to represent the former Somali-Republic. Somali-federal-republic would have been more motivated to also seek the recognition which Somaliland-republic has sought since reclamation of Full sovereignty and independence. Somali-federal-republic may have today been in a far better standing in the global community instead of 21years of corruption where Billions of Dollars have been siphoned of into foreign accounts by the numerous recognized governments over the last 21years.

    – Pending 2-State dialogue which are scheduled to resume in May-2013 must have incentives in place for both States to prevent delays and stale-mates. The international community declared their commitment to support the dialogue process and the following mechanism of support is desperately required if the dialogue steers to end in a stalemate:

    1 – Somali-Republic = Union of Somaliland-Republic & Somali-federal-republic.
    2 – International community ONLY Recognizes the Somali-Republic.
    3 – The international community recognizes 18-May-1991 as the dissolution of the Union.
    4 – A ReUnion must be the Majority consensus of both States.
    5 – Where there is no Unanimous Acceptance to Reunite Somali-Republic must be Unrecognized.
    6 – Both States must have equal opportunity and equal ownership to Mutually Recognize the other State's Independence or Neither STATE must be given superior right to recognize the other, this will give both state equal incentive to reach a mutually beneficial agreement.
    7 – Where one STATE refuses to acknowledge the legitimate RIGHT of Full Independence then neither STATES must be allowed to have sole Ownership of the title of the former Somali-Republic nor it;s associated Full independent International recognition.

    Union is a democratic choice and one that must be individually pursued by either or both states and as a result Unionist sentiment must never be allowed to supersede AU charter of statehood nor international obligation of preserving the democratic right of the majority in any given sovereign state.

    Insha'allah a 2-State solution will bring forth the Peace and Prosperity desired by both Populations for over 2-decades. May both states achieve their individual full sovereignty and Full independence.

    Amiin Dheh 🙂

    Quote from the act of Union of 1960…

    "Under Article 11(4) of the 1961 Act of Union, it was again confirmed that

    “all rights lawfully vested in or obligations lawfully incurred by the "independent" Governments of Somaliland and Somalia … shall be deemed to have been transferred to and accepted by the Somali Republic upon its establishment”. 🙂

    • My brother the argument that you are trying to make is baseless, since ther was only one country from independence to date, No one forced Northern States of Somalia to Join the Southern part of Somalia at the time of Independence, plus you are forgetting that British Somaliland consisted of Different States with different people who agreed to Join the South, so my point is that the times of British colony is long gone. The dream that one clan can declare independence from the rest of Somalia is laughable. It might be the best interest of the People in Hargeisa to be part of greater Somalia where they will be able to choose their own governor and mayors. The international community understands that Somalia cannot be divided. We have already lost NFD and Jabouti, never will any nationalist allow one yard of Somalia to be separated from the rest, it's the fact, its one thing that the major clans in Somali agree.

    • LOOOOOOOL @ 2-STATE dialogue… maxaa laga wada sheekaysan marka? enlighten me up.

      I have never seen anyone with a mind clouded by so much delusion in my entire life. Buuxiye get over yourself walal, this is not healthy.

    • What a load crap. How many times are we going to stop your hyperbole and fabricating lies? So the question is Do you even have ounce of dignity left in your body? Because anybody who has self-respect would put out his or her message. Once or twice and leave it that way, but not you. You have to repeat everything and also make everybody who visits this website feel like vomiting on their computer screen. Not to mention how you always know little or nothing about the facts and add those obnoxious paragraphs that your pretending you know what you’re talking about which we all know better than that so before it gets any worse for you is there a way we can help you out? And are you open for the suggestion?
      In past times you used to crack us up. It’s a concern for you sir but knowing who you are and your character your come back will probably be a bunch of insults but I couldn’t care less this needed to be said and I SAID IT.

      • 🙂 Please compare our statements and tell everyone:

        1. Which of us is presenting facts & who emotions?
        2. Which of us is reflecting honesty & Who fraud?
        3. Which of us is formulating a solution & who stale mates?

        Your Country of Somali-federal-republic is waiting for you to fix it instead of allowing more foreigners to invade it daily as we speak French soldiers were captured last night invading your country. Being Recognized by the IC is nothing if you do not have any respect for your own SOVEREIGNTY and your neighbors+world do not respect your territorial integrity!

    • Perfect fresh political scenario..bravo bro I couldn't agree more. Your profound thinking scares me to
      death. There's no other ways except the 2 state solution while de jure Somaliland ex 1st July 1960s
      S.R union vs de facto 4.5 Federal Somalia ? Simplest quick solution should be lyk Ethiopia Eritrea.
      There's no way that de jure Somaliland of 26 June 1960 and 1991 could no longer remain hostage
      to the failed union of the Somali Republic in 1991 where the equal partners ceased to remain
      together bcos of the dictated chaotic circumstances.

    • Buuxiye saaxib,

      Haddii aragtidaada iyo salka dooddaada iyo inta kula wadaagta go'itaanka la raaco, waxaad leedahay gumeysigii ayaa saldhig u ah jirtaanka dhulalka Soomaaliyeed sidaa daraaddeed waxay isugu imaan karaan oo ku kala tagi karaan sidii gumeysigu u kala qaatay ama u kala maamuli jiray. Soomaaliduna waxay u aragtaa in gumeysigu ahaa cadaw dalkeeda ku soo duulay, waxayna u hureen dhiig in ay la dagaalan illaa gumeystuhu ka garawasaday in Soomaali xoriyaddeeda la siiyo. Sidee Soomaalida kale u taageeri kartaa aragtidaa xaqireysa halgankii gobanimadoonka Soomaaliyeed, oo sharciyeyneysaa gumeysigii iyo kala qeybintii Soomaalida?

      Buuxiye saaxib Soomaali hal saxan oo SAB AH ay wax ku wada cuni jirtay kuna wada cuneysaa, saxan gaar ah ha la iigu guro war ma ahee, saxanka weyn wax ka boob.

      • Somali-Republic = Union of Somaliland & Somalia?

        If we leave all else aside and draw attention to this single fact what this means is:

        1 – De-Jure Somaliland -Republic = 50% of the UNION!
        2 – De-Facto Somalia-federal-republic = 50% of the UNION!

        2-STATE dialogue is already underway and i do not believe it is going to be reversed because there are individuals who are ill advised. Somalia-federal-republic formerly Somalia-Italia has no more right to claim to represent the former Somali-Republic that was unilaterally dissolved by Somaliland-Republic 18-May-1991.

        All African STATE borders are based on the colonial design and i do not really care whether you like it or nor for if you had any sincerity or genuine believe in the territorial integrity of Somali people you would go address your case with Ethiopia and Kenya first not Somaliland-Republic. Once you free Somali soil from Djibouti, Ethiopia and Kenya then come back to discuss Somaliweyn, until then AU-Charter on statehood is clear.

        Hal Saxan oo SAB AH ha ku wadaagaan 1.5million IDPs that are in moqadishu.

        – When will De-facto Somalia-federal-republic collect their 1Million Refugees from Kenya?
        – When will you collect the 1million refugees in Ethiopia, Somaliland, Djibouti, Yemen, Uganda and Zambia?

        De-facto Somalia-federal-Republic will need to regain it's Sovereignty by:

        – Establishing a Government that is accepted by the Majority.
        – Repatriation and sustaining of a permanent population.
        – Build an Army able to exert control over the entire territory.
        – Liberate complete territory from foreign occupation.

        We do not need to share anything in fact Somaliland-Republic is happy to donate food, money and soldiers to help your failed sovereignty feed it's naked children. 3-Largest Refugee camps in the world are Dadaab(0.6mill), Dollo ado(180 Thousand) and last a yet to be declared a refugee camp Moqadishu 1.5million IDPS.

        When Kenya, Ethiopia and Yemen repatriate all your population moqadishu IDPS = 3million لا حول ولاقوة إلا بالله,

        May Allah Safe these people from suffering, useless politicians and there good for nothing diaspora community.

    • bixix.

      It looks your very very lost person, because you have no REAL case to argue here what so ever. if you keep recycling same old garbage then there's no point repeating 1000x.


      – There will be no 2 state dialogue, for simple reason s/land region it's not independent country and by law it's illegal UN charter PSA334567. ONLY 2 state dialogue can take place when both states registred as an independent countries in the UN, in this case one is the other it's NOT.

      – Ex- british somaliland consist all the regions occupied the british those days, it was not one clan state but mix clans today different story.

      – All inhabitant nothern 1960 decided to join rest of somalia, it was not ONE tribe who made the decision. today ONE tribe in northern somalia wants to create"imaginary country call s/land". this is the difference between 1960 and 2013.

      – MAY 18 does not exist any somali dictionary even 40% nothern somalis denounce, IC rest of somalis think is just another REBEL day.

      – It seems your twisting the IC policy towards somalia in general and the talk between somali republic-somaliland region, the IC not advocating two state dialogue or two state solution but understand mutual interest all somali states including s/land region. know the meaning of two state solution as you keep mentioning 100x look the dictionary.
      * Two state solution= two different, why the IC not handed over to you straight independent instead of this talk ( Think about that ).

      – As you mention in words" both state must recognize each other", i don't think you live plannet earth, somali republic it's member of UN family also their flag is flying high UN head office in new york.

      – In your word again "where one state refuses to acknowledge the legitimate right of full independence then neither state must be allowed or claim the name SOMALI REPUBLIC", have YOU ever heard majority is RIGHT, if you do then this domain name SOMALI REPUBLIC belongs to majority SOMALIS not one clan. let me put for you this way, you don't even have full support of all nothern somalis to claim or challenge this name.

      -There's no what so ever proof 35 countries RECOGNIZE somaliland region 1960, it's one of the entertainment concert shows secessionist lure innocent ppl in somaliland region into their fake camp.

    • 2-STATE dialogue will Conclude with Full recognition of 18-May-1991 decision of the 93% Majority from Somali-land-republic to reclaim their 1884 sovereignty and full independence and territorial integrity. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk .
      i genuinely think that Mr Buuxiye is an enemy of the state, seriously, in 1884 , the only sovereign state in northern somalia was the mighty 'dervish state' as the British used to teach their school kids about the rebellious of 'Mad Mullah' in east Africa company. walaahi that's a fact . also these dialogues that you hear about is because the isaak missed boat when re-conciliations were taken place all over the world apart from the London one. so these dialogues you hear is about how siilaanyo can get the top 2 jobs in the federal government in the near future not now

  2. If the qaldaanas continue to muddle along the wrong policy of kissing Ethiopian ass then we might as well put them out of their misery.

  3. muufo head ugly Faqash. dead donkey, how Buuxiye and others like him make you understand unions happen between two partners and yesterdays is a gone day no more union between Hargeisa and Xamar. different flags and different governments . Ic bodies are fedup with Mugdisho lies. Every somali has bulid his state.

  4. Folks, latest updates by bro jure Somaliland vs de facto Federal Somalia 4.5.
    Bravo bravo bravo Mohahahaha

  5. Buuxiye is a rotten sadistic prick who have been brainwashed by Ethiopian and their puppets SNM into believing that Somaliland is a democratic country little does he know there are thousands of nationalist somalis who are willing to volunteer their time and wage an all war against the Ethiopian stooge (SNM) holed up in Hargeisa.

    I am one of them.

    I'm married to a Isaaq woman not because of love but to spy on the Ethiopian stooge (SNM).

    somalia cannot be divided by stooges from Ethiopian who want to split up the Somali population along colonial gaal white trash border.

    • Public insulting of your wife is unislamic and uncultured in accordance to somali custom. You have a problem with ethiopians and you must understand this 1000 of Ethiopians have jobs in Somaliland and the only Majareers in Somaliland are all dropping soap in Mandheera prison!

      🙂 Now if i ever catch you in Somaliland i will make sure you join your soap dropper uncles in Mandheera.

  6. puntland geezer , you should be bloody comedian mate, im in London OK, guys this is a fact, anyone with a political sense understands the reality of what federal republic means, during the american civil war the southern states didn't want to joint with their northern counterparts, well what happened ….. the rest is history in the making united states of america federal republic my friends. one more thing the international community found out in London that recognising a tribe over dominant tribessssssss will never work. and majertin guy , isak guy, abgaal guy, dulbahante guy ,habar gidir guy , marehan guy, sufi guy, ogaden guy , ciise guy, rahanween guy, gadubirsay guy ,kulluh kulluh kulluh all were there present for federalsm so please hodan cadey and buuxiye your own burco mayor is lying to you cuz u wanna know why, its because its called simple politics liars for ever so there isnt a country in north western somalia but a state within the boundaries of 1991 before and after nothing changes , unless you change your ethnicity plus very important factor your religion to one of the other main religions.

    • For the next 4-years Puntland-Province is sidelined and silenced. The rules of Somali-federation are the Abgaal and it is them we will be holding the dialogue with so you sit somewhere and hide like faroole and caalim did in last meeting.

      We have not interest debating losers we will make sure to remember that Saaqid Shitdoon is your representative and Hassan Ngo is your Master.

      The days where Puntland-Province used to through tantrums that Sharif feared are long gone.

      🙂 Who are you?