In principle, good and bad actors love the stage. But while good
actors share the stage, bad actors hog it for themselves. The same
goes for writers and those politicians with agendas. A good writer,
for example, will know plenty of history, literature, geography, and
hopefully, a few proverbs by heart. A bad write will discuss “ode to a
Grecian urn” and be unable to say what the significance of Arcady is.
A good politician will discuss the pressing issues and the way he will
encounter them and hopefully, will emphasize that there will be not
only victories but failures also. A bad politician with an agenda will
promise the sky during campaign trails and be unable to deliver it
after the election

Those writers who hail Siilaanyo as a hero who has the qualities and
capabilities to lead Somaliland people aright are nothing but bad
writers and even worse. They are afraid of anything that might result
in people seeing through theirs charades.

Reality teaches logic –  and logic, in its simplest form, is common
sense. There is nothing more lethal to an exclusionist than the power
of common sense. Keeping humans in dark is never successful for long.
Instinctive common sense made humans come out of dark ages and look
beyond them. Were this is not so, people would still be in caves,
granted that some of us are still in caves, but what about those in
mental caves who still ignore the concept that one’s rights end right
where someone else’s begin.

Reality, as a practical discipline, tells us today that there are many
different indicators of the moral health of the country of Somaliland–
how the affairs of this poor country are run. At the macro level of
sober statistics, we have crisis, deep differences, and clashes of
what is constitutionally right and what is not, what is lawful and
what is not. .

First and foremost, the crisis we have is the fact that the affairs of
the country are run by egoism, an egoism that knows no respect or
restrictions or self-reputation, an egoism that aims not even to try
to see, first of all, what units all Somaliland people and makes all
of them part of one whole.

Everyday, we hear countless declarations –  clans condemning
Siilaanyo’s ruling behavior, and others demeaning him for his
policies. The question arises: what is the explanation for such
condemnations? This shows that Siilaanyo is flat and does not totally
fit for the work, presidency to put it on its won pretext.

The moral of this article is: When there is righteousness in the
heart,  there is beauty in the
character, when is beauty in the character, there is harmony in the
home, when there harmony in the home, there is  order in the nation,
where is order in the nation, there is peace in the country.

By: Jam Falaag
Jeddah, Saidi Arabia.


  1. Righteousness?

    Like all relative things is a mere matter of perspective. One man's Hero is another man's Villain. Since Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder I must decline to set expectation of peace on such a subjective case.

    If we apply Basic logic to a nation's attainment of Peace there is no discrimination between Order & chaos!

    Order and chaos are equally important and equally relevant in the pursuit of PEACE. One cannot be expected to appreciate Order unless one experiences chaos. Without chaos there is no means to measure order as such both are required to indoctrinate a population to understand and appreciate true Harmony created by the co-existence of the two modes of action.

    A Leader is merely a reflection of his population and Siilanyo term is a reflection of the changes that have come to pass since Riyale's term.

    – If there is more crime then the population have become more anarchist.
    – If there is more corruption then the population have become more extortionist.
    – If there is more clannism then the people are more free to express their inner desires.
    – If there is less loyalty then the people have more causes available.
    – If there is less peace then it is the people who are bored of feeling secure.

    Alhamdulillah Somaliland has yet another good Leader who was voted in by the Majority and is still supported by the Majority. The Minority should ask itself "what can they do for their country" not "What more can Siilanyo and Somaliland do for us?"

    What i am reading more often online from the Mucaarad groups is neither constructive nor intelligent debate but shear ignorance and no this course of action will not increase their rating on the contrary it will damage their effectiveness as opposition groups and leave them branded as bitter and insignificant. More to the point this type of opposition and excessive negativity is that which is expected from enemies of the STATE as the intention is nonconstructive and predominantly aimed at individuality as opposed to a government-policy or procedure.

    Character assassination do not develop nations nor bring about positive change nor growth!

    Policy and Procedures if unproductive to the Nation should always be the first point of address by any opposition group or individual. Ultimately this group or individual aims to present something that is better then current prescription right?

    In summary

    Character attacks are the Minor-Offensive available to opposition.

    Policy & Procedure attacks are the Major-Offensive in the arsenal of the opposition.

  2. Siilanyo is a wild monkey on the run he will meet a bloody end like Gaddafi as the Ethiopian stooge (SNM) falls from power and Hargeisa and the rest of the Issaq territories incluse those Gadabuursi will will be forced to join Puntland and obey Puntland' s law.

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  3. Somalilanders are well aware that 80 year old who is not even cabable of running his own house let alone a whole country.
    Siil-aanyo is a weak leader who is destroying what Somalilanders have built for the last 22 years, figure headed by the late presidents Abdirahman tuur & M H I Cigaal and D R Kaahin.
    Somaliland is going through a dark period caused by the weak leadership of Siilanyo.
    To answer the question NO Siilanyo is not fit for work, the government should fund his pension and he should be allocated to a nursing home!

  4. If President Siilaanyo is a bad leader, you are a bad writer, too. "Does Siilaanyo Fit For The Work?" Really? Siilaanyo IS, already, at the job and he is better at it than those before him all together, because he refused all the 'caaglayaal' what they used to get for doing nothing. Are you fit to write in a language, which you are not following its grammatical construction?

  5. Dear Jama Falaag,

    Your good command of English doesn't match your cynical defective ideas, in fact to the
    contrary..aint you wasting your screwed misconstrued egoism? Kam shafnaa amthaalak
    ya duqyaan.

  6. Dear Jama Falaag,

    It was refreshing to read your article and I commend you for a well articulated and critique piece of submission. This is the kind of healthy debate that this beleaguered Somaliland people need at this difficult time.
    There's no doubt that Silanyo and his crew are failing the country and destroying a lot of good things that the country had achieved over the 22 or so years of independence. What I like about this question of 'Is Silanyo fit for work' is a broad question yet goes at the heart of the debate. Everyone knows how frail and feeble the president is turning out to be as most decisions are taken by others around him. Regardless of his intentions (good or bad) he's gradually becoming a liability at a time that the country is at crossroads.

    Let his supporters know that the history will write about them if they continue to blind themselves about the facts on the ground. For the well wishers like Jama Falaag and those who look beyond the shackles of nepotims we will continue to point out where the failures regardless and we hope things will get better for everyone.

    God bless Somaliland and its people

  7. Well written piece of article. It doesn't poke any particular person but points out the failure of the incumbent. Everyone Somalilander is entitled for his views and these views are good reflections of the reality on the ground.

    Well done Jama.

  8. The long awaited debate about the 'fitness' of the president for his role at a critical time of this young nation has started. Bring it on.

  9. First he referred to The Prince as a novel now he cant construct a simple title. Mr. Falaag are you fit enough to be writing as a journalist? I hope Si laan yo does "hadogen" ryu style on some of these mof os

  10. Jama's article is relevant. This is really the question on all Somalilanders' minds, Is the President fit enough to be president? Is he making the decision or are there others running things, and is President Silaanyo merely a figure head? The difference between my articles and Jama's; Jama is too polite, I on the other hand get to the heart of the matter. President Silaanyo is a weak leader and Somaliland is at a crossroads and needs a strong leader. But whom? Most of the lions are gone, or retired…Who do you think can provide strong leadership today among the new generation?

  11. Somalilandpress needs to stop letting random people who don't know about whats happening in Somaliland post articles. It just confuses those people who actually want to know and learn. Looking at the title of this post, I knew this guy was going to write up nonsense.

  12. Dear Jama Flaago

    What really have written (Your article) was completely remarkable and very outstanding. I am very quite sure, every reader about this article will get at least some benefits or his/her sense of feelings will be getting back the loss of real nationalism.