It was Wednesday 28 November when the people of Somaliland went to the polling stations country wide

During the campaign period; NEC wrote a letter to the president for a couple of occasions at the campaign period complaining the actions of several governors and admin and finance director of Somaliland national AIDS Commission but president neither responded nor took an action for the said people, to the that action many took as a proof of NEC independence or assertiveness but truly it was either crocodile tears or intended public relation gimmick.

The people were expecting the election will be free and fair but it was far from that.

To some extent The atmosphere was  peaceful and many expected the long queues will speak in volumes but soon after the sunset; the real vote started sooner than later it was clear to many observers that tough time is a head.

Only erigavo more than 20 boxes were filled under trees locates Southern Ergavo it was a well planned and calculated mission under the auspicious of  Deputy kulmiye chairman Abdirahman talyanle with consent approval of NEC regional officers as well as commission members  indeed,  it was a well executed plan.  they dropped the political organizations observers  in the southern outskirts of erigavo  since they are certain that no one will ask them why they did so. To their perspective the complaint of political organizations were meaningless. In fact,   four political organization raised this issue with the commission and asked these rigged election boxes should be annulled once and for all but as expected the commission members there consulted their counter parts based in Hargeisa and finally decided to count these disputed boxes.

The tallying process was a complete sham take for instance, Hargeisa District; NEC changed at least twice in public (not to mention how many in the closed door meetings) both the lists of the councilors as well as total votes

The messy tendering process

The tendering process was flawed right from inception, it was an early indication of what to expect in near future

Amal and Dulqan were awarded the tender of transport without any serious vetting to mention a few,

The rule was each e organization detail what amount each region will cost and country  at larger  but both (Dulqan and Amal) didn’t waste any time, to consider it to add on that, they were neither  as organized as their competitors nor capable.

The three commission members which were responsible the tender awarding sat and opened the six companies profiles, structure, bank account statements and well as previous work satisfactorily completed  but both dulqan and amal were new  companies  but two more experienced companies were competing them but to the surprise of everybody the  three commission members were locked at the horns  on whom to award the transport tender :

their personal interests were miles apart and at least one commission member firmly stood with the idea of,  to give the tender  for a  friendly companies with kickbacks it was a well received Idea and they did on that and defended it  not only uniformly but also resolutely.

Finally, the seven member National Electoral Commission members  not only did  a shoddy a job but also  slapdash, sloppy and careless and messy work.  Indeed they damaged the image of Somaliland and its credibility to hold a free , fair and translucent  elections as was the norm.  these male dominated seven member NEC  must immediately resign without any further delay otherwise or else they should be shown the door.

Yassin A.  Ahmed

Hargeisa, Somaliland


  1. They will not resign. They will oversee the next election in 2014, because fat Qudhmiye needs to win by hook or crook!!

    Its a JOKE!! They have destroyed EVERYTHING. I wish riiyaale was still here. This fat monkey is destroying my beautiful Somaliland!!!

    Mark my words!! We are going to have a war with out brothers in Djibouti because of this stupid fat president.

    Everything has been destroyed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Brother Djibouti? Lol Isse prefer Hawiye and Daroods rather than their Dir ''brother ''only for tribal reason. Go in Djibouti u Will notice tension between them…. U can hate Silanyo but don't say BS. SL have so many enemy.

    • Well said @berbera, Riyale was a great leader we shall get rid off this ‘far monkey’at the earliest opportunity. Nevertheless he is reaching 90 soon so he won’t be around very long.

  2. The Election is over and as with every election there is winners and losers. There were thousands of candidates without voter registration each one of these candidates and Parties were doing whatever it takes to win. If Somaliland wants free and fair election take tribe out of the equation. And have Voter registration card. Also Educate the public about the importance of one per person.
    For those Writers that are posting article and after article about how bad Somaliland election was let us moved on and correct the next election. Whether you replace these NEC or not the root cause of Somaliland election problem is luck of public education and no vote registration plus the damn tribe system.

  3. – In Djibouti Election = 1Man, 1Party and no complaints allowed!

    – In Ethiopia Election = everyone can vote so long as the ruling party gets 96% complaints lead to jail.

    – In Kenya Election = Tribe with majority population gets top seat and complaints lead to genocides.

    – In Somalia Election = 271Warlords choose who is President and complaints cause a car explosion.

    – In Eritrea Election = not in the Constitution nor the vocabulary of the state language, what complaints.

    Considering the neighborhood We Somalilanders are in heaven in regards to our political well-being.

    🙂 Alhamdulillah

      • The true sets anyone free from their bondage 🙂

        Some of them neighbors are afraid of the Truth, Somaliland will lead the way and it shall be up to them if they wish to follow.


  4. I do agree with some of the comments , that Somaliland is much better off than its neighbours, when it comes to democracy and freedom speech. However,Somaliland is not a recognized state like the others. Every small mistake we make, our enemies will take an advantage of it. Therefore, as it has been our legacy, the leaders of Somaliland has to get together and make sure every clan complaint should be looked at and find a solution to current crisis in the Country. I think the leadership responsibilities lay on our President shoulder and he has to lead and solve this crisis.

  5. Folks, Berbera smells lyk stinky Kayse kamasooraaye khairkii ka saaqiday. JSLD have so far
    seen the best ever NEC. God bless their cherished expertise and unwavering determined dedicated
    good services to the Nation. President DR AMM Silaanyo should be proud of the NEC good team
    work. The Nation is looking forward to the other future elections to be dealt with by the same NEC.

  6. Wow just because you cant win an election fairly sure lets dismantle the NEC! And you think si la an yo is a crook dude take a look in the mirror. The International Community and your own observers already told you the elections were free and fair.

    Next time run on a broad platform that will appeal to all Landers and not just your particular clan! And also realize that your constant attacking of si laan yo etc is not going to win you votes but shows all rational Landers what you are really about. Which is probably why you didnt win the elections in the first place!

    What I want to know is where were these people writing articles when Riyale was robbing the country blind? Nu ba laydin ka wayey, but let someone come that is actually building the country and you get this rubbish

  7. I agree with the author they must resign. Because their name is tainted and they lost the confidence of many Somalilanders. We need to start afresh with new NEC, voting registrations and a complete overhauling of our election system.

    I am not saying here that they did a bad job or a good job, but once you lose the confidence of the people you must realize it is time for you to go or you will be booted out.

  8. What is wrong with this Hadhwanaagnews clan? I'm really confused is this a clan-owned a political party-owned? where is the objectivity on this website? I was just listening to Mohamed Ibrahim's crap. He the poor guy is trying to intimidate Somaliland government, but he forgets that he lives in a glass house.

    I will personally hand his misappropriations of UK government funds to the authorities, specially to the Charity commission and HM revenue.

      • Believe me cheers this went somewhere before, just ask those community fund fraudsters who spent time in prison.

    • Sister Khadra,

      Please, do not accuse the whole clan for few individual who are doing things for themselves. As you know there others from the same clan who are part of this administration and there are some from the clan of current president, who are working for the enemies of Somaliland. So, do not generalize individual as a group and think seriously before making some comment that can harm over all interest of our country.

    • This” hadhwanaag news clan” you are referring are the same ones that put Qudhmiye and the old drunk in power, they are fighting injustice which you wouldn’t know about because you blindly support qudhmiye as you probably hail from the same Garadag tribe. As for your expertise interpretation of uk law, you talk utter nonsense!! Be specific!! Siilanyo will be held accounted for all the atrocities that are happening in somaliland.

      The justice seeking somaliland public will put this incompetent so called president in a criminal court, let me remind you we fought a far superior leader like siyaad bare and defeated him!!

      Long live somaliland!!

      • " let me remind you we fought a far superior leader like siyaad bare and defeated him!!"

        KKKKKKK you must the from the baby cry clan. Move on and accept the election results or move to the grave of your so-called superior President Afweyne. There is nothing you can do to the democratically elected Somaliland president.

        Stop farting, I'm from Awdal and you must be the low life liar, Mohamed Ibrahim. I knew you are on self promotion trip to join Mogadishu, but this will no help you, loser.

        • Siil-aanyo daughter if anybody is a liar then you are kulaha’ I come from Awdal’!

          The so called democratically elected president was elected none ther then ‘baby cry clan’ you mentioned, who protected him and supported him in hargeysa Ungratefull old drunk!!, do you think the reer aw maxamuud did!!

          Trust me if we wanted to we can go in to Morgan’s house and drag him at the back of Toyota pick up truck to GAradag! Would love to see what you would do from awdal or Burco!

          Yes somaliland was a democratic country before this old drunk and his midget freinds destroyed it and turn it in to mafia land!

      • Abdulkhadar..Veteran DR AMM Silaanyo defeated the regime you talking about not you.
        He is also again your boss just lyk he was your boss of the SNM who ousted the brutal
        Siad Barre Military dictator Regime. You make me laugh.

        • Siilanyo was removed from the SNM leadership to more competent leaders Abdirahman Tuur and Hassan ciise Jama in Bakigubadle! You seriously have short memory! Who lead the country after somaliland declaration.

          He is nothing but a despised veteran who’s only asset was inciting hatred amongst various tribes!

          • AbdiKhadir,

            KKKKKK you make laugh. Do you have anything reasonable to say? You exposed yourself by the way spelled your name, you are a foolish Moryaan from Daarood.

          • You must illiterate as well as blind and stupid, make a valid point or keep
            Shtum, look back
            And see how my name is spelt and do you called Darood to anybody who does not entertain your incompetent president.

          • got it all wrong dude, DR AMM Silaanyo and AUN C/R Tuur were the only
            two chairman of the SNM..both Civilian top leadership politicians did together a wonderful
            job for the liberation of Somaliland. DR Silaanyo was the Chairman of 6 worst years of
            the SNM. AUN C/R Tuur tookover the struggle in its final stages, MU Hassan Eisse Jama
            was an ordinary official lyk other officials of the SNM. Have respect for DR AMM Silaanyo,
            he's no jokes in the Somaliland history. EEDBSOO waad qaldan tahay e.

    • Mohamed Ibrahim ma nafta madoow ee dhukaranbaa? I bet you he claims housing benefit (or his wife)just like the rest of them meelaaha ka nacnac leeya marka Caydha laga jaro.

      • Abdikhadar,

        Shame on you, your uncultured how dare you verbally abuse a Somaliland lady? that show your inan gumeed and not what you clam to be.

        • With the exception mohamed Cheers who put a cross a civilised argument the rest of you are a bunch of tribal lunatics, but it would never change the fact that Siiil-aanyo is a tribal leader not a president to many Somalilanders!

          @osman it is funny how you defend a so called full of tribal hatred lady but when she insults a whole tribe you don’t say nothing! Shame on you qabillist maroon hidding under the banner of defending women!

  9. Just as a side note, is anyone interested in starting a New English Language Somaliland news site where real reporting and fact checking actually matter? Also, the comments could be moderated where outright lies and general coo nery is forthwith deleted. Let me know, I am trying to get some folks together! Mostly younger IT folks but we need writers, real journalists not this crap! Young diaspora folks welcome! 🙂

  10. Somaliland BIKHAYR and will continue to be BIKHAYR, because we have a law enforcement and whoever tries to undermine the peace we have, will be neutralized lawfully. We fought for this country and we will not allow thugs that cry loud to create problem in our country.

    • 🙂 Excellent point!

      Justice must be upheld by everyone and that includes everyone old enough to VOTE. Also it is democratic right of a people to gather and protest so long as there is no damage to property or public servants i.e police etc.

      When public protests happen even in England there are times people die and YES police officers are investigated and if found guilty then prosecuted however there is never accusation or criminal proceedings brought against the HEAD of STATE.

      JUSTICE and the LAW must be preserved by everyone and as a result every citizen old enough to vote is partially held responsible & accountable in maintaining the rule of law.

  11. I am a proud native son of Burao. don´get me wrong! Gelbeedka Burao…

    Hold on ! I hate my wife But if you talk bad about her…. I will send you to HELL. Can you dig that?
    Somaliland is my home and Siilaanyo is the only king that i have. So what ?

    Let us just try to correct and straighten all the wrong mistakes and avoid clashes for the sake of our republic.
    Qiimahaa Somaliland lagu helay waa mid aan cidi goyn karin…. So keep quite!

    Mindless Faqash Rebels against Somaliland will never succeed to destroy the freedom, peace and democracy that we enjoy.

  12. When you compare president Dahir Riyale Kahin to Siilaanyo it is like comparing GOLD and BRONZE! Xoghayaha xisbiga Ucid Ahmed Keyse.

  13. These NEC guys was appointed by all parties (UCID,UDUB,KULMIYE) + The Guurti and the parliament so if you want to get rid off them first you need to find a replacement for them who can do a better job next time then all parties have to agree. Its not just done to one group.

  14. @berbera
    you know what you guys can have your so call hero president riyoole back to the office so he can sell you to the faqash like he did before but please don't wait for h/j to safe you again

  15. Bismilliah

    the notion of asia and africa nad europe and oceana are rasist terms that has nothing to do with islam
    , there are more muslims in africa as percentage of asia and europe combined ,
    This notion of asia europe , has no meaning no ethnic group can really follow but a platform for one idea of self worth, islam supports tribes and nations , with each nation a step stone for a another, with with links to another nation , ie somalia with over 4000 years of history with the red sea area w
    inshallah any evil associaited with countinous we will do a dua for it to return to them and there nations .

    so we know that there are 4 peoples black red yellow and white each equal not like bin khalidun
    if his quotes came from his mouth is a rasist individual .
    adam is a arabic root word for adamu , this is the only time that there will ever be red , yellow and white peoples of our time untill the day of judgement inshallah .


  16. loool Yassin A. Ahmed why blame the residents of Southern Ergavo walalo. get over it ninyahow, nobody's done anything under a tree. the election was Xaq and Xalal, we have voted for Sii'lanyo, you got problem with that huh….

    lool just kidding with you btw Abdirahman Talyane is an average Dibjir, I wouldn't be surprised if he filled all the boxes under his toilet-seat.