Somaliland President H.E Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud (Silanyo) has today issued a Presidential decree in which he signed the national Intelligence bill #Lr. 59/2012 into law.

President Silanyo signed the National Intelligence Bill into a law after the national assembly decision # Lr. GW/G/KF-19/581/2012 voted in favor of the national Intelligence act #Lr. 59/2012 Bill on the 27/12/2012,this in accordance with Act #90 and Act #70 of the national  constitution.

The adaptation National Intelligence Bill heard earlier faced stiff opposition from a wide section of the society mainly because of a controversial clause which infringes on the freedom of speech.

In another development today President Silanyo issued another Presidential Decree in which he signed into a law, the health workers bill # Lr. 19/2001 which reforms the workings of health workers board this in accordance with the national assembly decision # Lr. GW/G/KF-19/582/2012 voted in favor of the Health workers board reform bill.

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  1. He has already taken your vote (Fake elections)

    He has become annoyed by the recent protests, so now……

    He will take your freedom of speech.

    HAHAHAHAH Qudhmiye!!! Your are the best gift to Somalia. Keep destroying the place until civil war comes!!

    Somalia doesnt even need to be hostile against us, we have a "president" that is destroying freedom of speech!!

    After what i have seen in Saylac today, i hope he chokes on his dinner. Fat qudhmiye

      • Madam I saw your earlier comment where you called Ethiopia animals. Don't you know Ethiopia owns you. So I think you should reconsider who your badmouthing. The last time I check Berbera doesn't belong to you it belongs to everyone who lives there. Don't be obnoxious..!!

    • There are a Dozen rapes by police in Moqadishu every day and that is the number that report the crime.

      Why not do an article on more serious issues that need immediate attention?

      • When a society goes into anarchy things like these happen at a high rate, but inshallah this will change once a dozen of rapist and murders get the death penalty. I think we can all agree rape and murdering innocent people are deplorable and should be avenged met with justice.

    • @berbera well said! this weak leader has already destroyed somaliland credibility as a democratic state, now he wants to destroy what is left of it, and is doing a good job.

      • You are cheaper than Keyse at least Keyse some times made sense and used to write better English. I'm sure you are Qabyo the community guy. Stop hiding behind Abdulkhadar.

  2. I'm very delighted that the President didn't make any compromise over the national securities with anyone. Well done Mr. President.

  3. Just because we elected our President doesn't mean he isn't wrong. Nor can free will or man be kept silent. Just like SNM and many others. Man cannot be silenced we are not animals. If we need to express our selves their are many ways to skin a cat.

  4. I'm sorry to say,well maybe not, but it looks like you guys are heading towards a dictatorship. The more these buffoons keep messing up, the more empowered the people feel.

  5. Berbera is Kayse. Forget what he says, he's already destroyed his reputation and image!.
    The National Intelligence Bill becomes incorporated into law of the land after it passed the
    congress and senators lawmakers. The Saylac Mayor issue is simply an internal Somaliland
    affairs and it was already lawfully addressed and kept RIP. period.

  6. why not passing the bill of education curriculum which more overloaded to the students in elementary there taking Somali and Arabic while in intermediate there taken in English.this curtsies are very divulge and not consider to help the upcoming generation and improvement of education in somaliland and leaving behind hardship to the teachers not sufficient paid there due salaries and also facing lots problems in particular area of English syllabus.i think there agendas behind on it of covering once maid and looking forward ignorance of indigenous not educated in better ways and the government not hushed to per sue to most budget spending sector of tax money and not enough to monitor properly by lack of corruption in ministry of education and looking forward to be served by people not well trained workers and principles . the excellency should know how to handles the issues considering better education because he have acknowledgement of particular field and not leaving behind to corrupt ministry of education to do so.

    • I did Arabic in all subjects in my primary days and from intermediate on wards all subjects in English except Religion and Arabic language, because of that I was able to learn two more languages very easily. Its good the way it is now provide you train the teachers properly.

      • MY BRO OMER,maybe ur good the way u learn but how to improve is main agenda as u said properly trained teachers ,. old days we were very numbered in our class not like this over crowded and overloaded our curriculum was good and less in the class that why become so gd in our education. unfortunately nowadays no welled trained teachers and facilities are also other agenda . we should pull up our socks @omar and do something in corrupt ministry of education but do better 4 our societies that are main agenda don't defend them they should make services run smoothly .

  7. Notice how none of these articles criticizing this administration can give you exactly details as to what exactly is being affected?

    They claim freedom of speech is being attacked but cant give you what exactly this law is about, how exactly is freedom of speech being attacked? This is just an article to get people scared because scared people do stu pid shy te!

    If you want to contribute to Somaliland then put the facts out there, not lies , not half truths! And let the public judge for itself!

    And another thing that was mentioned in a comment, why the hell are we teaching arabic in public schools where Somali and English should be the mainstay with mandarin as a third option!

    When was the last time you read a really thought provoking book on science and technology coming from arabia? Exactly!

  8. Just as a side note, is anyone interested in starting a New English Language Somaliland news site where real reporting and fact checking actually matter? Also, the comments could be moderated where outright lies and general coo nery is forthwith deleted. Let me know, I am trying to get some folks together! Mostly younger IT folks but we need writers, real journalists not this crap! Young diaspora folks welcome! 🙂

  9. You know the late dictator Siyad Barre tried to silence the people and we all know how that ended. People must be allowed to express themselves not matter how bizarre it seems. Freedom of expression and association cannot be legislated. You know the saying "stick and stones my break my bones, but name calling will not"..Well, in the case of Africa those "sticks and stones" eventually lead to bullets and mortal shells. Lest we forget, we have been thorough this before, let us not make the same mistake again.

  10. There is a difference between freedom of speech and out right liable! That is what you dont understand. In the west journalists are held to count and can be sued for lying but in Somaliland, Somalia etc you can publish lies as truth without providing sources or evidence to spark peoples hatred, and who knows where those lies will lead.

    Like the courts said if they have proof let them present it before the nation without violence and lies PUT THE PROOF OUT THERE OR SHUT UP

  11. I would like the opposition to this laws to tell me how this law will impact negatively on the freedom of speech. I am 100% for freedom of speech, but remember one's freedom ends where an other person's right begins.

    There is no open ended freedom of speech on this world as we know it. There are nationally and internationally agreed red lines. I think Somaliland should have its own red lines like incitement of violence on basis of tribalism and violent overthrow of the elected governments. The rights of government official must not be transgressed and publication of unfounded allegations must be punishable by law. Because these will turn away talented people who have the potential of great public service.

    There must never be a media terrorism on nonpublic figures, this has become rampant in Somaliland media and these tabloid style writers are shame to the journalism profession. In nutshell, journalism must be objective, impartial, free from violence incitement and defamation.

  12. Those unpatriotic website like Qaran, Halbeegnews, Waaheen and of course this one here, will all be facing this law, and will be silenced for good. We don't inflamatory and security preach that these website encourage and unlimited personal and tribal insults they publish. The law of the country has to work and work firmly, against whoever publishes anything that is against our country and it's people.

    Most of what is happening in our country is due to what these website publish and encourage.

  13. Oh Silanyo thank you for doing all the hard work for the Union thank you.

    Today the secret destabilizers of the Somali republic are all having their own turmoil giving the country a much needed breathing space starting from the two main aggressors Ethiopia and Kenya and now the lesser two Sland and Puntland and a fifth Jubba already being stopped before is could start ما شاء الله

  14. kaboon · 10 hours ago
    Shut your darood @ss and kick out faroole

    Well my dear friend, despite his flaws at least he has done something good for his people. When his time comes if doesn't want to leave. we`ll make him leave, that's MJs for yeah, we don`t play that. We don`t consider our leaders as Angels, they make mistakes just like any other human being.

    As much as you hate Daroods and PuntLand, at least we are try to do something for the Somali people.
    We may not be perfect, but at least we are try. When was the last time, you did something for the Somali people as whole, with out your little mind fixating on ( Isaaq- SomaliLand issues).

    Kaboon despite your hatred for Daroods, I got none but love for all my people.

    The only thing that irks me is when lying separatist want to take a large chunk of country. On top of that they want to discriminate against my fellow country men. What`s even more disgusting is the fact that these corrupt separatist even cheat and steal, from the very people, who they say they represent, these low life`s have become my enemy and have declared war on me. I shall fight my enemy's with what ever means they choose. In this case it`s words, for this reason I shall always have my comments to make, and In the case of Khaatumo, its with bullet's.

    This how I truly feel, if you toke away secessionism, there would be nothing between us.